Wine rack: pros, types and uses

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Wine rack - important parametersRecently, many private home owners have been making wine racks.

The range of these goods is currently wide enough, everyone can choose a wine rack, decorated in the desired style. From which it follows that such a stand can be found in every home - both purchased and made by hand, if the owners so desire.

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Such designs are not only an excellent interior addition to storage areas, but also a very convenient device to place wine bottles. On such racks, wine can be placed both vertically and horizontally. A shelf for wine will keep its quality as long as possible.

The wine rack is usually made of wood. For this purpose, pine or oak is best suited. The choice of material is influenced by many factors, first of all, in what temperature and humidity conditions the structure will be.

In addition, the design of the product can be made at the request of the customer - the wine rack will look organic and natural in the room.

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Wine rack in the kitchen

Purpose of the wine rack, whatnots, racks and shelves

Wine rack - what is itWine needs proper storage conditions. People who appreciate its quality usually have a wine rack at home. This is convenient, since there is no need to run to the store before the arrival of guests, but you can remove a bottle of drink from the wine shelf to please loved ones with wonderful taste.

However, not everyone understands why there is still a rack for wine bottles at home. Therefore, this issue should be considered in more detail. The main advantages that the presence of such a product gives are:

  • The ability to create optimal storage conditions to preserve the quality of the drink as long as possible. Each type of wine requires its own storage temperature, but on average it should be between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.
  • The arrangement of the bottles in the horizontal plane excludes the ingress of air into them, and thus it is possible to preserve the basic qualities of the drink. The rack allows you to do this.
  • If the bottle rack has an air purification function, then the wine will not absorb foreign odors. It follows that such a stand can provide excellent storage conditions for the drink.
  • Anchorage and shake proof minimizes sludge precipitation. A well-secured stand will provide this.
  • If you correctly position the rack indoors, that is, protect it from the sun's rays as much as possible, then the quality of the wine will remain unchanged for a very long time.
Wine stand

Wine bottle storage options

DIY home wine racksTrue wine lovers will not keep it in the refrigerator or on a regular shelf. To be sure that the aroma of this drink will not disappear, you need to purchase a special cabinet or shelf. Even a regular stand or rack, when styled correctly, can be a great storage place.

In addition to wood, this furniture can be made of metal, plastic and even stone.

But true wine connoisseurs always choose wood. This is due to the basic qualities of the material.

There are several types of products suitable for storing wine:

  • In small rooms, the so-called wine cells look very organic. Such a rack for bottles will allow you to place the maximum number of bottles in a small space. They can be built-in or located under the ceiling.
  • Convenient for storage is the form called "Wine Trees". In this case, the main thing is to create a stable structure. Such a wine rack will add a special chic to the interior of the room.
  • Wine shelf. These products can be of different configurations and sizes. They can be hung on a wall, placed on the floor or on a table. Such furniture is available in a variety of colors, and you can choose the desired shape and shade for your interior.
  • Cabinets and boxes for storing wine. These products are considered the classic and are used most often. Their doors are protected from ultraviolet radiation, and in the cabinet itself, you can maintain the optimum temperature and humidity. Each shelf for a bottle of wine is positioned at a well-defined angle.
  • Another storage option is racks. They are more impressive in size. As a rule, such structures are installed in wine cellars or built into kitchen cabinets.

Wine racks - photos of interior solutionsWhen choosing furniture to store this drink, you need to know for what purposes it will serve.

If the product will stand at home, then you can purchase a rack, rack or shelf. The bottles are stored here for a short time, their quality will not suffer.

For storage in stores, it is better to use special cabinets, since expensive vintage wine with a long aging must be kept under certain conditions.

Wine cabinet / drawer placement

Having chosen furniture for storing wine, you need to put it right. If the kitchen allows it, a wine rack will look good there. But in small rooms it is better to find another place where this product will look great without creating problems.

If you have a private home, then one of these places can be the space under the stairs. This solution will allow you to save footage and make the interior of the room more interesting and advantageous.

True lovers of this drink will highly appreciate the construction of a glass compartment with shelving. This kind of aquarium will look very original.

Corner shelving can be used in the office. In this case, you should beat the structure by fitting it into the existing interior.

Placement of the wine rack in the kitchen

Rules for creating a wine cellar

If you have the opportunity to create a wine cellar in your home, then for this you will have to study the problem in more detail and equip your damp and cold basement with modern equipment that will help maintain the desired temperature in the room mode.

The microclimate is very important for the proper storage of wine. Many owners even provide for an autonomous electric power supply in order to maintain the operation of air conditioners and other appliances in an emergency. Indeed, at high humidity, the smell of mold can affect the taste of the drink.

Indoor ventilation should also be excellent. Typically, a forced ventilation system of the supply and exhaust type is chosen. The creation of a cellar has many nuances that should be taken into account when working.

Wine Vault

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