What to buy spare parts for the fan

Not all parts are available at dealer networks. Try to get the fan to fan Bork. The official website of the manufacturer in their catalog is not found. See a list of service centers. The list must exist a town located nearby. Find the address and phone service shop located there.

Fan Parts Search

Bought by a typical floor fan on a metal rack. Plastic legs to increase the slip (this is not a typo, but a real fact). Attempts to find an item on the market do not always meet with success. Without legs fan will not break. Inexpensive device, try to establish yourself. In most cases, the fan consists of:

  1. Removable stand.
  2. The mechanism of the shuttle run for rocking the blade on both sides horizontally.
    the fan assembly

    the fan assembly

  3. Type asynchronous motor with regulation of the speed of rotation switched windings.
  4. Capacitor, to create the desired shift in phase. Without this, the rotor is in the form of a squirrel cage will not rotate.
  5. Buttons commutating windings as necessary to change the speed.
  6. The blades are threaded on the motor shaft.
  7. Lattice covering plane propeller fan movement.
  8. Legs, which support the rack.

Plastic fan parts

Plastic parts are cooked soldering iron. Connection technology such parts are widely known. Welding along the crack made Stroebe. This opening in the fused plastic bag. Take the soldering iron, preferably with a suitable tip size. Off a long piece of plastic bag and coiled tube. Caution millimeter pass Stroebe length to form a seam. The surface has cooled down, the product can be used.

So sealed leaky buckets and basins, plastic hinges on the suitcase with the tool. It is easy to fix the blade housing (the plastic parts of the fan). Of course, much repaired yourself, beauty is not obligatory.



Steel fan parts

As for steel, suitable epoxy adhesive - Chinese pencils of two components. Pick up and wet rubber gloves. From the unpacked pencil cut the desired length. Kus need to knead with wet gloves that did not stick. Glue stick on the wet surface of the parts just need to be pressed harder. Epoxy resin falls even on the tiles, and the fan housing grab. Curing time is 24 hours.

Another fan steel pure tin solder. More precisely - solder POS series. And other suitable formulations. It is necessary to deliver a fan of metal oxide film. For this special best buy acid. Bottles for 20 rubles will be enough for the fan soldering even remain. Main zaludit well. Metal takes a lot of heat, the soldering process should be conducted quickly and confidently. The selected area is literally pour the tin that came from. Metal well be spread over the surface.

Brazing inferior epoxy adhesive strength (winning in elasticity). By the way, the latter is synonymous with the word cold welding. Note - sellers usually do not know, fan repair will be delayed until the error will reveal.

Electric fan portion

It is important to choose the right capacitor for phase shift in the start-up of the fan coil. Take a piece of plastic, aluminum or steel, and looking around the markings carefully. There are specified capacity in microfarads or other units, breakdown (working) volts. Other information not interested.

Crushed capacitor often swells. Slots cruciate groove sidewall surface of the cylinder bulges outwardly. But capacitors, standing on the fans, just do not work.

Simply through a condenser fan turn on the light bulb 220. Chinese multimeters are not able to measure the capacity and call details of alternating current. Better just check the condenser fan on the validity and, if necessary, buy a new one. There is also a plus. Fans are different and capacitors will all, except electrolytic. They are designed for DC and for AC needs.

For example, go cylinders standing in the refrigerator for the start of the winding, in washing machines. Condenser fan needs to run on alternating current. Learn it on the label. Or search the internet or ask the smartest people on the forum. Fan to the chimney often made of asynchronous circuits, but there is often no capacitor. Just wire the cage is tilted at an angle that determines the direction of rotation.

Disassembly of the fan motor

Disassembly of the fan motor

fan motor

Asynchronous motor for the fan. But in the more advanced models (bladeless Dyson) it is brushless. Unlike in the control method. The brushless occurs switching of the stator windings in the correct order. Directly switches are not related to the rate. And the formation of the desired voltage by a special stage, often reads the rotor position.

In such fan speed changes continuously without steps. But it is rather an exception. Fan Vents do not use such technology. But Dyson are more expensive. Let's go back to the engine. The rotor consists of a magnet in the brushless motor. Either is a squirrel cage. This cylinder of silumin (other metal), where embedded wire of copper, connected by way of squirrel cage.

You do not have to repair the rotor. The exception will be the collector motor for industrial-type fan. These brushes not Dyson.

fan operation

fan operation

The stator is repaired similarly rewind. The main thing is to find the right break (break off communication coil ringing separately). To replace the fan to buy exactly the same wire with insulation varnish. Length is easy to learn, removing and measuring available. Simply do a wooden meter. Stator winding of the motor fan is manually look at the process in the rollers. It is quite long.

On the collector engines usually cost varistors for protection. If one is lit, the sparks will be strong, not to repay through the body. To test their prozvanivatsya. It must show the open or high resistance. To include more varistors circuit 220 through the voltage step-up transformer to a load, so as not to burn the secondary winding. The resistance of the varistor rush to 0. It forms a short circuit.

No overhead fans and fancy Dyson is protected against overheating. This usually Thermal Cutoffs or relay. They need to check. Details are withdrawn and prozvanivatsya. If necessary, replaced with like. Markings indicate tripping temperature. Relay label look and are looking for a replacement on the Internet. We find a name and go to the nearest market for spare parts for the fan.

Fans, which is better not to repair

Agree, is not profitable to spend time in the cooler fan. Maximum - lubricated, but impractical to repair.

Conclusion on spare parts for fans

Almost impossible to get the details, but the technique can establish themselves. Guided tips, everyone can find spare parts for:

  • fan for the kitchen;
  • vehicle radiator cooling fan;
  • roof fans and much more.
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