Mini vacuum cleaner for home

Today, even the cars offer a suck up. Power is small, the battery power supply or cigarette lighter, often cyclone. The absence of the bag - the undoubted merit. Minus - the ability of car: smooth rubber floor mats, slightly fleecy seat, endless gap. Worth 2.25 thousand rubles, here and thought, why take the keyboard, if issued special mini-vacuum cleaners for home, fed with a USB interface.

Vacuums for Mini Vacuum USB Cleaner keyboard firm Orient

The gadget costs 200 rubles. In these times, inexpensive. Dignity - Integrated LED-backlight, and thus, it is convenient to use in the dark. Most gamers spend the evening in the dark - home to sleep do not interfere with, sit down with headphones and forth.

Highlight works separately or together with suction. Sickly motor will remove chips and dust from the keys, a special brush cope with the system unit, which is cleaned periodically. Dust settling on the chips degrades the cooling mode, reducing productivity. Overclockers note:

The processor runs at higher frequencies - regular replacement of thermal paste is not enough. It is necessary to periodically remove the dust.

Handy thing - a vacuum cleaner for the home. We believe this approach to home cleaning equipment. But it will be a valuable asset for laptop owners. Their keyboard difficult to keep clean if you use it often. Standard vacuum cleaner is not the best solution, and much noise. The main thing - do not catch the fragile, easily broken keys. Accessories USB keyboard is easy to give the plastic parts hose. Applying typical cyclonic vacuum cleaner is standard size, accessories half will have to pick out of the bag.

Stationary vacuum cleaner for the house of Blizzard

Would you like a mini vacuum cleaner for home, to make it easier to carry in a backpack? Do you want the room to go into the room with a long hose and brush, and the rest is already in the room? Meet the stationary vacuum cleaner. instrument creating the concept is as follows:

Handheld vacuum cleaner

  1. We pose the industrial engine of steel, extremely strong and durable. Weight is not actually limited.
  2. Dust collector will do incredible size sufficient to house. Wherein the filled container after several cleanings. So great volume!
  3. Equip the wall, ceiling or floor ducts, providing the possibility of trouble-free house cleaning. It turns out the ventilation system does not let flow, and taken from the room.
  4. Hose connection equip wall inlets. Has one or more, the amount depends on the number of people employed in cleaning. The power is divided equally among the openings.
  5. The wall inlet is inserted into the brush "mini-vacuum cleaner" for the house with a long hose reach all corners of the room. Of course, the wall inlets are located optimally, in the middle of the long wall.
  6. Vacuum cleaner battery-rests, when the giant is working. Inactive wall inlet shut up plugs. Hoover is located in the basement or in the attic, next to the heat exchanger.
  7. For convenience control cleaning process wall inlet is provided near the electric motor switch.

A small vacuum cleaner

It turns out: go around the house and use the enormous power of the industrial engine in the home. Stationary vacuum cleaner is more like a gas cylinder of large forms and shapes. In the device for the customer in store a sufficiently large power consumption is required to provide it in the electrical design of private home ownership. Dust bin has a capacity of 10 liters, will have to shake relatively rare. You want to buy a mini-vacuum cleaner? Blizzard will be offended.

The channel system is laid once and for all. It can be used for heating and ventilation. It's not just the economy, the new approach. Do not forget the large suction capacity and the loss of the cornering. Consequently, the number of angles provide minimum. Having the knowledge and the future plan of the house to find the best place device placement. Advantages: no noise inherent in mini-vacuum cleaner, an amazing suction power.

A special advantage - a stationary vacuum cleaner is equipped with a built-in filters cascaded and not dusty. The housing is far outside the room, and there, of course, dusty. The only drawback is the complexity of power control. Agreed to enable and disable the device in the socket, but a potentiometer for adjusting the speed of speech did not go. Apply any device for power control of induction motor. This inverter, and amplitude controls.

Compact vacuum cleaner with attachments

Inlets with switches are covered with decorative panels. The familiar face of the house is not broken. It does not have to carry the heavy body of a vacuum cleaner. Hose store in the basement or in a closet, where the mouse will not reach. To search for articles on Yandex-market use the phrase "built-in vacuum cleaners." Estimated price - 25,000 rubles.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner on the battery

French vacuum cleaner for the kitchen table

Mini vacuum cleaner for the kitchen table Mastrad eponymous French company intended to remove crumbs after a meal. The device is in the pale green and white colors and has two buttons:

  • Switching on and off.
  • Unlocking for garbage collection compartment.

Prices vary in the range of 800 - 1400 rubles. The difference is difficult to determine. Included are three tips:

  • a spout;
  • narrow nose;
  • brush.

Home mini vacuum cleaner

We believe: kitchen furniture unit, too clean. Small vacuum cleaner for home weighs 750 grams and is powered by four AA batteries of 1.5 V. Not specified capacity, we assume - the value is not too large. Even a car vacuum cleaner on the battery will give one hundred points handicap. The French company Mastrad no Russian-language website. Find a home mini-vacuum cleaner is not in your own domain possible. Contextual translator is unable to cope with the overwhelming task. Buy the device can be in local stores. About the range of prices already told.

Mini Handheld vacuum cleaner Smile HVC 831

Home mini vacuum cleaner is often taken for a car. Powered by 230 V, but, judging by the reviews, and is equipped with a great battery. Included are hoses with nozzles (nozzle small brush, large brush) and a shoulder strap. There brush fabrics and carpets, naked nozzle for smooth hard surfaces. The device is sold in costs 1,400 rubles stores, the suction power is not emphasized, compare and select the equivalent of the impossible. The consumption of 700 W, is twice lower than that of a typical cyclonic vacuum cleaner.

the device weighs 1.5 kg, and convenient shape, and the body is balanced relative to the handle. It looks more like a miniature aerial bombs without stabilizer. Red body completes the feeling of aggression. However, it looks pretty. The cyclone-type dust collector, a mini internal filter cleaner washable. Allowed to hang the brush on the body, adding device compactness. With the bypass crannies of the house easier.

Buyers praised model. It is said to work better from the cigarette lighter. Mini vacuum cleaner is equipped with two buttons, like the previous one, given the power of an advanced power source and set of nozzles with a hose, can be used for cleaning the furniture in front of the steam treatment or steam cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners guard the purity of the house

On top of mention: robot cleaners also exhibit small size. However, it is expensive. Today in the course of the model for both dry and wet cleaning. Advantage - electronic assistant monitors the purity itself. Even schedule can be set. Most models have to release the dust as you fill the container, fill the washing liquid. Charge the robot cleaner batteries should become a habit.

The robot is ideal in a household with a minimum of windows, one-level floor covering. A number of devices are kept in the memory card home and removed the program. When choosing a model, watch a movie on YouTube with a comparison of the quality of cleaning flooring.

The gadget does not fall down the stairs, but keep away from the induction hobs. The alternating magnetic field will melt the metal parts, will burn the chip. Particularly dangerous for ferromagnetic alloys (e.g., iron).

Hopefully we prompted to choose the mini vacuum cleaner for the home. Take the trouble to figure out the purposes for which the device will be used.

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