Radiotelephone for home: how to choose the best model

Home stationary phones with dialing numbers and a cord that constantly clings to everything, went into the Soviet past, giving way to convenient portable radio tubes. Currently, home appliances stores are so full of various devices that the problem of how to choose a radio telephone is solved only after careful deliberation.

The first radio telephones in our country appeared about a quarter of a century ago. These models were bulky, with retractable antennas, a primitive set of operations and an extremely small range. In addition, the sound quality left much to be desired, the tube even at home was constantly losing touch with the base, and all the included appliances, from the iron to the TV, affected the performance and audibility.

With the improvement of the radio telephones have become a very convenient home device and are always in demand from the consumer.

  • 1 ConvenienceBefore you choose a phone, you must properly navigate which one is most suitable for your home and lifestyle.

    Simplified Models. They have approximately the following characteristics:

    • basic set of functions;
    • minimum size black and white display with or without standard backlight;
    • notebook for several dozen numbers;
    • repeat the last number dialed;
    • number identifier;
    • watch;
    • tube search.

    Models of the middle class. Have a more complex stuffing, including:

    • color illuminated display;
    • button illumination;
    • notebook with a couple of hundreds of numbers;
    • voice caller ID;
    • answering machine;
    • alarm clock;
    • is a separate button set on the base.

    High-end models. They include:

    • color displays of large size with high resolution;
    • notebook for several hundred numbers with improved functions;
    • Bluetooth or USB with the ability to connect to a PC;
    • download ringtones and photos.

    Elite class models. With the full set of functions listed above, they have a bright, eye-catching design, with cases of the latest technological materials.

    Radiotelephones with long range. They have the following characteristics:

    • range up to 15 km with an additional antenna installed at a height and free space without interference;
    • range in urban areas up to 1.5 km depending on a number of conditions;
    • the ability to connect multiple tubes to the base.

    Special cordless phones. In the characteristics, besides the functions inherent in the models discussed above, some more specific ones:

    • the ability to connect two or more telephone lines;
    • additional tube;
    • support IP telephony, Bluetooth, Ethernet;
    • the ability to connect handsets, faxes and other phones.

    The main parameters for choosing a model of radio telephone

    Let's take a closer look at the “stuffing” of the device in order to get a better idea of ​​which radio telephone you really should choose.


    Those who do not need sophisticated characteristics and communication capabilities, first of all pay attention to the color, shape and size of the device. Think in advance about where you will put the base for the phone at home. If there is not enough space for a large base, it is necessary to choose a more modest model in size. It is also necessary to evaluate the ease and convenience of the tube itself. Initially, radio telephones were designed to make their appearance easier to be tied to one place for a long time needed to discuss the latest news.

    Now, however, happy owners of a talkative language may not let the phone out of the ear at all, doing various household chores at this time. Therefore, the tube itself should weigh no more than 150 grams and be comfortable in shape. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and color of the display, as well as the quality of the backlight. If you have poor eyesight, then a radio with a small display and poor backlighting will not work for you.

    Distance range and frequency

    One of the most important characteristics of a radiotelephone. The most “running” models work at a distance of up to 300 m from the base in open space and up to 50 m at home. The larger the area of ​​your apartment or house, the longer the range of the phone you need. In addition, it depends on what frequency of the phone you need to choose. The radiotelephone operates in the frequency range from 31 to 1900 MHz. The higher the frequency, the better your telephone connection.

    If you are a serious farmer and you have a large farm, then a tube with a range of up to 1.5 km from the base, operating at a frequency of 900 MHz, is quite suitable for you. But if there is no need for such distances and ranges, then the minimum set of 31-40 MHz will suit the holder of standard tubes with a range of 300 m.

    Please note that the radiotelephone must be certified according to Russian standards.

    Do not forget that the more interference on the radio signal path in the form of high structures and trees, the radiotelephone will have less capacity to achieve the specified parameters.

    The number of handsets in the set

    A very important feature that has a modern radio. It lies in the fact that some bases can coordinate the work of several tubes. In the presence of a three-storey house, you will greatly facilitate your life, because in different rooms you can “scatter” up to 7 tubes that have absolutely equivalent functionality. True, technical progress has not yet provided the opportunity to call several phones at the same time.

    The DECT standard

    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication stands for a broad-spectrum wireless communications device. The highest quality and best format of the device, so be sure to pay attention to this before choosing a radio telephone. With this communication standard, many functions are implemented:

    • excellent sound quality;
    • the ability to connect multiple phones to one base, and one handset to multiple bases, which is convenient in the office-home version;
    • digital information support;
    • listening protection;
    • the ability to connect any analog phone of this standard to the base;
    • automatic selection of the station closest in location.

    Battery capacity

    It is very inconvenient when the handset of the phone is discharged at the most inappropriate time, so before choosing a radiotelephone, pay attention to the amount of autonomous time in which your device can work without recharging. Well, if you put it on the base only at night.

    As standard, it is convenient to work up to 12 hours of active use in standalone mode, or up to several days in standby mode.

    Also, during initial use, do not forget to completely discharge the device before putting it on charge. Many Li-Ion batteries have a memory effect and may not use the capacity in full in the future.

    Basic Required Functions

    • AOH - automatic caller ID, a very convenient function to determine which number is ringing you before the phone is picked up;
    • Search base - a big help when the tube is lost somewhere in the bowels of the sofa or a box with toys. At the same time, by a signal that starts to emit a handset when you press a special button on the base, you can easily find it.
    • Auto Redial - Multiple self-dialing a phone number until you have free access to the line. With a function such as automatic dialing, you no longer have to feverishly press buttons in response to a “busy” signal from the handset. The phone itself will reach the subscriber and notify you about this by a signal.
    • Baby Call is a function that allows you to call certain numbers from the phone’s memory by pressing a specific button or a combination of them. Received the name of "nanny" due to the fact that even a child is available, who can easily reach the parents if necessary by pressing a certain button.
    • Address Book - you need to select a phone model depending on the vastness of your circle of friends with whom you like to chat about the weather. If you have several hundred of them and you definitely want to write birthdays, tastes and what is your favorite rock musician on every phone, be sure to pay close attention to this moment.
    • Call functions - it is extremely offensive if absolutely all the melodies will annoy you, as well as the quiet sound of the phone you just bought. Listen to the whole set of signals at once and check all the maximum and minimum of the sound that your favorite radio telephone possesses.
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