Types of coffee machines

The decision to purchase depends on the desired coffee cooking process. Recipes drink a lot, and the coffee machine are dazzling variety of technical solutions. Standard form does not exist, every manufacturer is working to create the best kitchen appliances themselves. Ordinary consumers have to think, how to choose and buy a coffee machine.

Coffee machines with semi-automatic, automatic and manual modes beverage preparation

Many recipes are reduced to brewing beverages with milk foam (cappuccino, latte). To obtain a foam, originally came up with a special tube. Manually poured into a glass of milk and immersed tip. The effluent from the tube pairs transformed into foam beverage.

This is called manual mode, typical for coffee bean or drip type. Wherein pairs otherwise fed in parallel with the grain welding (inside the device, two of the boiler). Otherwise, the process is carried out sequentially switching the direction of the steam outlet. That effort goes to brew ground beans, is used for frothing milk. cooking method latte or cappuccino is called tame, because you have to do the procedure completely independently.

Melitta coffee machine

Melitta coffee machine

Who managed to buy a coffee machine Melitta, you can see that the order is different from the standard. Separate milk container, and placed where the pump tube. Unlike the manual method of preparation in the shift direction. How it looks:

  • Dispenser delivers steam and frothed milk. To switch the three-way valve is used. As a result, the pump pumps the milk from the reservoir into the glass, then the action is changed.
  • Incoming achieve switching valve of the dispenser vapor. And the nose is in the air above the milk. This fundamental difference. Wipe dispenser dry cloth to clean the inside and do not have to.

Except for the fact that we had to switch the valve, foam turned automatically. The operator needs to follow through the transparent glass of the level of milk. This espresso machine can not be named automatically. You can pour yourself into a cup of milk, then froth without valves. But the coffee machine measures the portion is much more accurate. For these purposes, worth a special handle for setting the number. As a result of the operations is balanced drink with a prescription. This semi-automatic espresso machine is referred to.

Melita coffee maker

Melita coffee maker

The rest of Melita full member of the family. Inside sprinkled grain fineness of grind is adjusted.

Coffee machine Nespresso Lattissima EN520 - fully automatic. It makes the drink itself has dispensers and a separate milk container. It expands the machine but works from special capsules. Coffee-machines differ in methods of operation, of which the value depends. New features coffee machine slightly raise the price of the product.

Nespresso Lattissima EN520 model is good, but it can be difficult to find the capsule. To search by category, use two parameters Yandex-market:

  1. Preparation of espresso - automatic, semi-automatic.
  2. Cappuccino - manual, automatic, semi-automatic.

We opened the second parameter. And the first efficiency can be judged maker. For example, for the Delonghi EC 155 grain must also grind. This coffee with a pipe for frothing milk foam. There is a special projection tamping, sealing the powder within the horn. Its screw and wait until the coffee maker to make the case. Semiautomatic method it named because dosing device and heats the water to the desired temperature.

To summarize: the instruments with a semi-automatic espresso coffee machines is difficult to call. Rather, it is a coffee maker. As for the cappuccino, the selection method for the host. Fans of control of the operation is recommended to buy a coffee machine Melita, the rest of the suit fully automatic.

The distinctive features of professional coffee machines

By buying a professional coffee machine should be taken seriously, the price of the device high. They differ from the coffee station:

  1. Steel hull. It is clear that special coffee machines in use do not protect, aggregates should be strong. Steel - suitable material for manufacturing the device housing good. But this is not the only reason. Kitchen equipment in the production of wash. The funds are used comparatively aggressive, not every plastic withstand sanitization. And the dirt adheres less to the metal. Many models of coffee machines with stainless steel without painting.
    Coffee maker for 2 cups

    Coffee maker for 2 cups

  2. There are models with two dispensers. Each designed for a couple of cups. This step is unnecessary for home use. Since increased total fluid paths stroke length, the pallet characterized by a great size. Cleaning cycles followed by precipitation of a fixed amount of water. Convenient accessibility in such coffee machines alternately purification. To do this, find out the number of cycles between the holding of such shares. Dependence of this quantity of water hardness explain (after purchase) in the manufacturer's technical support. You can start using a single pair, and then to alternate equally. Dispensers will be simultaneously busy with their own cleaning.

Of similarities, we note the presence of a pressure gauge. Valves need to regulate spumatore pressure. The milk is different, the settings have to be changed. Home is acceptable, but when the production put on stream, making portions quickly and smoothly will not work.

professional coffee machine

professional coffee machine

An additional feature of the professional coffee machine is relatively large power. Inside there are 2 or more boilers. Everyone needs energy, and water supply pumps in the number of boilers. Power is an indirect sign of a professional espresso machine. Go to Yandex-market and set the consumption of more than 3 kW. The lion's share of issue is a professional coffee machines.

Do not abuse the service coffee machines. Scientific evidence shows that coffee is harmful in large quantities. Green promotes weight loss, but being roasted, lose the lion's share of useful properties. With a grain of care. Soak, pre-grinding.

Finally, the cost of professional coffee machines is relatively high, but also there are expensive items in domestic models. And the most convincing sign for the restaurant owner about buying coffee machines will be a number of groups. Go to Yandex Market and tick numbers 4. You see coffee machines, filling just 8 cups. Here and two spumatore, make coffee 2 can cook at the same time. It is clear that the rate of release of cups of coffee buyers will increase.

Pay attention to the size of the water tank. In another coffee machine will enter a whole bucket. And models of coffee machines are built. According to these signs can confidently buy a professional espresso machine.

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