Classic kitchen-living room in ivory

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We all liked this bright ivory kitchen. Homely cozy, but at the same time beautiful and noble, the furniture filled the room with light and warmth.

Made in the company  FurnitureSlavia,
G. Moscow

Classic monochrome kitchen

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But at the same time, the classic interior is not overloaded with a large number of decorative details. Only stained glass and rosettes with pilasters separating the furniture sections are used as decoration. And all the same, the headset looks festive and elegant.

MDF facades with enamel

Kitchen furniture consists of a corner set, limited by a ledge in the wall, and a large three-section tall cabinet with a refrigerator and household appliances. Next to him, in the corner, is a washing machine.

Pencil case for household appliances

Frame facades of MDF in matte enamel look very gentle and interesting. Gold pilasters have become an elegant accent highlighting the beauty of light matte fronts.

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MDF facades in matte enamel

Above the working area, spotlights are installed - directional rotary systems. They highlight and emphasize the necessary areas well (sink, countertop, hob).

Spotlights above the working area

 The peculiarity of the interior and the center of the entire composition is a large portal with a hood. In pompous interiors, the portal is usually huge, representative, protruding forward. Our construction is smaller, not so pretentious, but it gave the composition integrity and completeness.

MDF facades in matte enamel

Stained glass on one side of the portal and above the refrigerator made the blind facades lighter and more voluminous. Delicate blue butterflies on frosted glass do not stand out as a bright spot, they only revived them a little.

Large portal with a hood

The Hettich fittings, convenient and reliable in operation, ensured the long-term operation of all mechanisms.

Pencil case for household appliances

The top with a plastic coating (38 mm thick) matt and light. It fits very well with ivory furniture fronts.

Large portal with a hood

Appliances brand Korting, all with dark glass. Dark glasses of household appliances added contrast to the light modules.

MDF facades with enamel

The steel two-section refrigerator is large, its dimensions are matched by a cabinet. It's good when you can order furniture according to the parameters of your room. Mezzanine cabinets were made on top of the refrigerator. Their unusualness is their transparent facades. They slightly balanced the heavy bulk of the refrigerator with their lightness.

Two-compartment refrigerator

Stone sink, matching the color of the countertop and fronts.

Classic monochrome kitchen

Cozy, sincere and sophisticated - joy and good mood always reign in our kitchen.

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