How to plan a kitchen set: what measurements are needed before installing the headset, how to determine the height of the countertop, the parameters of modern headsets.

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The location of the kitchen unit.The kitchen is an important room in the apartment. The comfort of users depends on its convenience and correct layout. The day begins and ends with the kitchen - it is important to plan it in accordance with the needs of each family member.

Why you need to plan your kitchen set

The content of the article

  • Why you need to plan your kitchen set
  • What measurements are needed before installing the headset in the kitchen
  • How to determine the height of the countertop
    • Table: Optimum worktop height, depending on the height of the user
  • Options for modern headsets
  • Triangle rule
  • Tips for small and narrow kitchens

Each housewife knows how much time and effort is spent on cooking. A large number of appliances, appliances, products and spices are stored in the kitchen. The mood of family members and the atmosphere in the kitchen depend on the convenience of location, storage and appearance of the kitchen set.

What measurements are needed before installing the headset in the kitchen

Correct measurement of the room guarantees no installation problems, comfortable access to furniture, appliances and freedom of movement. The walls and floor always have a curvature, this should be taken into account when measuring the room.

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example of the location of the kitchen unit. L-shaped.

REFERENCE! For a more accurate measurement, use a laser tape measure.

Step-by-step measurements should be made:

  1. Distances from wall to wall at a height of 5 cm (for floor structures) and 2 m (for wall units) from the floor.
  2. The distance between the walls at heights with a step of 15–20 cm from floor to ceiling - this is how you can find out the curvature of the walls.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on another wall if you are planning a corner set.
  4. Measure the height of the wall in 10 cm increments.
  5. On adjoining walls, repeat step 2 at a width of 80 cm from the wall with the headset. If this is not done, the furniture may not be suitable in depth.
  6. Measure the distance from the floor to the windowsill.
  7. Measure the width of the window sill.
  8. If there is a ventilation hole on the wall where the kitchen unit will be located, measure its width and length, as well as the distance from the edges to the ceiling, walls and floor.
  9. Measure the dimensions of the pipes, the distance from them to the walls and floor.
  10. For accurate counting and measurement, use the planning programs. A drawing on a piece of paper can be inaccurate and difficult to edit.

IMPORTANT! Mark all sockets and switches on the floor plan.

How to determine the height of the countertop

The height of the worktop should be adjusted according to the height of the user. Modern furniture allows for height adjustment of the cabinets. To find the ideal height for yourself, you should be guided not by standard, but by individual parameters.

Ergonomics of the kitchen set.

Table: Optimum worktop height, depending on the height of the user

User height, cm Tabletop height, cm
145–155 800
155–165 850
165–175 900
175–185 950
185–200 1000

ATTENTION! In addition to height, consider the length of the legs and the parameters of other family members. If there is a large difference in height, a compromise should be reached.

The easiest way to find a comfortable height is through experience. If your back hurts while cooking in an old kitchen, the countertop is low, and if your arms and shoulders are too high.

Options for modern headsets

Kitchen furniture manufacturers try to take into account the needs of each consumer and there is plenty to choose from.

Wall cabinets:

  • the width of the hinged sections in most stores is 300, 400, 450, 600, 800 mm;
  • heights - 360, 720, 960, 1320 mm.

Floor sections:

  • widths - 150, 300, 400, 450, 600, 800, 1000 mm;
  • heights are adjustable from 720 mm.

In addition to standard sizes, many manufacturers make custom-made furniture, taking into account the wishes of the buyer. The cost of such a set is much higher than the price of standard furniture.

Triangle rule

A century ago, a German scientist identified the tops of the so-called working triangle of housewives - a cutting surface, a sink, and a stove. He did this to reduce the time spent on cooking. Modern conditions have made adjustments and added an additional top - a refrigerator. The triangle has become a square. When designing a comfortable kitchen, you should decide on the sequence of cooking and on the comfortable distances from one point to the next.

The triangle rule in the kitchen.

The standard way when working in the kitchen.

  1. Fridge.
  2. Cutting surface.
  3. Washing.
  4. Cutting surface.
  5. Plate.
  6. Washing.

IMPORTANT! Consider your needs. Follow your route through the kitchen and customize your location.

There should be no more than 2-3 steps to each next item, then the cooking time will decrease, the person will become less tired.

In Russia, when planning most of the houses built in the Soviet Union, the designers made the kitchen small and uncomfortable. In such conditions, the task is not to build a triangle, but to place all the desired furniture and utensils in one room. Some people succeed, while others have a refrigerator in the hallway.

Option for the location of the kitchen unit.

Tips for small and narrow kitchens

Increasingly, people are trying to combine a room with a kitchen and make a cooking area combined with a dining room and living room. If redevelopment is not possible due to the refusal of the management company or disagreement to deprive the family of the room, the space should be used as much as possible:

  1. The dining table can be replaced with a bar counter or hung on hinges. In the latter case, the table will drop along the wall when not in use, and you can buy folding chairs and hang them on the wall in the corridor.
  2. Instead of a table, you can use a wide window sill.
  3. Make the most of the entire space in the kitchen. Hang an additional cabinet above the refrigerator. It will be difficult to access, but everyone has equipment that is used once a year, but takes up space in convenient closets.
  4. Install a bar on the wall and hang the spice racks and cooking utensils.
  5. Place the chopping surface in a drawer and pull it out as needed.
  6. Place a narrow horizontal drawer under the sink - there you can hide sponges and detergents, which are usually visible and spoil the appearance of the kitchen set.

Reasonable approach, accurate measurement and ingenuity guarantee finding the ideal option that suits every family member.

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