White corner neoclassical kitchen with matte fronts

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Stylish, elegant, sophisticated - this is all about our cuisine. It is made in the neoclassical style, in a light cream shade that is actual today. The classic style, of course, gravitates towards tradition, but no one dares to call this kitchen boring and impersonal. But the original and unique is often called.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Furniture studio "Tandem"

G. Kursk

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Classic white kitchen

Such monochromatic interiors are beautiful when there are no bright details, everything is harmoniously added to a coherent picture. Graceful handles-staples in combination with small, neat buttons - look very organic on light facades. Furniture case made of Austrian laminated chipboard from Egger. MDF facades are covered with a silky-matte film. Since the upper cabinets are made to the very ceiling, they just had to be diluted with a couple of glass showcases. around the domed hood and open shelves, so that the entire kitchen structure does not look bulky and monolithic.

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MDF facades in matte film

The corner set is large enough - 4150 * 2950 mm. It managed to hide household appliances - a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a washing machine, as well as pipes, a boiler and meters. The refrigerator is housed in a high separate tall cabinet, along with an oven.

High case for the refrigerator

All communications are located closer to the window (boiler and meters), and in order to hide them, we designed a cabinet that protrudes slightly forward, in which all the devices fit. And now the whole interior looks holistic and harmonious.

Cabinet for communications

Kitchen space optimized to the maximum: corner sink in the color of the fronts with additional bowl located in a very convenient place - trapezoidal cabinet, which provides a convenient approach during washing utensils.

Retractable bottle holder

Light gray stone-look countertop from Egger. It is made of moisture-resistant chipboard coated with paper-laminated plastic, is not afraid of high temperatures, acids, moisture, and can withstand heavy loads.

Egger worktop

The headset used reliable fittings from Blum. These are guides in the lower drawers and hinges with door closers in the upper ones. The small space that remained free between the drawers was filled with a chrome-plated bottle holder with a door closer, which can be extended up to 90% of its entire length.

Retractable bottle holder

We have tried to make the kitchen as elegant and comfortable as possible, in which all the decor elements are combined with each other.

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