Bert's American Style Kitchen with Island

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We have a large spacious kitchen area. During the new renovation, the most suitable style was chosen - the American one. There is a lot of space and the new suite has created a very organic interior. Practicality and comfort were skillfully combined in it with a feeling of freedom and spaciousness.

Made in the company  Furniture Comfort ,
G. Anapa

American style kitchen

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The combination of the kitchen and the living room is only on hand - the furnishings look solid and respectable. The dimensions of the cabinets are 2390 * 3170 cm. Height - 2495 cm. The body is made of laminated chipboard, the shade of ivory. The facade is made of MDF in WCP 13 enamel.

Kitchen with an island

Delicate light surfaces have created a very cozy atmosphere in the house. In the American style, there is no plastic and metal, only natural materials and natural paints.

Firmax fittings

Facade decoration - stained-glass window and lattice-shaped insert. Lattice inserts have become an original and non-trivial decor. This makes the furniture look much more interesting, plus the ventilation function will never be superfluous. Behind the upper façade there is a 70 cm wide stainless steel dish drainer.

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Bert's milling. Facades come with a front frame, without additional thread. Such elegant surfaces are beautiful in themselves. At the bottom there is a plinth 15 cm wide, at the top a cornice 8.5 cm, all in the color of the furniture.

Facades with milling Berta

The middle of the room is not empty, it is occupied by a multifunctional island. It helps to maintain the working triangle rule, making it easier to move around the kitchen and separates the kitchen from the living room.

MDF facades with enamel

The island is above the main table top. Pull-out wardrobes on one side, smooth surface on the other. The worktop protrudes slightly beyond the furniture element, but thanks to this, it can be seated.


American kitchens often have a pantry. We have replaced it with a large double wardrobe, where everything is placed: dishes, kitchen trifles and a gas boiler.

Double-leaf wardrobe

The hood is indicated by protrusions on the wall panel and different cabinet depths. Thus, the center of the entire composition is clearly visible, plus the furniture row has acquired an interesting geometric effect.

Stylized portal

The fridge is coated with light marble and is marked with cupboards on both sides. Above - a spacious mezzanine. On the side is a narrow sideboard with glass doors. Glass - satin colorless matt, 4 mm thick. The glass showcase harmoniously blended into the overall picture of light surfaces, as did the refrigerator with soft beige highlights.

Narrow buffet with glass doors

The remaining distance between the refrigerator and the furniture center was occupied by a 30 cm wide basket from the FGV company, two-level, with a door closer. Thus, the space was filled and the necessary furniture accessory was purchased.

FGV Basket

Worktop and wall panel - dark castile. The imitation of a dark stone with stains looks interesting against the background of light furniture. The black countertop added dynamics, while the deep dark center made the composition more geometric and deep.

Castillo dark worktop and wall panel

Firmax fittings are practically no different from the products of a well-known Austrian brand, they are of high quality and inexpensive. All mechanisms work smoothly and without failures.

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