A kitchen set is: what is a kitchen set, what elements are included in it, types of sets.

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Kitchen set.Being engaged in the arrangement of his home and planning the future interior of the rooms, a person dreams that he would be fashionable and stylish. But at the same time, he also wants the environment to be distinguished by ease of use and comfort. The ideal solution to this problem would be to purchase a set of ready-made furniture. This rule especially applies to the kitchen area.

What is a kitchen set and what elements are included in it

The content of the article

  • What is a kitchen set and what elements are included in it
  • Types of headsets for the kitchen
  • How to arrange the elements of the headset
  • What kitchen furniture is made of: materials and decor

The kitchen is women's territory. The hostess spends a lot of her time in this room. Determining the necessary set of furniture for this room is not an easy task. It was to simplify the choice that the headsets for the kitchen were invented. Made in a single style solution, they fit organically into the interior and are distinguished by special convenience and comfort.

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Kitchen set option.

The standard set usually includes:

  1. Floor elements: tables, cabinets for kitchen equipment and sinks, cabinets. One set may include both single versions of these items, and several pieces. This group differs in that it is placed on the floor in one line (mainly along the walls).
  2. Hinged elements: cabinets, pencil cases, shelves. They are fixed in a single line on the wall.
  3. Free-standing elements: table, chairs, sofa. The location of these things is not tied to the rest of the details.
Kitchen set option.

IMPORTANT! The complete set of a single set is mainly influenced by the size of the room. The larger the area, the more furniture you need.

Any set of furniture for the kitchen must include: a table, a sink, a wall cabinet, a drying cabinet for dishes.

Types of headsets for the kitchen

There are several characteristics, according to which kitchen furniture is divided into types:

  1. In terms of style and design: it can be solid or combined. One-piece is when several items are united by a common table top: table, sink, cabinet. The combined version is a set of different items made in the same style. The latter type is good because you can acquire it gradually: first the table, then the sink, and so on.
  2. By size: standard and custom. The standard version is purchased as a ready-made kit. In it, the furniture has certain dimensions. In this case, you do not waste time on manufacturing. Non-standard view provides for the manufacture of a kit to order. This method allows you to get an individual design headset and create an atypical interior of the room.
Corner kitchen set.

It is worth mentioning that making a custom set is more expensive.

How to arrange the elements of the headset

Another point to consider when planning your purchase is the proper arrangement of furniture in the kitchen. According to the location methods, the following options are distinguished:

  1. Placement in one line. With this method, objects are located along one blank wall.
  2. In two lines - along two blank walls opposite each other.
  3. Corner: Objects are angled along two walls.
  4. In the form of the letter "P". This location option is used when there is sufficient space. Moreover, the furniture can be placed both along the walls, and on one side it can serve as a kind of partition that separates the working area from the dining area.
  5. The island option implies a partial arrangement of elements in the center of the kitchen. Like the previous one, it requires a sufficient area. Therefore, it is not suitable for a small room.
Island kitchen set.

REFERENCE! When arranging kitchen furniture, be guided by the so-called triangle rule, placing it so that the refrigerator, sink and stove are located at the vertices of the visual triangle.

What kitchen furniture is made of: materials and decor

The specificity of the kitchen is such that high humidity is constantly present here. In addition, this room requires frequent cleaning. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, it is important to pay attention to the base material. There are several types:

  1. Chipboard. This is the most budgetary option. You need to use this furniture carefully, because if you damage the protective layer, the furniture will quickly become unusable.
  2. A more reliable option would be a MDF headset. This is the best combination of price and quality.
  3. Natural wood. An expensive option, but the most reliable. Wooden furniture has a solid look and is able to reliably serve for a long time.
Kitchen set made of wood.

The surface of the facade also differs. It can be smooth or decorated with decorative elements: glass inserts, dusting, patterns or other details. For natural wood, for example, skillful carving and varnishing are often used. Recently, decorating the facade with the help of photo printing has come into vogue.

And whichever option you choose, remember that the style and beauty of a room depends on a harmonious combination of interior elements, technology, wall and ceiling decoration.

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