Connecting gas cookers independently

Work should only professionals. The phrase seems pretentious, true 100%. In the village, city, town organized service that provides safe operation. Do not believe me, try to connect electricity alone took from the post. Scary? Gas case seriously. Connecting gas cooker own conduct service organizations with a special license. It is responsible, see, see.

People rarely call help gasman. Some seasoned illegally parallel cylinders vehicles. Give barbarous advice regarding transportation. That's right, not - time will tell, was marked by a fixed number of accidents. Mother-in-law knows how to put a flag in his hands.

The right plate installation

Gas stove goes something like registration. Science periodically, every six months, the staff of the gas service go to check the correct functioning of the equipment. Remember to do? It happens. Careful art upon examination constitute conclusion. If leaks are detected in the duties of masters includes issuing instructions to eliminate deficiencies. Repair employees do not like to cook money to buy a new stove.

Kitchen stove

Technology gas service once the work is extremely scared, owner submits an application in accordance with the law on execution of works on site. What to buy, ask to make comments. After the landlord put in place, appoint the date, the hour may be late, is the specificity of public organizations. Not forbidden to ask the company, always parts factory. Strongly Avoid taking in the market, a local left-hander.

When buying, keep the receipt, hedging against marriage. When you install the gas stove warranty will not purchase, after installation (in meters from the issue date). The organization, the gas service, take your proof of work.

At surgery is a special project. It seems that the master of the hand throw, further tests will be with an eye to the plan. You make your own, "paper" stick. We advise not to act willfully in this case, the connection to the gas stove, the oven does not cost the life of loved ones.

Equipment selection

Smoke break ends with the removal of old equipment. Bother to purchase the necessary components. In high-rise building of the gas supply system is formed by three parts:

  1. Riser. The vertical pipe running upwards directs the floor and ceiling.
  2. Omitting - an offshoot of the riser, directed sideways, downwards.
  3. Crane reminds ball. In the old days for closing the gas petal set. Povernesh 90 degrees open.

Below the crane is either a pipe or flexible hoses, to identify the specific type of installation. Below omitting focus.

Masters recommend changing parallel to the gas stove to put a new crane. Better ball modification. Tube fitted with a long handle, of the type used by bartenders, the dispensed beverage.

Flexible wire to plate

With regards to the liner it is common to use two types, both flexible:

  1. Rubberized black fabric.
  2. Yellow bellows hoses.

Note, in the old days, the gas black hoses are now other colors not available. As for the amateur with tap metallized podvodkami, avoid equipped kitchen.

Newcomers asked why between Bellows metal hose and the base pipe dielectric spacer. The riser will be an electrical ground. Touching podvodke phase forms a good hot gas torch. Do I need a memory in the kitchen fire, decide for yourself.

Part of the craftsmen said that if gas stove has electric ignition, do not isolate anything. Experts assure that get a nice burning torch can be through other equipment. Microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher. Wish and instruction at the same time. Look carefully to the master insulating gasket set.

The selection of geometric shapes, sizes held in place. Gas nozzle plate is 1/2 or 3/8 inch (or more precisely the pipe conduit itself other geometric dimensions). The difference is small, screwed one on another helpless plumber. Counter. You have to seal! If we are itching to do yourself, consider that the gas meter is the most comfortable fit in the future, do not have to buy more parts, complementing acquired.

First of all, buying the counter, study the enclosed installation scheme requirements:

  • not less than 1.6 meters above the floor when installed above the stove;
  • at least 40 cm from the burner installation height above the burner side;
  • not less than 5 cm from the plate in both directions.

Dimensions are not without reason. The original layout is contrary to the figures. Consider a preferred gas circuit connecting plate to vary, crane, eyeliner, future supply counter. Deciding artless problem, owning a piece of paper, they took soundings meter, visit the shop. Take checks.

Wiring gas cookers

Removal and installation

Valve overlap. Then the plate is removed. Soviet eyeliner equipped with a lock nut, unscrew the old equipment can remove. Below crane tube, it was his turn. Work is gas, adjustable, other keys, it would be convenient to operate.

Sometimes, the old paint prevents facilitate removal to dismantle. To replace the gas stove will need a Bulgarian. Simply cut the pipe below the crane to the remaining end of the screw out residue.

Wiring below crane removed - it is the turn prepare a wet cloth. You need to plug the tube to prevent filling gas kitchen. Old crane breaks, within the reach of a new place. Gas began to go into the room - a pipe shuts finger, then wet rag.

Now turn to wind the tape to the threads of the thread, ensuring the seal. Rag pulled out, the new valve is screwed in return. With the ball model can first remove the handle, avoiding interference by setting ahead of time in the closed position. Crane dokruchivaetsya until it stops, check for leaks. Take the soapy water, swab, cover joint. Bubbles is not - it's done.

Further installation is much easier to remember a dielectric spacer bellows hoses. Once the connection is independent of the gas stove to the central riser is finished, it's time to check the joint tightness. Technological steps known (soap will help). Electric stove further connected to the outlet. Not available in the immediate vicinity - it is necessary to perform the installation. Then, an extension cord suitable for the first launch.


Deprived of the right to conduct operations independently. Penalty for connecting a gas stove in a separate order will reward the effort. There are people who continue to carry out work without a license, it's better to know the correct order of processing steps.

For gas connection may take a penalty

Within the city limits of the owner of the new plate is obliged to invite the representative of the gas equipment service register.

holiday option

Clearly, amateur gardeners sure: once used infrared heaters on the blue fuel economy, cause the master, producing the connection a gas stove in the country, it is ridiculous.

Gas equipment installed by professionals. As for the boilers, in addition to the plates. Building codes, regulations impose a number of requirements to the room where the installation will be carried out. As for the size of the windows, ventilation, ceiling height. More details read here:

  • SP 42-101-2003;
  • SNIP 42-01;
  • TSN 41-312-2004;
  • SNIP 31/02/2001;
  • MDS 41.2-2000.

Read carefully, the requirements are ranked according to the power equipment. Basically, the differences are on the border of 60 kW.

Gas stove can be connected to a container finish reading each line carefully. When mounting, careful positioning cylinder not further 2 meters of gas cookers, the container does not exceed the capacity of 50 liters. On the supply of gas needs a project developed by a specialized organization, most experts are engaged in the harmonization of documentation.

Driving unit villa gas cookers, using cylinders. Pressure above city. Supply nozzle with a smaller aperture. Otherwise it will be much smoke, dirty dishes, oven ceiling. In a set of two sets of nozzles. It remains to be reserved face key, select the desired size.

Connecting gas cookers independently

Connecting gas cookers independentlyCookers

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