What is different from the blender mixer

Counters USSR shop offers a marvelous miracle - mixer with manual transmission. Design dressed for a jar by twisting the handle, cook whipped contents of the container. About blender spoke little. Though the US is selling devices from the time of Prohibition. Let's discuss the device differs from a blender mixer. Not the name!

Origin of the term

Devices Russians came from America. Both terms are the etymology of the English language. First, second, translated into Russian the same way - to mix. Americans firmly believe: a morphological point of view there is no difference. What is the difference between functional!

A variety of blenders and mixers

Blender is considered a precursor to domestic food processors, the first Mohican, figuratively speaking. Yes way to the site. Invented device on ancestral Indian lands. Discovery made in 1922 by the Polish American Steven Poplawski. February 18 filed an application to the patent office with the attached schematic drawing blender.


Take 1

Mixer age of less than a century, the United States was born. In 1856, Ralph Collier presented a sketch of the device, called Eggbeater, another alias, a synonym for the word-mixer. Names eloquently makes clear: the instrument is designed to whisk egg whites. Inventor writes:

"Beating egg common procedure in every home, affecting hotels and restaurants, where the eggs in different forms are part of the culinary dishes. The mixer is filled with atmospheric air the protein is relatively easy and then absorbed by the body. Rare workaholic pleases tedious manual management using a fork or a special device. Anyone ever tried to whisk an egg, knows how much effort costs.

To put on the flow of the operation, designed a simple and effective mixer will do the job with more aesthetically pleasing while saving labor and time ...

... egg whites are collected in the mixer vessel movement is transmitted through the bevel gears and wheels. Paddles sufficiently large area made of thin, stiff wire. They entered into a synergistic effect. The wire passes through the weight of the protein in a circle, leaving behind a vacuum which is instantly filled with fresh air entrained vortex of densely filling mass. "

It remains to be supplemented, oars at the first mixer was three. They arranged differently than in modern devices. At the bottom of the cylindrical mixer vessel located vertical shaft. Round the blades diverge like rays almost to the walls of the bowl. Height paddles small, consisted of several loops of wire.

Frame, rotating about an axis mixers appeared much later. Initially, the agitator paddles with the framework. The mixer is set in motion, it is not explained. See reason to believe, the author received a patent for the idea, leaving the specific implementation of the owner of the unit.


Take 2

As to the first mixer with an electric motor, it appeared in 1885. Right invention belongs American Rufus Eastman. Unlike new model precursor falls into the bowl. The invention author originally called mixer (Mixer, not Eggbeater) for eggs, liqueurs, creams.

The construction was built in the appropriate table (table top). Inside the hollow pipe mixer curved letter J, passed flexible rod driven "by any known type of electric motor, spring water weight". The instrument was initially positioned to scale application. The idea of ​​the mixer completes the telescopic segment on the end with blades. Thanks to him, can be immersed, pull the oars of whisking the mixture.

The blades of modern mixer is not too different from the first model frame structures. Moving in a circle in a vertical position, rotating around an axis. There is no doubt: a modern mixer is much better than "entrained air whirlpool."


From the outset, the appearance in 1922 resembled a blender standing in the kitchen. Stationary variety of devices for chopping food. The capacity of the first blender close in the form of a cylinder narrowed down. Placed at the bottom of a vertical shaft with blades, driven by an electric motor.

The inventor called mixer offspring for drinks. Therefore, the patent had to prove that the new product is different from the already commercially available. The author pointed out, the invention is intended to implement the soda machine concept. The novelty is that the mixer will operate automatically when the top is placed the container with the liquid. Poplawski ascribes to himself the idea of ​​expanding up capacity, protecting the surrounding objects against splashing.


A patent for an extensive list of mixer includes innovations justification operability. Required arguments supported by the view, or the invention will refuse to accept for consideration. But despite the abundance of words, the debate boils down to a few innovations, as mentioned above. Nothing about the grinding product.

Differences between the blenders and mixers

Text of the patent "mixer for drinks" (blender) boring, hard to understand how the blender is different from the mixer. Not find a word. Mean scientific terms, advertising a new mixer, distinctive properties. It is difficult to understand whether the ingredients are crushed new blender or positioned simple device producing soda. Silent, due to which mixing takes place. Allow a brief digression on the principles of the blender, simultaneously revealing the differences:

  1. Knives are located near the bottom. No matter how much is rotated, the blender to mix yourself nothing will happen. The idea is different: under the influence of centrifugal force, liquid, fruit pieces are pressed into the wall, begin to creep up on the expanding profile of the glass. Accordingly, in the center of the container weight on the contrary it descends to the rapidly moving blades. To make it work, it takes a decent speed. Blenders provide such. Revealed a marked difference between the blenders and mixers: first exploit high revving, the second - low. Suffice it to recall a leisurely job orbital nozzles on the kitchen unit, compared with a rapidly rotating blade cross, to feel the idea. The rapid rotation of the mixer blades give a little air should have time to penetrate into the empty space. The blender rotates rapidly, squeezing out liquid or pulp, up the walls.
  2. Finally figured knives erode the blender, make steel, at that moment I ceased to be a mixer. Another milestone! Unlike blender mixer is the ability to grind food. To hydraulic laws acted in full, you must fill the gap between the solid food with milk or water. The lid is closed, one push button fierce humming obtained milled mixture.
  3. The latter distinction is obvious: blade design. The mixer wire frame, in a blender - continuous sharp steel blades. Further, in a blender rod amplified special form of knives, creating flow moving downward. Again, not a word is written, otherwise the efficiency of the device would be dropped.

These differences should take into account before choosing a mixer or blender.

Convenient and compact blender


From the above it is clear that if allowed to use a blender instead of a mixer, on the contrary can not be done. All other things do not underestimate the specific characteristics of both instruments. Stir oxygen to the protein may only mixer. Both devices hitherto available individually and as a food processor attachments.

A typical list of removable accessories:

  • blender;
  • mixer;
  • grater-shredder.

Three elements will provide the full functionality of the kitchen appliance. Stir need a mixer; Blender - Chopper.

Available in stationary and hand-held model, the difference between which is conditional: the first more powerful, while the latter is more convenient to use mobile. Hand blender equipped capacitance nozzles. The handle is integrated powerful motor (typical nominal - 700 W), which with decent speed drives the mechanism. The value of speed is relatively high, it is possible to adjust.

Unlike the hand blender in the crusade knife surrounded by a steel rim. Ironically, the mixer nozzle is called the corolla. Mixing concepts. Hand blender is not well suited for the preparation of cocktails prosaic reason - there is no specific form of capacity, tapering upwards.

Hand mixer with paddle blender allow whipping the mixture to a small depth. A very important fact, if you want to process a large volume. It should apply Venchikova mixer.

It is quite clear differences, and that should be considered during the selection of the instrument.

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