Stylish gray and red modern kitchen with breakfast bar

We do not have the largest corner set, like the kitchen itself - 8 meters. But the play of colors, lighting in the right places and an interesting combination of textures turned the interior into bright and solemn, with some kind of futuristic notes.

Made in the company  Delta Furniture,
G. Cherepovets

Red and gray modern kitchen

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Despite the unusual tandem, the color complex turned out to be quite balanced. Bright red visually brings the top row closer and compresses the space. Therefore, it seems that the room has a lot of furniture of different geometric shapes, although these are standard modules of 2600 x 1900 mm.

Elegant bar counter

Neutral gray counterbalanced the active red hue. Both colors harmonize well with steel appliances and frosted glass. There is much less red, so it does not overwhelm or irritate, but only acts as a bright accent for achromatic gray.

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All materials are similar in color (MDF facades, stone countertops, household appliances), but differ in texture. And this does not stop them from creating a harmonious and stylish environment. Even the silver chrome refrigerator fits perfectly into the big picture.

Modern gray MDF facades

The tabletop was specially made white so that it did not allow the upper and lower tiers to merge into one color spot.

Light gray artificial stone countertop

The wall panel is a marble stain. When the backlight is on, the stone transforms and plays, forming a deep volumetric niche.

Modern gray MDF facades

Our kitchen has 2 tables - the main dining room with a glass red and black top and a small, dainty bar counter at the other end of the room. The red and black surface of the table and chairs complemented the bright modules of the facades.

Elegant bar counter

Despite the main gray color, the interior turned out to be not at all difficult for perception, but on the contrary - catchy and stylish.

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