Modern white kitchen with large wall TV niche

The chosen project was a good solution for our studio apartment. We set a difficult task for the designers: to combine a kitchen and a living room in a small area. Only one wall and a small ledge were suitable for these purposes. The developers of the project made the optimal decision: to combine two zones in the furniture row, to make them in the same style, making a non-standard row of lower modules.

The kitchen is made in the company "Geometry of Style",
G. Chelyabinsk

Modern white kitchen

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A great find for a small room was the color scheme: light tones, shaded with dark marble. In such a palette there are no unnecessary details "eating up" the area. A crystal clear white tone was chosen for the facades. It is universally suitable for furniture both in the living room and in the kitchen. The handles of the lockers with a cover are matched to the color. Thanks to this idea, they do not focus on themselves, do not clutter up the space with their volume.

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White MDF facades in foil

The color of the kitchen set harmoniously blended into the light space of the room. At the same time, the dark background perfectly highlights the pieces of furniture, emphasizing the grace and simplicity of forms. The kitchen furniture itself took up most of the corner space. In the sections, it was possible to easily accommodate all the equipment necessary for housekeeping, including a washing machine.

Black countertop AMK-Troy

The furniture row is closed by a spacious niche for a TV set, and from below there is a cabinet with drawers. It is also part of the living room. A large niche is the highlight of our interior. It has become both a decorative and a functional space. A huge niche is the most suitable place for a modern flat-panel TV.

Large niche for TV

Facades set - made of MDF with a film coating according to the technology of membrane-vacuum pressing. These products are manufactured on modern high-quality equipment, which guarantees the durability and safety of the material. The body is made of laminated chipboard Lamarty from the Syktyvkar plywood plant. Laminated particle boards are made from high quality raw materials of coniferous and birch wood species. The plant's products have an environmental certificate, which guarantees the safety of the material for human health. Laminated chipboard Lamarty has excellent technical characteristics: the plates are wear-resistant, not afraid of the effects of steam, moisture and high temperatures. They are distinguished by their strength and ability to maintain their original appearance throughout the entire service life.

White kitchen with low base cabinets

The black plastic countertop with marble streaks is selected from the AMK-Troy manufacturing company. Surface thickness - 38 mm. The material fully complies with the requirements of hygienic standards for residential premises. Apron to match the countertop.

Black countertop AMK-Troy

The furniture set uses reliable fittings from the BLUM company. All mechanisms work clearly, smoothly and silently.

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