The use of attachments in a blender

Use nozzles blender ready: at the time of X need dishes for different tastes. For this reason, a set of unique "tools" that give the cook a basis to create the dishes. Want to see how there is the use of blenders nozzles, want to understand the topic, to share knowledge with friends, acquaintances - just use the suggested information below, the figures illustrating the various nuances. Includes standard household blender includes a nozzle for mixing food products (notably, accessory called differently: "foot blender" universal cutter chopper, whisk whipping semi ingredients). Want to buy a relatively not cheap products - be guided by the presence of equipment for pureeing, chopping ice.

Blender with attachments

Basis, propping set of the acquisition, which forms the basis - the universal cutter grinder. Minicar equipped with removable knife, fitting lid. Fastened processor for chopping, mixing. Such an option is a convenience:

  1. Capacity for handling a knife, universal. Get a capacious container for mixing the necessary ingredients.
  2. Capacity comes with tight lid, set up to prevent ingredients spraying. Pleasant to cook in a clean kitchen. Tight-fitting lid, starting job.
  3. Chopper - a very versatile tool, it is possible, for example, to turn the pieces of meat in the stuffing. Remember, cooking the dish requires the processed peppers, onions, other unpleasant smells (tears) ingredient - tight enough to cover the lid, set up the necessary speed to get started. After 20-30 seconds, you will get the desired result.
  4. Flowing for the cooked vegetables in the soup. Try a knife to cut raw material in the blender container. It will take 10-15 seconds, work will be done with clean hands in a maximum security.

Chopper Blender

Two "tools" cook

Included with the product is, as a rule, the two systems:

  1. leg blender
  2. whisk blender

We discuss each in detail.

  • Leg facilitates the work when creating cocktails and juices. Do you want to cook a delicious drink in a glass jar, use a long tool vertically. Such attachment has gained popularity in the United States, after spread worldwide. Before whipping place in a narrow glass 20-30 cm tall ingredients to prepare the desired drink. The creation of food - up to 30 seconds. It turns out fine milled drink, useful, very tasty. Treat friends fresh Fresh cocktail. To prepare a nutritious drink for 1 minute - use the "foot." Even a novice chef will create a culinary dish of arbitrary complexity. Note these tips blender experts characterize the durability when used for its intended purpose. It is forbidden to grind very hard ingredients, plastic blade (aluminum) can go wrong, causing it to bend.

Nozzle blender "leg"

speed - fixed, clear. For cooking at high speed requires smooth driving legs inside cup arbitrary capacity. Cocktails high speed, whisk egg requires a sparing mode.

  • The second tip is called a "beater". Device chef's focus: making the dough, pancakes, biscuits, omelets. The shape of several aluminum (steel) rods of small diameter. Often pet home homemade pancakes, omelettes - nozzle useful hostesses, "beaters" to save time. Together with the attached nozzle cup container, which avoids splashing the contents outward. Decided to prepare a cream - apply the above device, the whisk will help create a miracle of whipped cream. In addition, stainless steel rods help chop fresh fruit and soft vegetables.

Use the specified nozzle must be very careful, excluding Pressure on the bottom surface of the container area. Under the pressure of the corolla is easily deformed. Will cause inevitable damage, ineffective action. Very clearly follow the rules for working with attachments, without abusing unwanted modes - machinery domestic nature will last a long time. Compliance with the operating instructions ensures the viability of consumer applications.

Attachment - whisk in the center

Other tips blender

If you plan to purchase a blender with a nozzle for sauce, once it is worth noting: this work can perform a "leg." Or offer individual tools, provided by the manufacturer of the unit. When the user easily leads the unit in the tank, whisking or grind the ingredients inside. As an advertising course, we note the company "Brown" and "Bosch" that manufacture a truly high-quality kitchen equipment items. Using these brands, users gain the opportunity for a long time and accurately prepare the kitchen, equipment performance above set of other marks.

Portal "VashTehnik" provides an opportunity to study the characteristics of household appliances, laying out the description required moments. Do not buy individual nozzles system, mashed possible to prepare the said standard work tools.

Blender with kneading - pronounced "Venchikova" type, with thin iron bars.

Remember, you must use the specified packing very carefully, the system is able to deform, deprived of effect needed for cooking.

If you cover topics of expensive and highly reliable machines, it is worth mentioning the nozzle blender Tefal: purchase cost serious money if the acquisition had occurred at the original store (not Chinese production). Practice shows that units can easily withstand longer periods of work performed in accordance with quality standards.

Blendernaya nozzle for dicing - an innovative design, allowing you to create fantastic meals, dishes, easy to lift the mood. Do you want to stand out, and prepare an interesting dish with diced fruit, or you want to create an interesting set of dishes - use the company "Brown" or "Tefal". Plain, frequently used option is better to trust a reliable, trusted brand of household products for the kitchen.

Blendernaya attachment for mashed potatoes is chosen based on the needs of the user. If you want the technique to work, "age", shop at trusted stores, the sales centers. The original company will offer a truly reliable, durable product, worth the money invested.

If you are interested in range of household appliances, contact portal "VashTehnik". We offer high-quality articles and materials in a format easy reading. Do not miss the interesting illustrations, videos, fully disclosing the issue to help replenish knowledge for a couple of minutes.

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