Types of coffee makers

People consider: coffee is brewed slowly, in cezve. The rest is a surrogate. By tradition, a vessel with a teaspoon of ground coffee, sugar and water is placed on the sand - the drink begins to prepare. Fragrant chocolate-colored temptation is originally from Africa( Ethiopia).In the country, the shepherds were the first to use dope: they needed strength to drive the herd for days. Having chewed the grains, the shepherds filled their forces, ready to keep a vigil round the clock. Then we guessed the coffee to brew. First grated mixed with animal fat. Nobody knows for certain the source of the custom of using a poker. Let's talk about coffee makers.

Types of coffee makers, of which to choose

Each is characterized by advantages and disadvantages.

Capsule coffee makers: charging capsules

Road capsules. But recently, manufacturers have released reusable containers - worth 200 rubles. Empty, no coffee! You need to fill the vessel yourself: with a coffee spoon in your hand, kitchen scales under your nose. Otherwise, not so calculate the dose, confuse.

Capsule coffee maker

Experts say: the amount of powder affects the result, but the degree of grinding of the grains depends on the type of coffee maker. Invented several coffee brewing systems from capsules. Designed for a fixed temperature, duration of exposure, a unique pressure, arabica, roga, the amount of drink. Many subtleties: you need to persistently study the issue before filling one capsule.

It is recommended to open one capsule, estimate the size by eye, take a photo of the powder in bulk, weigh it. Variety is indicated on the label. Some capsule brewing systems provide for inscriptions about temperature, pressure, and other parameters. You can already try to make it yourself by buying the appropriate filler in the store.

Then grind the grain with the desired size: devices in the store a dime a dozen. The difference between mechanical and electric coffee grinders - discussed. Indicated opportunities, advantages, disadvantages.

In order not to buy expensive, let reusable capsules, it is recommended to assemble one of the two. Suitable used: they have holes. The technique is simple:

  • at the used capsule is cut off the bottom;
  • in the second capsule, on the contrary, the cap is cut;
  • The two halves obtained are relatively simply connected.

Coffee maker with capsules

A reusable capsule, made by yourself, is obtained: you can refill continuously. Is it dangerous for the coffee maker? We do not recommend doing so in models with automatic discharge of waste. What happens when a capsule is opened in the process is difficult to say.

Capsule coffee makers are not too expensive to operate, as it may seem. At the cost you can great to win. Coffee machines with semi-automatic cappuccino preparation from capsules cost a penny. If you adjust the conversion of used containers at home, things will go smoothly.

The first time you have to buy capsules for coffee makers. Pay attention to the cost. Capsule coffee machines are cheap: provides for the supply of equipment with raw materials.

Drip and Rozhkovy coffee makers In their external form, the two types of coffee makers are similar, there are few similarities inside. The difference in the reviews is not indicated, we focus attention:

  1. In the rozhkovy coffee makers, the steam passes through the tablet under high pressure - the brewing is as efficient as possible.

    Rozhkovaya and drip coffee makers

  2. In drip coffee makers, powder is poured inside: in a reusable or disposable filter. Water slowly flows, goes to the cup.

The fundamental difference in the presence of a boiler. In carob tank certainly stands: creates sufficient vapor pressure. The tension inside is enormous. The boiler is able to develop a pressure 4 to 5 times the test for the autumn start of the heating system. Carob coffee makers are often equipped with a cappuccinator. Steam will send in another direction - in the tube.

Manual cappuccino, latte mode is possible: coffee lovers have a separate pleasure. A coffee machine differs from a coffee maker in a higher degree of beverage automation:

  1. Automatic grinding of grains with adjustable size of powder.
  2. Dosage of quantity of water, milk, foaming if necessary.

Cappuccino or latte are easily prepared, up to the complete automation of the process. But back to the coffee makers. Take drip or rozhkovuyu? The last option is more expensive, better. But difficulties await the user rozhkovogo coffee makers:

  1. It is necessary to grind grain. Built-in millstones in the coffee machine does not happen. Otherwise, the device will go to the class of coffee machines.

    Coffee Machine

  2. Portia stuffed horn. For tamping, a tempera is used - a round anvil turned upside down. The diameter is taken to the size of the horn.
  3. After use, these devices will be washed.

Regarding the cleaning cycle: a lot of sediment accumulates in the boiler. It is necessary to use clean water, or periodically carry out maintenance work. Some coffee machines have a special self-cleaning cycle, in coffee makers - no. The algorithm of actions when detecting scale is indicated in the instructions. There you will also find a detailed excursion on the choice, analysis of the suitability of water. In drip coffee makers, part of the problem is neutralized. Inside there is a flow heater: the problem of scale is not relevant. Cleaning is easy. Use a special tool for this, fixed in drip coffee makers. Disadvantages:

  • Coffee is poured into the filter. There are one-time - less fuss, pay more. And reusable: roll up your sleeves, preparing the accessory for later use in a coffee maker. As part of the operation rozhkovy profitable. Paper filters for drip coffee makers will become a separate item of expenditure.
  • Difficult to dose. In the previous case, the measure was a horn. Here we manage with a spoon, scales for filling drip coffee makers.

Rozhkovye coffee makers are preparing for the production of coffee for 3-5 minutes. Heated properly as a boiler. In droplet temperatures are not high: the process goes a little faster. The opinion of professionals: buy a coffee machine of the horn type. Not very convenient, but the quality is excellent.

Geyser coffee makers

Previous models were powered by electricity, this one is placed on the hob. Unlike cezve, coffee does not run away. But to leave the device unattended is unsafe. No automation - just a piece of tin.

Geyserny coffee maker consists of two chambers - lower, upper. It resembles an hourglass. Difference: the central narrow channel begins at the bottom, ends under the cover. The compartment is molded in the middle part: stored in a strainer or another coffee filter. The water level in the lower compartment comes to a boil - the liquid rushes upwards through the capillary. Coffee is brewed on the way. In fact, the finished drink is poured into the upper chamber.

Foams, no longer trying to escape. True lovers say: in dense skin there is a lion's share of taste. Without it, coffee is not the same. How many designs described coffee makers - back to the beginning. It is necessary to throw coffee( without sugar) in a tin vessel, pour water, wait on the sand until it is ready. Take off when the drink is trying to escape - the process is fast, like milk in time. You do not have time to look back - the most delicious will remain on the sand.

A true gourmet will not buy an espresso machine - take a Turk from copper, something like that. By the way: Italian drink stronger despised by the descendants of Caesar's American. American soldiers considered espresso too strong. I had to dilute. The nuances are not known to everyone - in the course smart coffee machine. In it programs for cooking of different drinks are enclosed. Read more about the preparation in the item card. When buying a coffee maker, read the instructions.

Do not forget about cleaning. Sometimes it is more sensible to have expensive equipment - buy a Bialetti geyzernaya coffee maker, so as not to worry about scale.

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