Uninterrupted for a gas boiler: a rating of the best models, how to choose the right one, with a battery, why is it needed, the principle of operation

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Modern gas boilers, which are installed in heating systems of private houses, are not just tanks with gas burners located under them. This is a serious equipment that efficiently burns fuel with high heat transfer efficiency. Therefore, various components and equipment are introduced into the system with the boiler unit, which are responsible precisely for increasing the efficiency of the unit as a whole. One of such units is an uninterruptible power supply for a gas boiler.

The content of the article:

  • The need for a UPS for heating gas boilers
  • The principle of operation of the uninterruptible power supply
  • How to choose a professional UPS for a gas boiler
    • The best set of UPS + batteries
  • Professional advice when choosing a UPS for gas boilers
  • Is it possible to install an On-line UPS to power a gas boiler
  • Why it is unacceptable to use a computer UPS for emergency power supply of gas boilers
  • Rating of the best on-line UPS for gas heating boilers

The need for a UPS for heating gas boilers

A modern gas boiler includes the following volatile units and assemblies:

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  • circulation pump;
  • Control block;
  • automatic protection system;
  • fan;
  • GMS-modules, with the help of which the operation of a gas boiler is regulated at a distance.

If, for some reason, the supply of electricity to the boiler has stopped or the voltage has changed downward, these units stop working. The efficiency of the operation of all boiler equipment decreases or it stops completely.

To prevent this from happening, an uninterruptible power supply is included in the package of the gas boiler. In another way - an uninterruptible power supply. Abbreviated - UPS.

The principle of operation of the uninterruptible power supply

Before you understand the principle of operation, you need to find out what parts the UPS consists of:

  1. Steel body.
  2. Accumulator battery. It is she who is the power source in emergency situations.
  3. Inverter.
  4. Control unit and equipment options settings.
The principle of operation of the uninterruptible power supply

The task of the inverter is to convert the direct current that the battery produces into alternating current. When the gas boiler is powered from the mains, the inverter performs the functions of recharging the battery. - converts alternating current to direct current. In this case, the transition to one side or the other takes place in a split second, therefore the boiler does not react in any way to a change in the power source and continues to work in normal mode.

Gas boiler.


Solid fuel boiler.


Electric heating.


Liquid fuel boiler.


Stove heating.


Universal boiler.


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How to choose a professional UPS for a gas boiler

Due to the variety of UPS models on the market, making the right choice is not always easy.

Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Power. Control and protection units, automation, inverter are energy-intensive units (they consume minimum power). The circulation pump and fan also do not require a lot of electricity. But you need to be guided by them when choosing an uninterruptible power supply. Usually, the power consumption of the boiler is indicated in its passport or on the nameplate.
  2. Pass-through zero. Today manufacturers offer two types of UPS: phase-dependent and phase-independent. The difference is that in the first phase and zero of the network, they are connected to the terminals of the uninterruptible power supply, on which these two indicators are indicated. Such devices are called - with a through zero. Secondly, there is no difference, to which terminal to which wire to connect. Therefore, when buying, you need to find out which group the device belongs to, and make the connection correctly.
  3. The speed of switching from the mains to the battery. The faster the better.
  4. Battery capacity. The more this characteristic, the longer the battery will keep the boiler in working order.
  5. Sinusoidal voltage. Not every UPS model has an inverter capable of delivering the correct voltage sine wave. And for gas boilers, a standard indicator of this characteristic is required. Therefore, it is necessary to choose devices with just such a voltage indicator.
Criterias of choice

The best set of UPS + batteries

Many manufacturers complete uninterruptible power supplies with lead-acid batteries, designated as ALS. They are larger in size than lithium, much heavier.

But the ALS has its advantages:

The price is lower.

100% tightness is the key to safe operation. no need for regular service.

Most UPS models take into account the possibility of connecting additional batteries. If such a need has arisen, then it must be borne in mind that the connected batteries must, according to their technical characteristics, coincide with those installed in the uninterruptible power supply. This is the only way to ensure that all batteries are charged and discharged in the same way. This makes it possible to extend the life of the uninterruptible power supply.

Today to UPS offer two types of rechargeable batteries:

  • gel;
  • from fiberglass mat.

The former are designated GEL, the latter are AMG.

Gel batteries are considered as safe as possible, because silicon is added to their electrolyte. This mineral makes the electrolyte thick, which means it does not leak out when the battery is turned over.

Hydrogen and oxygen, which are released during the operation of the battery, are absorbed by the thick filler, where, when combined, they form ordinary water. And this is another plus for the safe operation of the device.

Professional advice when choosing a UPS for gas boilers

The main characteristic of an uninterruptible power supply is power. Therefore, before choosing a device, it is imperative to correlate its output power with the consumed characteristic of a gas boiler. For this, a calculation is made.

For example, power:

  • boiler - 200 W;
  • circulation pump - 40 W;
  • fan - 30 W.

Their sum is the total boiler output. But there is such a thing as energy efficiency, which is denoted by the letters of the Latin alphabet from “A” to “G”. When calculating the power of an uninterruptible power supply, this must be taken into account. For category “A” a multiplying factor equal to 1.3 is taken into account. For all other categories, it is “5”.

If the circulation pump has an energy efficiency category "C", and the fan is "A", then the power of the uninterruptible power supply will be calculated using the following formula:

200+ (5x40) + (1.3x30) = 403 W

It is recommended to make a small power reserve within 20%. That is:

403x1.2 = 484 W - this will be the guideline for choosing an uninterruptible power supply.

Is it possible to install an On-line UPS to power a gas boiler

Types of UPSs that manufacturers offer today:

  1. Linear interactive.
  2. Off-line.
  3. On-line.

In the first devices, a stabilizer is installed, which maintains a stable voltage of 220 ± 10%. And it is active if the mains voltage is within the regulatory ranges. If the voltage drops or rises, the regulator shuts down the UPS.

Secondly, there is no stabilizer. The third model differs significantly from the first two. In it, the inverter is always active. An input rectifier is additionally installed to it. As a result, the inverter already receives direct current, transferring it to the battery. And even if the voltage in the network changes, the current will always be of high quality.

The rectifier-battery bundle is in the same circuit. There is no commutation between them. This means that the switchover is instantaneous.

The only disadvantage of On-line uninterruptible power supplies is the high price in comparison with others.

But all models from three categories can be safely installed to gas boilers.







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Why it is unacceptable to use a computer UPS for emergency power supply of gas boilers

Household and industrial equipment requires a sinusoidal voltage. But not every inverter in an uninterruptible power supply can produce a pure sine wave. Often a stepped model is formed, which is also approximated. The photo below clearly shows how they differ from each other.

The difference between sinusoids

All electric motors can only run on a pure sine wave. It is the electric motors that are installed in the circulation pump and in the fan.

It cannot be guaranteed that sinusoid will be as flat as possible, but there are errors that are considered acceptable. Usually this figure does not exceed 8%. Therefore, when buying a UPS, it is imperative to pay attention to this coefficient. Usually the manufacturer indicates it after the words: Total Harmonic Distortion.

For computers, you can use uninterruptible power supplies that produce a step sine wave. This is unacceptable for gas boilers.

Installing uninterruptible power supplies with a step sine wave to electrical appliances that generate reactive currents is likely to get a lot of problems:

Failure to launch.

Drop in power.

Reduced service life.

Rating of the best on-line UPS for gas heating boilers

One of the best options is Stark Country 1000 Online. This UPS model attracts with the fact that everyone can use it to independently adjust the parameters of the boiler's electrical power supply system. First of all, this concerns the current strength at the first stage of battery charging. As well as voltage regulation in the second and third stages.

First, it makes it possible to increase the charging speed of the battery. Secondly, this is the only way to increase its life cycle.

The second plus is that the uninterruptible power supply of this brand has two thresholds of sensitivity, which refers to the deviation of the frequency of the electric current.

There are two ranges here:

  • 45-55 Hz;
  • 50 Hz.

At the first frequency, it can be guaranteed that the UPS will be compatible with the generators. With the second, a higher efficiency is provided, as well as the power of the device.

The third advantage is the load segmentation mode. An uninterruptible power supply can independently, if necessary, disconnect consumers that do not belong to the category of important.

The device has one minus - the fan makes a lot of noise.

Stark Country 1000 Online

The second in the UPS rating is ELTENA (INELT) Monolith E1000LT. We must pay tribute to this model not only for the great power. Although it is this characteristic that helps to connect not only the pump to the boiler, but also the underfloor heating system.

But this device has one positive point that brought it to second place in the rating. This is the ability to connect either one or two batteries to it. The latter are connected in series. The first position is used if the UPS is connected to a gas boiler, which contains only a pump and a fan. Second, if additional electricity consumers are connected to the boiler.

And other pluses:

  • cold start;
  • bypass;
  • dry contact, with which the voltage relay is controlled.


  • the fan makes noise;
  • lack of through neutral.
ELTENA (INELT) Monolith E1000LT

The third in the rating uninterruptible power supply for gas boilers is Energia PN-500. Its positive qualities:

  • automatic control of voltage at the input to the UPS;
  • Efficiency - 98%;
  • fast battery charging;
  • easily copes with power surges.
Energy PN-500

Rating of the best UPSs on-line from the site sovet-ingenera.com:

Stark Country 1000 Online


ELTENA (INELT) Monolith E1000LT


Energy PN-500


The generation of thermal energy by modern gas boilers requires a constant supply of electric current. There has not yet been found another option on how to install an uninterruptible power supply next to the boiler. The small size of the device solves almost all problems with a power failure or voltage degradation. Today it is a simple necessity to have a UPS next to a gas boiler.

UPS for gas boilers: how to choose: video.

How does the UPS stand at home? What criteria did you use to choose it? Write in the comments. Save the article to bookmarks, share it on social networks.

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