Tips for choosing an electric toothbrush

With the automation of all the processes that were done manually, the question of how to choose an electric toothbrush comes to our house. The automatic brush will help to more effectively clean the tooth of the terrible plaque, and even fight with tartar.

To begin with, there are two types of electric models:

  • toothbrushes, in which the head makes a movement;
  • toothbrushes that have bristles vibrating.

The first are called simple or mechanical, and the second sound. In the sonic brush, the bristles can oscillate with the frequency of the sound and even with ultrasonic frequencies. Which of these healthy models is better to choose?

Simple Sound
The principle of operationwhich all electric brushes have, in that they save time. For proper teeth brushing with a good old device, you need to spend about 5 minutes, and for cleaning with an electric brush, just 1.5 minutes.

If you use electric toothbrushes longer, it will increase the temperature sensitivity of the teeth and may damage the neck of the tooth.


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Dimensions and configurations

Small in size brushes designed for children. In this case, children should choose a soft bristle, so as not to damage the enamel.

It is believed that the smaller the head, the better the device for cleaning teeth. It is more convenient to clean the small head, it easily reaches the hard-to-reach places. In general, the nozzles are very different, and each of them has its own purpose.

Ideally, the bristles should have different lengths, the upper bristles should be longer than the bottom ones and slightly beveled.

There are toothbrushes that have two heads at once, which rotate in different directions. They can be cleaned even faster, because they can act on two teeth at once and clean them differently.

If you decide to choose an electric model, then give preference to the one whose handle is tilted at a slight angle( 30 °) to the plane of the head. The shape of the handle is selected on the basis of convenience. Pay attention to the weight of the fixture, as the handle is too heavy and not ergonomic.


In order for the head to rotate and the bristles to vibrate the device must be connected to the power supply. As batteries can be finger batteries. They will need to be changed periodically.

There are also brushes with battery power. In this case, you just have to charge the battery by connecting the device to the network. It seems to be profitable, but the cost of the accessory increases.

Additional features

Some toothbrushes are equipped with a timer and pressure sensor. These are very useful functions, as they regulate the time and strength of the effects on the teeth, thereby protecting them from excessive exposure.

There are toothbrushes for which bleaching nozzles are provided. In this case, you can, without going to the dentist, at home, clean your teeth from plaque associated with drinking coffee or smoking.

If you buy a device with interchangeable nozzles, this will give you the opportunity to perfectly clean your teeth and save on replacing the head. At the same time, you will tie yourself to one manufacturer.


Sonic toothbrushes are more intensively cleaned, so they should be used if your teeth are healthy. Electric brushes are also recommended for those who have crowns, braces, veneers and other orthopedic structures. The same goes for ultrasound models. Their cleansing is not only due to the action of the paste, but also due to the ultrasound, which affects the microbes.

Separately, it is necessary to say how to choose an electric toothbrush for people who have certain problems with their teeth.

  • If you have an increased sensitivity to cold products, then you should stop the choice on a soft bristle.
  • Ultrasound device can not be used by those who have a pacemaker, pregnant women and people with sore bleeding gums.
  • Electroscopy cannot be used by those who have undergone surgery to remove an oncological tumor in the oral cavity and with increased tooth mobility.

But it is best to ask the dentist during the next visit, which is better to buy a model, and how to use it correctly.

After examining your oral cavity, he will advise several models of toothbrushes, and you can already choose something most suitable for you in price and aesthetic parameters.

If you decide to choose an electric brush for the first time, it is advisable to choose a model that has several speeds. In this case, you can gradually get used to cleaning and do not experience discomfort.

Electric teeth cleaning should not be done every day, and even more than twice a day, so use the simplest mechanical, or manual, as they say, with it.

Video: how to choose and how to use an electric toothbrush

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