Stylish black and white kitchen in modern style in a studio apartment

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We live in a studio apartment in the city of Minsk (the total area of ​​the house is almost 100 m2). Our kitchen is a single space where the living room, hall and cooking area are connected together. The project was created by Art Nouveau designers especially for high ceilings, and the useful space was used not only horizontally, but also vertically.

The kitchen is made in the company "Furniture Neman",
G. Grodno

Kitchen in a studio apartment

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The interior is based on black color. There is no need to expand horizons in a studio apartment. In our case, black skillfully erases boundaries, the room does not seem divided into segments, but on the contrary - it looks harmonious and solid.

Furniture - manufactured by the JLLC "Mebel-Neman" factory. This company has been collaborating with Italian designers for years to create incredible headsets. Our glossy kitchen can be compared to a little black dress from Chanel - it will always be out of fashion, but just as cool and popular.

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But the interior is by no means gloomy. The upper cabinets are shaded white, the walls are decorated with dark gray wallpaper and light gray marble tiles. The floor is made of the same gray tiles. Facades of two types (black at the bottom, white at the top) - deaf and with decorative inserts.

Facades of two types

The choice in favor of blank facades was made primarily due to the fact that black is perceived much better if it is not interfered with by a large number of small household items. And there are usually a lot of them in the kitchen.

Painted lacquered MDF facades are marked with profile number 86 (with a glossy surface). The headset uses a combination of 2 colors (signal white and the same black). Gloss black emphasizes the strict forms of blank cabinets and looks more interesting than the same matte finish. Other objects are reflected in mirrored surfaces and the interior acquires additional depth.

Painted lacquered MDF facades

A tree-like overlay (alder color) was used as a decoration, which runs along the lower cabinets (2 stripes wide) and the upper ones (3 stripes are painted). Just one bright accent - and the furniture becomes extraordinary.

Tree-like overlay

Another unique feature of the profiles is the milled handle. It is cut along the entire length at the very top of the door and there will never be stains on it, since the main contact between the hand and the tree occurs in the depths. In addition to its convenience, the handle is absolutely safe, since it has no protrusions above the facade.

Milled handle

One wall is completely blank, with closed cabinets. There is a refrigerator, microwave, oven and dishwasher. It turned out to be very convenient when all the equipment is located in one part of the kitchen.

Dinner Zone

The table top is white - made of artificial quartz. There is no dirt and moisture on it, no scratches, no seams or visible joints.

In such a large kitchen, it was important to properly fill it with light, since black colors tend to absorb it. Two huge windows with natural light are enough for daytime activities, and in the evening, a source lighting is served by a large chandelier above the bar counter (dining table) and two panels with spotlights on the sides of the cabinets.

Light in the kitchen

The black color made the room spectacular in the first place. In addition, today there is a stereotype that such a cuisine is the lot of non-poor people. And with this, the designers also hit the mark - the interior looks exquisite, expensive and gorgeous!

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