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It's hard to imagine an apartment that doesn't have a large mirror. And if it is also complemented by a spacious bedside table with convenient drawers in which you can store useful little things.

Dressing table

What is a pier glass?

The content of the article

  • What is a pier glass?
  • The main features of the furniture
  • Varieties
    • Manufacturing material
    • Dimensions (edit)
  • Modern solutions
  • How to choose furniture

Drawing on the history of this invention, a dressing table is a piece of furniture that can be described as a dressing table with a large mirror. If it is three-piece, with movable side flaps, then we are talking about trellis in the photo you can see it.

About 100 years ago, these types of furniture had a clear division by purpose.

  1. The single-mirror version was a washstand. In his shukhlya it was supposed to keep the hygienic arsenal of ladies.
  2. Three movable mirrors are the ideal companion for complex hairstyles, as they allow you to see yourself from all sides. And he was given a place in the bedroom, from which a true lady always came out fully armed. Such furniture is smaller, but they are much more capacious, because the arsenal of jewelry was also supposed to be kept in trellis.
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Now the boundaries are blurred. Both varieties of dressing table fit perfectly into the bedroom, and into the living room, and even into the hallway. The latter option even became preferable to others, especially in cramped city apartments.

The main features of the furniture

The French name of the English invention translates as "tall mirror". The minimum that you can see in it is your reflection up to your waist. Thanks to this, it turns out not only to apply makeup, but also to appreciate the harmony of its combination with the outfit and jewelry.

Previously, the pier glass was supposed to be placed closer to the natural source of light - the window. Now you can forget about this rule, since good furniture is equipped with lighting.

A beautiful cosmetic table complements the bedroom, decorates it, and gives the interior a touch of completeness. But above all, it is designed to facilitate self-care.

This is what they say:

  • roomy tabletop on which you can lay out everything you need;
  • a large mirror, the angle of inclination of which can often be adjusted;
  • trash in which a woman hides her arsenal from prying eyes.

For added convenience, there is always a free space in front of the mirror under the table top. Well, don't the lady sit sideways? It would not be very convenient to view your display in this way.


The combination of a mirror with a small table is a long-standing decision, and therefore so variable. It is not a variety that is meant so much a variety of shapes and sizes as functional features:

  1. Dressing tableThe medium-sized mirror itself can be attached to the stand with hinges, which allows you to change the angle of its inclination.
  2. It is convenient to store frequently used or just dear little things on the side shelves. If we are talking about trellis, then it is sometimes supplemented with niches behind the side flaps - practical and aesthetically pleasing, because the contents of the shelves are hidden from prying eyes.
  3. Lamps around the perimeter of the mirror make applying makeup more convenient and eliminate the need to place furniture near the window.

A classic bedside table is also not the only option:

  1. Massive models are equipped with two rows of chuhlyad, occasionally complemented by a drawer in the center of the table top.
  2. Compact options - one.
  3. Corner models come to the rescue if there is very little usable space in the room. Despite their apparent compactness, they are roomy and comfortable.

If a young beauty grows up in the house, then a miniature children's dressing table will perfectly fit into her room.

Manufacturing material

Wood is typical for classic furniture. Solid wood products differ in price, confirming that luxury cannot be cheap. But legends can be made about the durability of such a table - it is the wooden dressing table that is awarded the restoration, in order to then complement the sophistication of the classic style.

REFERENCE. Dark chestnut, walnut and oak look solid, but require space, because they visually reduce the room even despite the opposite properties of the mirror. For small rooms, linden, hornbeam and other types of light wood are better suited.

Dressing tableLaminated chipboard (chipboard) is an inexpensive material and therefore the most common. The coating can imitate wood or plastic, which makes chipboard suitable for making dressing tables of various styles. But there is little chance of inheriting the furniture. Plastic is most often used in the manufacture of children's options. It is a fragile material that cannot withstand heavy loads. A light table cannot support a large mirror, but it is easy to maintain. The cost of such a dressing table is equal to its durability. Metal is an original and reliable solution. There are only two disadvantages: weight and rapid oxidation under the influence of moisture. And if you can not focus on the first, then the second serves as an additional reason to carefully close all the jars of cosmetics. The cost of a metal dressing table is close to that of wooden options.

Glass conquers the hearts of beauties with its visual weightlessness. It is fragile and easily contaminated, but there is no better dressing table for a small bedroom.

Dimensions (edit)

The most convenient is considered to be a large dressing table with a mirror, the area of ​​which is larger than the table top. It visually increases the space, but for small rooms it is better to choose other models.

There are transforming dressing tables with a mirror built into the hinged lid - for all their compactness, they also combine the functions of a dressing table and a writing table. There are options of different dimensions with an independent mirror that can be hung on the wall.

Dressing table

Modern solutions

The classic dressing table says with all its appearance - "for women". This is emphasized by pretentiousness, smooth curves, carved legs and graceful fittings. Its functionality is another confirmation of this. The only thing that is allowed to complement the classics is lighting and side shelves.

REFERENCE. The pier glass will be able to fit into the interior only if it matches it.

Antique or semi-antique furniture is appropriate if the classics prevail in the room. Or eclecticism and kitsch - directions that combine incongruous.

Strict forms, the absence of unnecessary details and smooth curves are characteristic of constructivism and minimalism. A characteristic feature is the use of plastic, glass and metal. The combination of these materials is also typical for hi-tech with futurism. In the first case, the severity of the lines is preserved, in the second the contours of the pier glass can be of the most incredible shapes.

Dressing table

How to choose furniture

To harmoniously fit the pier glass into the space is not as easy a task as it seems at first glance. If you have to choose from a variety of options, then you need to take into account such subtleties as:

  • dimensions;
  • style;
  • materials;
  • functionality.

With the first point, it would seem that everything is simple: the reference point for free space will not fail. But if the dressing table is a key element in the design of a small bedroom, then it can be large. Conversely, oversized furniture is not entirely appropriate in a large bedroom that plays up minimalism.

REFERENCE. The dimensions of the pier glass are inextricably linked with the style. And he, in turn, with materials.

The tree is appropriate always and everywhere. The appearance of the dressing table completely depends on the method of processing the array, therefore, naturalness is not alien to both classics and futurism. Supplementing it with metal and glass is acceptable, but no plastic that brings a touch of cheapness to sophisticated forms.

Plastic dressing tables are good in a children's bedroom - they are bright and unusual, they attract attention and teach a young beauty to take care of herself and maintain order. Special strength and durability of such furniture is not required, but it will be difficult to stain it with children's cosmetics.

NOTE. As far as functionality is concerned, for the most part this requirement applies to the mirror. If the house does not have large mirrors that allow you to look around at full height, the issue can be solved with the help of a dressing table. The same applies to furniture that is planned to be installed in the hallway. After all, before leaving the apartment, you should make sure that everything is in order with the outfit, and it will be difficult to do this with the help of a small mirror.

There is no universal advice on the number of drawers and additional shelves, because every lady has an individual approach to personal care. The only wish is that the chuhlyad should be just enough so that you don't have to clutter up the countertop with cosmetics, thereby reducing the viewing angle.

Dressing table
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