How to clean an electric oven at home

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The oven is considered one of the most convenient and functional appliances in the kitchen. Unlike a gas or electric stove, here it is enough to set the time and temperature and you can go about your business. Over time, the inner surface of the device becomes covered with various dirt, carbon deposits and grease. Users who have installed household appliances with a self-cleaning function can easily solve this problem, but not everyone has such units. From our article we will learn how to clean an electric oven at home using available tools and chemical compounds.

Cleaning the oven

Cleaning the device from carbon deposits and grease

Before you clean the electric oven from fat and carbon deposits, you need to decide on the means that will be used for this. Experts recommend giving priority to folk anti-pollution recipes. The substances at hand are absolutely safe for human health, do not damage the respiratory system and do not cause allergies.

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When using household chemicals, harmful substances are impregnated into the material of the oven and subsequently combined with food. Some products release toxins into the atmosphere, so you need to work with them with a respirator and rubber gloves. Next, we will get acquainted with the most popular folk remedies that are used to clean the electric oven from contamination.

Removal of carbon deposits and grease

Lemon acid

Many users do not know how to clean the inside of an electric oven. For this purpose, you can use lemon wedges or citric acid powder. There are several options for using these funds:

  1. Mix water and detergent in a deep bowl, then add citrus cut into pieces or citric acid powder (1 pack). Boil the liquid for 40 minutes, then remove the container from the oven. During the heating process, the water will evaporate and settle on the surface of the household appliance. This substance will destroy stable compounds, all that remains is to remove soot and grease. This can be done with a foam sponge.
  2. The second option involves the treatment of working surfaces with a special solution, which consists of water and lemon juice, the ratio of the components is 1 to 1. This mixture should be absorbed into the material, after half an hour the coating is cleaned with a sponge.

You can remove fat deposits using an acidified solution consisting of water and citric acid powder. The liquid is poured into a flower sprayer and sprayed over the surfaces. After 35-40 minutes, the carbon deposits will begin to lag behind. Contamination is washed off with a sponge soaked in warm water.

Citric acid cleaning


Ammonia-based medical solution works well against the most stubborn dirt. There are several methods of using ammonia:

  1. We apply the solution to the dirty surface and wait 10-12 hours, then clean the electric oven with a foam rubber sponge and detergent.
  2. We heat the device to a temperature of 100 degrees, set the dishes with ammonia on the lower shelf, on the upper container with water. We close the door and leave the equipment for 12 hours. After the specified time, we wash the inner surfaces with a special solution (10 milliliters of detergent and 20 drops of ammonia are diluted in 3 liters of water).

After cleaning the device with a solution, wipe the coating with clean water. A solution with ammonia will remove soot and greasy stains well.


Combinations of citric acid, soda and vinegar

To simplify cleaning the oven, it is necessary to warm up the cabinet to a temperature of 100 degrees. Next, you need to do the following:

  • To prepare a cleaning solution, mix 100 milliliters of vinegar and 15 grams of citric acid;
  •  we apply the substance to the working surfaces except for heating elements.

The composition should act for 20 minutes, after which we rinse the coating and wipe with a dry cloth. After carrying out such procedures, we open the door for 10-15 minutes for airing.

Vinegar and kitchen salt

Few people know how to clean an electric oven with vinegar and salt. This requires:

  • pour 500 milliliters of water into a deep bowl, pour a kilogram of salt and a tablespoon of vinegar, mix the ingredients;
  • set the mixture on the bottom shelf of the oven, turn on the electrical appliance;
  •  the solution is warmed up for 25-30 minutes;
  •  wait until it cools down and wipe the coating with a damp sponge.

This tool allows you to destroy stubborn dirt on the doors, walls and bottom of the appliance, as well as on baking sheets.

Vinegar and kitchen salt

Using vinegar and baking soda

Greasy contamination is destroyed by hydrogen, which is released by the reaction of vinegar with baking soda. Such a composition is effective even in the fight against obsolete deposits. When using these components, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  • we wipe the walls of the device with vinegar;
  •  pour soda on the sponge and re-process. Sprinkle the bottom of the appliance and the door with soda powder.
  • after a few hours, remove loose grease and dirt with a sponge.

After removing all dirt, rinse the inside of the oven with warm water.

Using vinegar and baking soda

Baking powder

Not all users know how to clean the inside of an electric oven. For this, an unusual baking powder can be used. The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • we soak a cloth or sponge, wipe the surfaces;
  • sprinkle the walls and bottom with baking powder;
  •  after a few hours we wipe the brazier with a sponge and rinse with water.

Baking powder knocks dirt into lumps, so cleaning the coating will take minimal time.

Baking powder

Laundry soap

This substance is absolutely safe for human health, it contains no allergens and toxins. Cleaning the oven from dirt is carried out as follows:

  • rub half the bar of soap on a fine grater;
  • add the substance to a container with water, mix thoroughly;
  • install the solution in the oven, set the thermostat to 180 degrees;
  • leave the product for 40 minutes;
  • we wait for the solution to cool;
  • we wash the coating with clean water.

After processing, open the cabinet door for half an hour, this will help get rid of the persistent soap aroma.

Laundry soap


Many housewives are wondering how to clean the inside of an electric oven. You can use baking soda for this. Cleaning the household appliance is as follows:

  • wipe the inside of the device with a soft damp cloth;
  • we distribute the powder over the coating using a kitchen sponge with a nap;
  • leave the composition to soak for 1.5 hours;
  • we wash off the carbon with a rag, wash off the soda with clean water.

After cleaning, the door of the electric oven is left open for half an hour. This time is required for the device to dry completely.



This product absorbs fats well and can be used to clean the frypot of all kinds of dirt. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • evenly distribute crystals on a baking sheet and other surfaces;
  •  warm up the device until the color of the salt changes from white to light brown;
  •  after the stove has cooled down, wipe the coating with water and diluted detergent, then with clean liquid.

To prevent burning, it is necessary to periodically stir the substance on the baking sheet. If the electrical cabinet cannot be cleaned the first time, the procedure is repeated.


Getting rid of unpleasant odors

After cleaning the electric oven from dirt, an unpleasant aroma of detergents hangs in the room. To prevent it from spreading in the room, you must:

  • close the door of the household appliance for 2-3 hours;
  • In the oven, warm up the dishes with water, in which the package of activated carbon tablets (10 pieces) was previously dissolved.

After processing, we apply a solution of citric acid or citrus juice to the coating, rub the walls and the bottom of the device with onions.

Mechanical cleaning

The inside of the oven will be cleaned up with an abrasive kitchen sponge. This item cleans well any dirt, including grease stains and carbon deposits. The sponge is not used for cleaning glass doors. After such exposure, scratches may appear on this material, where dirt will eventually get.

Mechanical cleaning

Hot steam

Using a steam generator is a good way to deal with dirt inside a household appliance. If such a technique is not at hand, an alternative method is used:

  • pour water into a deep roasting pan, add 10 milliliters of detergent to the liquid;
  • we set the temperature in the cabinet to 150-180 degrees, we carry out warming up;
  • we install a container with water in the oven;
  • warm up for 40 minutes;
  • wait until the device cools down;
  • wipe off fat and carbon deposits with a soft cloth or foam sponge.

Do not use hard washcloths during processing, as they can scratch surfaces. To simplify the process of removing carbon deposits and stubborn dirt, carry out such work at least 1 time in 3-4 weeks. If you neglect this advice, the cleaning process can be delayed, this will lead to increased costs of cleaning agents.

Hot steam


Most users buy special cleaning compounds for cleaning household appliances, but such substances can affect human health. When working with such compounds, it is necessary to use protective equipment (respirator and rubber gloves), work in a ventilated area, turn on the hood in the kitchen. All surfaces must be thoroughly washed with clean water, because active chemicals can eat into the structure of the material and combine with food during cooking.

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