Modern bright kitchen with surfaces of different textures

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Many people choose bright kitchens for a reason. In small rooms, corner furniture occupies an optimal area, because of the color it does not seem bulky and space-consuming. For a furniture set measuring 146 x 345 cm and a height of 269 cm, we have chosen a contrast of textures. Several monochromatic shades and different textures look very interesting, while remaining an elegant and graceful interior.

Made in the company  Sura Elite,
G. Saransk

Light corner kitchen

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Mother-of-pearl furniture body is made of laminated chipboard Uvadrev. The facades are covered with PVC film from Decoline, Panna Cotta color. Matte surfaces with a soft coating, a color somewhere between milk and ivory, have a velvety structure that is pleasant to touch.

Facades from laminated chipboard Uvadrev Mother of Pearl

The milling of the upper facades is called "The Sea with the Gull". The curved line along the entire top row has brought to life the solid, straight sections, a real highlight of the interior. The lower fronts are milled differently. They look straight and even, but there is still a slight bevel around the edges (soap milling).

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Milling Sea

Black countertop from graniStone poured stone Vizantiya Corsair collection. A dark stone work surface is very practical. In addition, against the background of light facades, a black stripe additionally visually divided the furniture into top and bottom.

GraniStone black poured stone worktop

Cut-in handles - Gola matt gold. Gold handles give the light surfaces a special charm. Facades with such edging look much more interesting than if they were solid white surfaces. The golden touches of the cut-in handles, along with the dark refrigerator handles and black countertop, gave the solid white surfaces some liveliness.

Cut-in handles - Gola matt gold

Base - MAKMART brand, matt gold color. Together with gold handles, it enhances the beauty of matte white cabinets.

Base - MAKMART brand, color matt gold

The mother-of-pearl cream fridge goes well with both matte fronts and gold details on the plinth and handles.

Cream fridge

LED lighting is built into the worktop and the lower base of the wall cabinets. When turned on, part of the upper facades located in the depths acquires a different, deeper shade. And under-counter lighting gives the modules the appearance of floating above the ground.

LED lighting under the worktop

A cabinet for household appliances is an excellent solution that allows you to conveniently place household appliances vertically, saving space. Moreover, the built-in oven and microwave are at a comfortable height and you no longer need to bend over to the oven.

Light corner kitchen

Fittings - Blum. These are high-quality and multifunctional mechanisms, comfortable to use, with a long service life.

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