Outdoor straight four-section ash kitchen

In the summer we spend every evening outside. We get great pleasure from being in nature, so I wanted to refine this place even more, so that it would be beautiful and healthy. We ordered a new kitchen, surrounded by greenery, flowers and trees, it looks very cool.

Made in the company  Furniture Workshop PROhoroV ,
G. Krymsk

Outdoor kitchen

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The outdoor kitchen is installed under a canopy. The layout is a straight linear set, consisting of 3 main sections and a small side section (under the remaining centimeters to the wall). Nearby, through the partition wall, there is a built-in barbecue.

Street kitchen and barbecue

It is completely tiled with the same gray tiles as the backsplash around the kitchen cabinets. This creates the impression of a holistic composition. In addition, it is also very convenient - there is a working area nearby, you do not need to go far, and the partition protects from smoke and fire coming from the barbecue.

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The kitchen is made of natural ash and covered with Saerlask paint, specially designed for outdoor use. Facades of beautiful texture, warm natural shade. Such surfaces will last a very long time, because they are reliably protected from all natural influences.

Ash facades with Saerlask coating

Mortise handles, they look more appropriate on simple frame facades. The facade frame is made of printed wooden planks, the same planks are inside.

Outdoor kitchen

The original detail is the milled circles on one of the doors. They perform both a practical function (airing) and a decorative one, enlivening a continuous row of cabinets.

Ash facades with Saerlask coating

Artificial stone top, light gray. Its surface matches well with the gray tiles that lined the walls around.

Gray stone countertop

Usually, household appliances are not used on the street. But we have both a sink and a gas surface connected to the cylinder.

Thanks to the new kitchen, family relaxation in nature is complete. As well as the reception of guests - you can do a lot of things for pleasure in a beautiful environment where there is enough space for everyone. And I just don't want to go into the room.

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