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Why do I need kitchen towels? To keep your hands clean, you will say. But this is also one of the important decorative components of the whole room. Moreover, they are easy to make with their own hands, adding the necessary in the interior shades or patterns.

To sew the towels alone, it will take quite a bit - a suitable fabric that absorbs moisture well, and a sewing machine. The use of a simple cut of fabric will require you minimum effort, and if you want to create a textile masterpiece of handmade for the kitchen, you can use buttons, ribbons, colored threads, appliques and shreds.

Design Ideas

The traditional form of a dish towel is a rectangle. But add just a little imagination and get other interesting variations:

  • Hand towels with holders- they can be hung on the handle of the cabinet or oven as in the photo below (flip);
  • Small roll-on towels. They are fixed with the buttons. Buttons must certainly be plastic, because kitchen towels are often erased. This roll is designed for a special napkin holder (vertical or horizontal);

  • Products with children's appliqués, embroideries, prints- specially for children, to instill cleanliness and accuracy.

Choose a fabric for a practical towel

To make their own hands, not only beautiful, but practical kitchen towels, you need to choose the right fabric. She must absorb the moisture well and dry quickly. Cotton and wafer towels are best suited.


But flax will acquire the necessary softness only after a few washings.

  • By the way, the waffle fabric is the same cotton, but specially processed, so that it has even squares on the entire surface, improving the hydroscopy.

A good choice would be a fine mahra.

Master-class: how to sew a simple towel

So, let's move on to the most crucial moment - how to make the cut of fabric become a quality finished product?

For work you will need the selected fabric, sharp tailor's scissors and a sewing machine. Using scissors, you can cut out colored patches for appliqués, and also remove threads. Well, the machine is useful in order to sew the edges of the cut and fix the decor.


For a kitchen towel, colorful, mottled fabrics are more suitable, since on them stained spots will be less noticeable.

The optimum size of a kitchen towel is 30x60 cm. This kind of product will be enough to wipe hands and a table, and also take hot dishes if necessary.

Work on sewing kitchen towels starts with a pattern. Determine the dimensions of the napkin and add to them 5-10 mm as an allowance for the seams on each side.


After this, gently bend the edges before they are stitched. To do this, a cloth of 5 mm is turned twice, after which the strips are thoroughly ironed.

For fixing, you can also use a notch or sewing pins.


When the edges are defined, they are stitched with an ordinary seam. After stitching on 4 sides we get a ready-made shoe.

This is a very simple and traditional way without processing corners. But in this case, filing corners and not needed, because it's not serving textiles, but "working."


And do not forget to attach a wide loop in the top corner so that the towel can be hung on the hook, and not just on the handle of the plate. For the loop, the same fabric, satin ribbon or braid can be used.

But the idea is more interesting than a simple loop - a towel holder on the button. Sew it with your own hands is very simple. Here is a visual master class.

Decor ideas

And do not forget that you can embroider a ready-made kitchen towel with threads, decorate with appliqués, paint with paint, to print, to embroider a monogram, etc. Here are decor ideas that are easy to make by yourself (thumbs up photo to the right).


Just choose the right thread for decor and paint - they should not molt in hot water! And otherwise, oddly enough, the most ordinary kitchen towels provide a huge space for creativity and self-expression.

Pay also attention to our guide to the site in the section Design and decor of the kitchen - a guide to the site.

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