Iron with steam generator: basic selection parameters

Iron with steam generator: basic selection parameters


Tired of toiling with an old, heavy and inefficient iron and you decided to choose a new, more perfect home? And do you know how to choose an iron with steam generators of new models? However, this is not important, since it is not difficult to understand the intricacies of choice. You just need to follow a simple algorithm.

According to the principle of operation, the devices differ very little.


  • 1How the iron is made with a steam generator
  • 2How to identify important device settings
    • 2.1Price
    • 2.2Power
    • 2.3Volume of the water tank
    • 2.4Modes of operation
    • 2.5Material from which the sole is made
    • 2.6Device design
    • 2.7The weight
    • 2.8Security
  • 3Additional functions of importance

How the iron is made with a steam generator

In a conventional steam iron, the main inconvenience is a small water tank. It always has to be refilled, but with full capacity, the entire device becomes heavier and requires more physical effort. An iron with a steam generator is a fairly successful attempt to solve this problem. The steam generator is separated from the iron housing and is connected to it only by a thick hose of the steam pipe. Also not good news is what convenience, this hose, but still better than overloading the hands with a heavier steam iron.

But a separate steam generator has two most valuable qualities:

  • Large capacity allows you to iron clothes for a long time and effectively, while using a light enough iron.
  • The pair turns out a lot, it can be fed by a powerful jet under high pressure. And this will help to cope with the most complex folds on the coarsest and stiffest fabric.

How to identify important device settings


When you enter the doors of a home appliance store, you already need to have a fairly accurate idea of ​​how to choose an iron with a steam generator for your purposes and for your wallet. Otherwise, a talented seller will persuade you to buy something for your home that is more profitable for you to sell. And to overpay for unnecessary functions or excessive power at all to anything. Therefore, it is better to make a list of parameters for yourself, and choose the most optimal model within this list.


It is not at all necessary to choose an expensive model for a house to buy a guaranteed high-quality iron with a steam generator. The price depends on many factors, and quality is not always critical. Just determine for yourself the limits of your purchase costs. In the middle price segment, there are necessarily a lot of suitable models for the house. It is better to abstain from buying the cheapest goods.



Here the situation is twofold. The more powerful the device, the more it spends electricity when working. But in the case of an iron, this means less time spent on ironing. That is, the costs will be approximately the same for practically the same quality of ironing.

The difference you will feel only in the amount of time spent on ironing a pile of laundry. And in value. Therefore, if the time savings for you is not critical, power can save a little. For the house it is better to buy an iron with a steam generator, whose power is from 1600 to 2000 W.

Volume of the water tank

Not every steam generator can add water during operation. Some have to be turned off, wait for them to cool down, add water, and then wait again until the steam generator heats up and steam production begins. Therefore, the capacity of the water tank matters.


If you do not need to smooth the houses of the mountains with sheets and duvet covers, and it is a question of quickly bringing in the order of several shirts, skirts and trousers, then there is absolutely no need to buy an iron with the largest capacity for water.


Modes of operation

The device should have controls that allow changing the temperature of the sole heating and the power of the steam supply in order to optimally select the ironing mode for fabrics of different types. Or the device should determine the optimal mode, but this function is found only in expensive models. It matters the power with which the steam generator operates with a constant steam supply (from 90 to 140 ml / minute) and with a so-called steam impact (up to 360 ml / minute).

Material from which the sole is made


As for this parameter of choice, everything is exactly the same here as for conventional irons. The cheapest and most short-lived material of the sole is aluminum, but it is rarely found without coating by these or other additional materials.

The most economical material with good parameters for uniformity of heating and durability is stainless steel.

More modern and easily sliding on the fabric - soles with a coating of Teflon, cermets and ceramics. But they are fragile enough: they are afraid of blows and inaccurate treatment.

Device design


It's not so much about the beauty of the body lines or the choice of the color of the plastic body. This refers to the ergonomics of the model. Since ironing is one of the most time consuming processes of homework, it is very important to choose an iron with a steam generator so that your hands get tired of it as little as possible.

If you hold the iron in your hand uncomfortably - give up the model. Since the steam generator is often used in the vertical steaming mode, it is absolutely necessary that your hands do not get tired from the excessively heavy iron. Be sure to test the device in the store before buying.


The weight

The heavier the iron, the better it smoothes the fabric. It's true. But the thing is that we decide to buy an iron with a steam generator just so that the steam does most of the work to smooth the folds. Therefore, choose the model that you will find "on the arm".

For women's pens, heavy models do not fit, and men can buy for themselves and an impressive weight iron to iron their men's things faster.


The device must have an automatic shutdown function. This will relieve you of stress and worrying thoughts about whether you turned off the iron from the network, leaving for a summer residence or going to an important meeting.

Additional functions of importance

  • Anti-drip system, which does not allow the vapor to condense near the holes in the drops. If the drops are formed, then on thin tissues they can leave the stains, and this is not necessary for anyone.
  • Presence of built-in water filters. If there are such filters, then you can use ordinary tap water, in extreme cases - boiled. In other cases, you will have to buy distilled water to fill the tank.
  • The length of the power cord and the steam hose. Usually long options are more convenient than shorter ones, since they give you more freedom when driving during work.

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