How to choose a waste chopper for the kitchen

A dispenser or food waste shredder is not yet considered a mandatory attribute in the kitchen. And in vain! With it, you can greatly facilitate your life. Just think: there will be only dry garbage in the bucket, because all the leftover food can be thrown into the sink. No unpleasant smells, no crumbs for cockroaches - beauty! True, such a thing is not cheap, so the choice of the disposer is a responsible matter.


  • 1 Types of shredders
  • 2 Main selection criteria
  • 3 How to use the

dispenser Types of shredders

Before you choose a food waste chopper, determine which one you need. Depending on the principle of operation, they can be divided into mechanical and electrical. The first work from water, which rotates several knives under pressure. These knives and crushed garbage, sending into the sewer tiny pieces.

The mechanical shredder is completely safe, as its knives are at a sufficient distance from the drain hole.

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The household electric waste shredder works according to a different principle: it is included only as needed. There are no knives inside such a device, since special hammers are crushed here. Since there are no sharp blades, there is no risk of injury. However, when operating, the electric dispenser makes a little noiseIn addition, it is inferior to mechanical in efficiency( not all waste can be recycled).

The main selection criteria for

Choosing a food waste chopper is best done with the help of specialists. True, to find such is not so simple: too few disposers on the market. Usually well-versed in such devices master in the salons selling plumbing, kitchen sinks or household appliances. They can choose the perfect device for you, taking into account all the needs of the family.

In general, a good food waste chopper meets the following requirements:

  1. High power for electric dispensers. Devices with a power of 550 watts already cope with many types of garbage. Usually this is enough for an average family of 4 people. There are also dispensers with a capacity of 1300 watts and above. Even hard bones and nuts can be hard on such devices. However, it is rather difficult to call them economical. Choose a middle ground.
  2. Sufficient rotational speed. In mechanical dispensers, it depends on the water pressure. Electric boast 1400 or more revolutions per minute. The higher this figure, the more food waste you can recycle.
  3. Large crushing chamber. Of course, it should be placed under the sink. However, too small devices do not work well, so it is better to choose a large chopper.
  4. Stainless steel for parts. This is a good material to avoid corrosion. There are dispensers with a special anti-corrosion coating that work quietly even in very difficult conditions( heavy metals in water, etc.).

If possible, choose a food waste chopper with the following features:

  • increased noise insulation;
  • automatic overload protection;
  • reverse rotation;
  • multiple speeds;
  • reinforced drain flange.

Since all these criteria are very important, be sure to consider them when choosing a shredder.

How to use the

dispenser Before you buy a dispenser, it is better to know in advance how to use it:

  • turn on the cold water;
  • start shredder;
  • pour waste into the drain hole;
  • let the device work 1-3 minutes before the end of the grinding noise;
  • turn off the device;
  • wait 10 seconds and close the tap.

It is very important to use the dispenser only with water, since none of these units work “on dry”.In rare cases, to remove odor and disinfection, you can throw a lemon without water into the drain hole, but after that you must rinse the chopper chamber with water.

That's all the secrets that will help you choose a good disposer. Use it with pleasure, and let your stay in the kitchen gives only positive emotions!

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