Minimalistic bright kitchen with marble floor and backsplash

I love light colors. Therefore, our new kitchen was presented only in white - beautiful, light and delicate. The room is small, they preferred modern facades, the classics would be out of place here.

Made in the company  Furniture Factory "Dobry Style",
G. Moscow

Modern white kitchen

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The contrast of textures, materials and shades in a modern minimalist interior turned out to be no less interesting than bright spots and rough finishes. But in any case, more elegant, clean and neat.

MDF facades in matte enamel

There is a lot of such unexpressed contrast in the room: multi-level corrugated and matte facades, an empty wall without hanging cabinets and a top row nearby, marble on the floor and walls and matte furniture enamel. At the same time, the visual volume of space did not become smaller, but, on the contrary, increased.

Blum fittings

The most striking feature was the marble panels on the floor and wall. Faint stains look good on large free wall areas and floors.

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White modern kitchen

The kitchen measuring 2250 by 2400 cm consists of two equal parts. In one - the hob (in the future, an extractor hood will be installed above it), in the other - a sink. The modules are separated by a tall cabinet.

Modern white kitchen

 MDF facades in matt enamel, light gray and white. Neat and clean lines are characterized by restrained simplicity. Accentuated with a marble background, they do not violate the harmony of the space.

MDF facades in matte enamel

High-tech Blum fittings ensured the reliability of mechanisms, ergonomics and durability of their use. Thanks to the well-known brand, it was possible to use every centimeter of free space.

White modern kitchen

The light table top is made of Italian plastic. Light wavy patterns on the surface, similar to marble, made the countertop a full-fledged part of a proportional composition.

Blum fittings

The calm and restrained interior pacifies and relaxes, it is very comfortable in it. Everything is as we wanted!

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