Modern white kitchen with black range hood and hob

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Kitchens with few or no cupboards are very popular nowadays. One of their main advantages is the "lightness" of the interior. Also, this version of the kitchen can be easily connected to the living room. But it can only be chosen by people who either have a little crockery and equipment, or have a spacious space where you can make large lower cabinets.

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White kitchen

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The base of the outer part kitchen set - medium-density fibreboard, on the surface of which Kamellit acrylic plastic is glued. The frame is 16 mm Lamarti laminated chipboard, 2 mm PVC edge, and the Lamian table top is covered with heat-resistant plastic. Laminate covers the base of the wall panel made of fine particle size fraction. This tactic is used in the design of classic and modern interiors. The color of the panel on the wall is different from that of the countertop, but the manufacturer of their material is the same. The material is easy to clean and does not attract dirt. But there is a minus - the joints.

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There are no problems with storage in the kitchen, since there are enough places for this. Absolutely every wardrobe is equipped with a pull-out system. The same small drawers are used to store various small items and tableware. The top box is supplemented with a special tray. Kitchen appliances and large crockery take their place in the large drawers.


Sofa green in the kitchen, white from the "Housing issue".

TRIOMAX drawers close smoothly thanks to the fasteners on the full motion rails.


Special pull-out baskets are installed on two sides: one on the left side of the stove, the other on the right of the dishwasher. For convenient storage, the bottle with spices is also stored on the left side of the oven, the manufacturer of which is Vibo. With the basket it is easy to see the contents and reach what you need.

Drawers pull-out

The cabinet on the right side of the dishwasher with metal rods is slightly larger - 200 mm. This cabinet holds all sorts of little things like detergents, trash bags, towels and dishwashing sponges. The dishwasher is installed a little inconveniently: in this position, during loading, its door makes it difficult to access the trash bin, sink and dish drainer. The handles should also be placed horizontally.

Drawers pull-out

The washbasin from BLANCO LEXA S45, made of stone, was installed in the corner. Sink mixer from BLANCO ZENOS-S. There is a dish drainer just above the sink. A special mechanism installed in the cabinet helps not only to see all its contents well, but also ensures safety during work, eliminating the possibility of head banging on it.

Top boxes

In this kitchen with a corner layout, there are only two wall top cabinets. Several decorative shelves on the right side of the hood helps to avoid a void on the wall on that side. The shelves are complemented by overhead LED lamps.

The kitchen is tastefully decorated in white and has a lovely dining area.


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