Glass furniture: all the pros and cons

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Today, very often when decorating interiors, the choice falls on glass or mirrored furniture.The point is its versatility, because such furniture easily fits into the classic style, and modern, and even high-tech. The price policy of such furniture is also quite democratic, all segments of the population can afford it. Undoubtedly, the appearance of such surfaces is pleasing to the eye, but there are some disputes about practicality ...

glass furniture

Let's discuss the pros

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  • Let's discuss the pros
  • Let's discuss the "against"
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1. The appearance is aesthetic. The presented item always looks expensive and high-status, giving your design unnecessary luxury and elegance.

2. Will fit into any design style. Glass blends harmoniously with any type of finish, with a variety of materials.

3. Huge assortment of colors, shapes, models.There is a lot of room for the imagination of designers and their clients.

glass furniture

4. Functionality.Whether it's a huge wardrobe in the hallway or a small wall cabinet in the bathroom, the mirror decorating the foreground will give furniture that is not only attractive, but also practical. After all, it is very convenient when the mirror is located in its place, while it does not take up extra space.

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5. Pushes the walls apart.It is, in fact, ideal for narrow and small rooms. Glass and mirrored furniture expands the space, visually increasing the area.

6. High strength. Tempered glass, 8-10 cm thick, is practically not afraid of shocks or high temperatures. In addition, every glass surface today is covered with a thin protective film. So, in case of force majeure, it will not be able to scatter around the room in small fragments.

glass furniture

7. Transmits light. Due to this, the room seems lighter and not cluttered.

8. Durability.Both glass and mirror, even over time, do not change their appearance and always look exquisite.

9. Easy to care for.It is enough to wipe such a table with a gentle dry cloth - this will get rid of dust, smudges and fingerprints.

glass furniture

10. Good performance characteristics.Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, does not absorb moisture or odors, mold and mildew do not appear on it.

Let's discuss the "against"

1. Daily care is required.In order for the surface of such furniture to always look perfect, it is necessary to devote all the time to rubbing it.

Such furniture should not be purchased with small children. Otherwise, you will find endless wiping from the marks of small fingers.

2. Adds cool tones to the interior.Glass surfaces are certainly beautiful, but very cold. Overdoing it with such models, you can forever get rid of the warm home comfort.

glass furniture

3. Displays clean water. The glass table reveals to the eye everything that is under the table. That is, it is always necessary to monitor not only the location of your legs, but also their appearance. And, for example, a cabinet with a glass door always opens up a view of what is in it. The chaotic arrangement of things is absolutely accurate, will not add attractiveness.

4. The likelihood of scratches. You should carefully use household items while sitting at the table. After all, "cuts" cannot be masked.

5. Weighty dimensions.

glass furniture

6. Rumbling surface. Yes, undoubtedly, the sound of hitting any objects is much louder than on an ordinary wooden surface.

7. Sunshine.At a certain period of the day, the sun, reflecting from the mirror, annoyingly hits the eyes.


glass furniture

It is impossible to make an unambiguous conclusion. Some will come to an indescribable delight from such surfaces, despite all their shortcomings. And for others, the glass surface is not to their taste. That's all - to each his own. Good luck with your choice!

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