Choose a good iron with vertical steam

Choose a good iron with vertical steam


Some particularly "whimsical" clothes simply can not be ironed on the ironing board. That's why it is worth choosing an iron with vertical steaming. With its help, you can easily smooth out an expensive jacket or arrange a silk blouse, without removing them from the hanger. Also, an iron with a steamer is indispensable for curtains or heavy outerwear.

However, the advantages of this miracle assistant are clear to everyone. It is not clear only one: how to choose it? In the home appliance store, eyes run from abundance. Vaughn is a small compact iron, in the characteristics of which it is said that he copes with ironing on weight. But his look is questionable: but can it? On the other hand, you do not want to choose a huge and heavy steam generator. How to proceed?


  • 1First, determine the load.
  • 2Power and pressure
  • 3Sole: is there any meaning?
  • 4Cord: choose practicality
  • 5Ergonomics and additional functions.

First, determine the load

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If this most "whimsical" blouse in your wardrobe is only one, then for it and do not buy a too expensive model. You can choose an iron with vertical stripping from Supra, Maxwell, Saturn or Vitek. These devices can easily cope with a low load. But if you have to smooth a whole heap of curtains daily (for example, in your own studio), then you can not do without a good machine with vertical steaming. What should it be?

Power and pressure

In modern models, the power varies from 1200 to 2400 W:

  • low power in, kW usually for small road models that are not suitable for vertical steaming;
  • , -2 kW is already enough for home use. Such an iron with a steamer can be selected in case you have small amounts of ironing;
  • devices in, kW are suitable for ironing heavy curtains and outerwear. Of course, they are not at all economical, but they quickly heat up and smooth things well.

Important: the higher the power, the better the iron will cope with vertical steaming. After all, in order for clothes to straighten out well, you need to apply a powerful steam jet.


In addition to power, pay attention to the pressure of steam. In different models, this index varies from 10 to 150 g / min. For regular fabrics, 30-60 g / min is enough. For heavy, dense things you will have to choose a more expensive iron with vertical stripping, whose pressure is not less than 90 g / min.

Sole: is there any meaning?

Indeed, if you iron things only vertically, without touching the fabric, do you need to pay attention to the sole? Of course, it is necessary. After all, you will use the iron for its intended purpose.


There are several types of soles:

  • Stainless steel has two main advantages: strength and ease of maintenance. However, it weighs much more than other materials for the sole;
  • aluminum is lighter than stainless steel, but it can be scratched or deformed;
  • ceramic surfaces glide well and protect the fabric from burning, but are considered fragile and whimsical in care.

Regardless of the material, there should be enough holes for the steam on the sole. In this case, it is better to choose such an iron, in which the holes are located on the entire surface of the sole, and not just from above.


Cord: choose practicality

To choose a good iron with vertical stripping, it is necessary to pay attention to the cord of the chosen model. A short wire will prevent you from stroking things on the weight, so its length should be at least two meters. Also, take a closer look at the way it is fastened: in some modern models, the cord is able to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Ergonomics and additional functions

No matter how good the technical characteristics of the iron, if it is inconvenient to hold in his hands, then all its advantages are worthless. Even if you prefer shopping online, take the time to go to the store and hold in hand the model you are going to choose. It should be light enough and easy to handle.

As for the additional functions, it will not be superfluous:

  • automatic shutdown (the device will shut itself down, even if you forget about it);
  • anti-drip system (water will not escape from the tank during operation);
  • a groove for buttons (a thin groove along the edge of the sole, which helps iron small parts);
  • the possibility of self-cleaning (this model reacts calmly to tap water).

All these little things will facilitate the ironing process, and this already means a lot for any hostess.

If you want to choose an iron with vertical steaming, be sure to consider your ironing volumes. For a family of 2-3 people you can buy a small low-power model, but for a large company or atelier you will have to take a powerful device with high vapor pressure. The sole should have enough holes and not be too heavy. Choose a device with a long cord and a comfortable handle.

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