Than to clean the adhesive tape with plastic, wood or glass, if not done so immediately


  • 1 Remove sticking tape
  • 2 Remove traces of glue
    • 2.1 Home remedies
    • 2.2 Special means
  • 3 Conclusion
If you leave a protective film on the new windows, it will not be easy to removeIf you leave a protective film on the new windows, it will not be easy to remove

Many of us have had to deal with terrible sticky stains that remain on plastic or other surfaces from adhesive tape, painting tape, price tags and stickers. They instantly attract dust to themselves and become black with dirt. And getting rid of them is not so easy if these traces are old.

It turns out that there are lots of ways to do this without much effort. I'll tell you how to remove traces of scotch with all means known to me. Not all of them are equally effective or can be applied to any materials, so when choosing, be careful.

Remove sticking tape

Traces of glue from adhesive tape - this is not the worst. You try to tear off the tape itself, if it was glued for a long time and long dried, especially under the rays of the sun. This often happens if you do not immediately remove the protective film from the window frames.

Building a hairdryer will help solve the problemBuilding a hairdryer will help solve the problem

In this case, a hot compress or hair dryer will help. But first try to stick a strip of new on top of the old tape, and immediately abruptly tear it off. Often it helps to remove the tape or at least part of it.

This method should be tried first on surfaces that are undesirable to wet or warm.This method should be tried first on surfaces that are undesirable to wet or warm.

If the method did not work, try to soften the dried glue with heat, using:

  • Soaked in hot water and wrung out fabric, which is applied to the surface to be cleaned;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Household steam generator.
Under the action of heat, the adhesive layer softensUnder the action of heat, the adhesive layer softens

But use hot air or steam carefully and only if you are sure that you will not damage the plastic surface, which can be deformed by such an impact.

Sometimes it is enough to peel off only a corner or edge, so that there is something to grab and tear off the tape. In case of failure, you can use a scraper. But not hard and not sharp, so as not to damage the material.

Especially neatly need to act if used tape for woodEspecially neatly need to act if used tape for wood

Remove traces of glue

Even if the scotch itself was removed completely, the remnants of glue on the surface can still cause a lot of trouble.

Dirt glueDirt glue

Fresh traces are easily removed with warm soapy water, and for old and dried ones, you can use a variety of products, some of which are in every home.

Home remedies

First, let's go to the kitchen. There are at least three excellent cleaners:

  • The most effective is vegetable oil. Strangely enough, it perfectly copes with such pollution, since, mixing with glue, it changes its composition. Using a cloth dipped in oil, you need to wipe the sticky place, wait a little, then rinse with warm soapy water.

Only material that is not recommended to be cleaned in this way - natural wood and uncoated veneer. It will remain greasy stains.

Any essential oil can be used instead of vegetableAny essential oil can be used instead of vegetable
  • Soda. Before scrubbing the adhesive from the adhesive tape, mix it with water to form a liquid slurry. Apply to dirty areas and leave to dry. Then wipe off with a damp cloth.
Cooking cleaning pasteCooking cleaning paste
  • Detergents for dishes. I would not say that they are very effective, but if there is nothing else at hand, and the spots are fresh enough, they will cope.

Go ahead and see what we have in the first-aid kit, the makeup bag and in the bathroom cabinet.

  • In the first-aid kit there will probably be medical alcohol. Best of all - ethyl 95%. It is possible and less concentration, but it will act longer. In extreme cases, and vodka fit.
Ethyl alcohol medicalEthyl alcohol medical
Apply moistened cotton pad, wait, wash offApply moistened cotton pad, wait, wash off
  • To help remove traces of adhesive tape from plastic or glass can and alcohol-containing liquid for washing windows. She is in the household too.
It is more convenient to use the sprayerIt is more convenient to use the sprayer
  • If not, look into the cosmetic bag or the drawer of the pier in search of nail polish remover. It doesn't matter if it contains acetone or not, it should help in any case.

I think it’s not worth repeating every time that with any liquid a contaminated surface is first wetted, several times are possible, it is given time to interact with glue, and only then it is washed off.

Imagine that none of the above houses was found. Then we open the husband's locker and look for any solvent in it, gasoline for lighters or “veshka” - WD-40 aerosol, with which he erases traces of tar from the car or unscrews rusty nuts.

Universal remedyUniversal remedy

Solvents and gasoline help remove stickers from clothing or furniture upholstery. Do not be afraid of the sharp smell - it quickly evaporates.

But use them to remove traces of adhesive tape from a painted or varnished surface, it is not necessary. They can dissolve the coating or change its color. With plastic, too, need to be careful - it can be different. At first it is better to try to apply the agent on a small inconspicuous area and look at the reaction.

Refined gasoline for refilling lightersRefined gasoline for refilling lighters

The only thing the glue can be rubbed off without fear of damage is from the glass. It is inert to all listed fluids.

Any product from this trio in the photo copes with the dissolution of the glueAny product from this trio in the photo copes with the dissolution of the glue

Finally, you can go to the nursery and expropriate the usual office eraser from a child. They act in the same way as when removing pencil drawings from paper.

School eraserSchool eraser

Dirty traces of scotch are removed from the surface quite easily, but only if their area is small. No, they, of course, can be removed from all plastic windows in the house, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Special means

If you failed to wash the tape with your own hands with improvised means, you can always use specially created liquids and aerosols for this.

Interestingly, they are often available from sellers selling appliances and other large goods. Therefore, you can ask to remove the sticker from the refrigerator or washing machine directly in the sales area.

Aerosol cleanerAerosol cleaner

It is desirable to have such a tool at home, you never know when it can be useful. But the instruction must be read carefully in order to know on which surface it can be applied.

Mellerud perfectly removes even double-sided tapeMellerud perfectly removes even double-sided tape
Another popular and effective remedyAnother popular and effective remedy

On sale you can find and professional compositions for large volumes of work. For example, to clean the windows after the construction of an apartment building. Their price depends on the volume of the container.

Anti-adhesive tape universal for all surfaces is available in volumes from 1 to 1000 litersAnti-adhesive tape universal for all surfaces is available in volumes from 1 to 1000 liters


Now you know how to clean the tape from plastic and other materials, and you can do it with less effort than before. You can use a combination of several methods at the same time. For example, heating, and then any liquid agent.

But, judging by the reviews of experienced, ordinary vegetable oil and special formulations “work” best. This can be seen by watching the video in this article. But I would be interested to learn about your experience. Write in the comments.

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