What firm gas stoves better

Gas stoves are being forced out by electric models today, exceptions are the villages where the central supply of blue fuel passes. A cubic meter of hydrocarbons homeland costs 60 rubles, many products can be prepared. Kashi will multicooker, the gas stove will not remain without work. Discover cylinders of various capacities, filled by special organizations. Summer resident tries to imagine which firm of gas stoves is better, what to say about those who want to equip their own homes with new appliances. Under one roof will have to live.

Belarusian Hephaestus

Belarusian goods are now recognized by many countries of the world. They scold, scold "father", they themselves are thinking what company to choose a gas stove. That buy a juicer, the refrigerator, advertised by a pair of funny alien robots, located at the North Pole. Beginning in 1951, the enterprise fulfills the orders of the Sovnarkom of gasification of the republic. A contract with the French for construction followed, an increase in production capacity. The first decade pleased 100,000 gas stoves, over the next 15 years - 3 million units appeared. Featuring exponential product growth.

Today, the best gas stove company is popular among Russia, Gazprom holds a controlling stake, and the commercials are amazing. The price is remarkable: the Yandex-market again gives a four-stove stove with a gas oven for 5,500 rubles. Automatic control of combustion, electrical ignition are absent, one burner for rapid heating. It is urgent to boil a kettle, warm up an appetizing dish - you are welcome!

Why they mentioned the gas oven. Today, electric is considered the top of the ideal, especially with a grill. Cost models are more expensive. Comparison of gas stoves looks relevant from this angle. Hephaestus 1502 is sold at a price of 15,000 rubles. Electric oven, equipped with a grill, four burners, colorful design. Additional options:

  • electrical ignition;
  • timer;
  • display;
  • tempered glass working surface;
  • convective heating in the oven( the principle of action of aerogrill in person);
  • stylish black color.

However, the gas control feature is not added. The model is good for professional cooking, the cook does not move away from the stove. It is required to constantly leave, be careful not to light more than one burner. Most of the gas stoves Hephaestus are equipped with the option Small flame. In the mode, the pen significantly falls into zero power, does not move further without apparent effort.

Gas control company Hephaestus mechanical. Take the trouble to activate the option before cooking. The handle of the plate is pressed, is transferred to the maximum power. Hold the knob for 5 seconds. The blocking valve is cocked, goes into combat. Once the light goes out, a special sensor( bimetallic plate) pulls the trigger. Gas supply stops. Gas control oven is similar. It is allowed to cock a special button, instead of holding the knob for 5 seconds.

The burner oven grill is located on top, operates on the basis of infrared radiation, the bottom operates by convection. A special metal grill, located under the ceiling, is washed by flames, it becomes red hot, it becomes like the Sun. Infrared rays reach the product, creating a unique golden crust covering grilled chicken in stalls and shops.

In expensive models, the kit contains a grill for dishes of small diameter( important for coffee makers), a drum-type skewer for 6 skewers, a special oven spit rotated by an electric motor. Summing up, gas stoves of the company Hephaestus are popular, we will find models of arbitrary price category. Users appreciate the choice.


Some mistakenly called the trademark Burning. The term is akin to the name of the process of uncontrolled oxidation of materials under the action of high temperature. We guessed it was about burning. In practice, the interpretation of the brand is fundamentally wrong. Gas stoves Combustion not found in nature.

The brand was born in the territory of present Slovenia, destroyed by the Second World War. The government supported scientific progress, development reached the small workshop of the village of Gorenie for mending agricultural equipment. From the town came the name today known to the world.

In 1958, the company began to stamp plates, furnaces, devouring solid fuel. A distinctive feature of Gorene is considered the release of heterogeneous products without clear specialization. Kitchen furniture in the range of the range. Customers wishing to maintain a single style of furnishings are obliged to pay attention to Gorenje gas stoves. The functionality, ergonomics of the headsets have long been appreciated by Europe, Ukraine. As a publicity stunt, a miniature girl has become one pull-out wall shelf. Set passed the test with honor. Gorene sells some plumbing products that come complete with furniture.

Dishwashers of the company are in harmony with the headsets. Hoods Gorenie come complete, of course, you can get separately cooktops, ovens. Deciding to furnish the kitchen again Slovenian craftsmen will provide a wide selection of exquisite.

The most mysterious gas stoves

The Italian company Nardi, founded in 1958, is distinguished by the fact that the official website represents only cooktops, ovens. Built-in appliances create an impression: there is no Nardi gas stove in nature. Submissive servants of the VashTehnik portal found a couple of models made according to the rules of the genre.

The EK 66433 AVX model is equipped with four rings, an electric oven, a grill, and a backlight. There are electrical ignition, off timer. The body of standard sizes is supported by 4 high legs, aimed at the kitchen floor, constantly washed before meals, after. Mechanical control, like most gas stoves - the front panel provides a set of six handles, one separately located on the left.

The oven is built according to convection type, cook whatever you want. The presence of special devices like a kebab maker is silent. Under the oven gas stove Nardi is a drawer. The official website of the company model carefully hides. Cost is ignored. Buy a gas stove Nardi difficult.

Gas stove for picnics

Before that, it was about home cooking. To heat, to prepare food is often required by the inhabitants of Sparta.

Gas Stove Picnic MS - 2000 is designed for use in barbaric conditions. A special durable plastic briefcase that can withstand single blows, containing instructions on the operation of the device, duplicated by the body of the plate and packing tape is attached to the purchase. The inscription on the product is alarming: Use outdoors. ..

The device is equipped with one 2.1 kW burner, running for at least 1.5 hours from a standard collet gas cylinder weighing 220 grams. Own weight of the plate is 1.8 kg, allowing you to capture the product on a hike without any effort( given the convenient handle of the briefcase).The device contains electrical ignition on the piezoelectric element, protection against accidental switching on( gas will not go).Security maintained high.

Pay attention, at the cost of one bottle of 70 rubles you take the stove everywhere, throwing it in the trunk of a car. Options:

  1. mechanical power regulator;
  2. flame protection against the wind, protrusions around the nozzles;
  3. solid grille;
  4. gas cylinder holds a special compartment, there is protection against improper inclusion.

Invaluable quality: in the rain you will not be left without hot food. Picnic with gas stove delightfully take place. Who issued the device, hushed. The gas stove suitcase Picnic MS - 2000 is emblazoned with the Eurogas logo. The production association of 27 countries established in 1990 is not included in the Russian Federation. Eurogas interests in Russia are represented by two companies of the same name from Moscow, Kazan.

Gas stoves Electrolux

Pros recommend gas stoves Electrolux. The manufacturer describes: 20% of faults are solved by reading the instructions, more than half of the failures do not occur if the instructions are read in advance, before the equipment starts operating. They did not answer the question of which company to buy a gas stove, without knowing the trivial facts, it is harmful to conduct a choice. Let's give an example. Before using the grill, you should screen the control panel, otherwise the use of a gas stove will be interspersed with frequent repairs. Pays for the owner of the equipment.

It was necessary recently to read the debate of the members of the forum devoted to cooking stoves, it was said that Hephaestus often had oven glass. Yes, it would be hurt by a hammer, percussion instrument, in itself bursts, destroyed by heat. Pros in passing noticed, and tempered glass break. Applies to aircraft, cars, other applications. The case is due to factory marriage, the readers wondering what to do if a situation happens. Experts have noticed: under the law on the protection of consumer rights, a similar case, when properly recorded, does not lead to loss of funds by the buyer. Restoration work will do the dealer, the manufacturer.

Gas stove Electrolux

Darina, De Luxe, Hans - cheap brand gas stoves. Electrolux category up to 20,000 rubles presented one model. The choice is rich. Much of the company is doing, pursuing the interests of aesthetics, colorful design. Indifferent to most readers. One innovation Electrolux note. Rings with vertical flame professional cooking series. The technical solution saves gas( 20%), being a tangible help to the majority. If two cubes of propane-butane mixture are consumed monthly, the savings for the calendar 30 days will be 30 rubles. The price of a gas stove runs 600 months. Half a century is not a term for a cooker.

Electrolux praise, in the first approximation you can not call cheap goods, consultants are too lazy to explain why the buyer needed the goods. Opinion on reliability taken from the forum. Common gas stoves. Models with a metal grill are cheaper than cast iron, today tempered glass is the peak of fashion. Electrolux will be called the choice of designers, studio apartments, rather than the preference of the average Russian.

Cheap gas stoves

Russians seduce Darin, Mechta, similar brands, Hephaestus is not far in price. Belarusians are traditionally afraid to trust, as domestic brands. It was inspired imperceptibly by Western propaganda, the disruption that reigned after perestroika, by unemployed diploma-redid engineers who were driven out. Sophisticated policies are fruitful. Petersburg has to imitate Americans and Europeans. The quality of the Slavs is maintained by the Old Man. Rumor has it, Belarusians are firmly behind the products. It is difficult to say whether it is a consequence of strict policy, the cost of tough competition, we firmly state:

It is safe to buy a gas stove Hephaestus today, like Zanussi.

The lion's share of the company's shares belongs to Gazprom. Hephaestus is cheaper than Electrolux, more expensive than the brands of cookers listed at the beginning. Forum users say:

  1. Hephaestus Cookers are far from being comfortable with the oven. Allegedly, it burns from below, from above it is poorly baked. Foam at the mouth - the owners say: the culinary functionality functions properly. We believe that the case is limited by the ability to cook the stove. Eyewitnesses claim: in Hephaestus, unlike Ardo, there is a thermometer, a great thing. As a result, we recommend buying an Ardo gas stove, or take the Hephaestus hob. It is recommended to buy a built-in gas oven separately, from another manufacturer.

    Gas Stove Hephaestus

  2. Electric ignition does not always work well for Belarusians. However, experts say: bother to dry the table before cooking. Moisture has a negative effect on electrical ignition. Summer residents unison flooded: at low voltage candles spark will not give. Think about living in a “rural” type town. Power outages, wrong voltage.
  3. Asserts rumor: Hephaestus has gas control problems. Allegedly, the thermocouple quickly ages, the regulator knob has to be held longer, cocking the mechanism. Others say: you just need to regularly clean the gas-control plugs. The opinion is given: it is worth taking a model equipped with a sensor located outside the line of sight. Helps protect thermocouple from runaway food.

Choose opinions. We believe that part of the damage is caused by the inability to use the equipment. Products of Belarusians require strict adherence to instructions. It has long been noticed. Instruments work relatively well. Members of the forum claim: for years the named firms of gas stoves have been operating, no problems arise. We do not recommend taking Hephaestus to single women; we are sure that the male part of the population will find a solution.

Some are alarmed by the fact that the glass of Belarusian plates does not have an airtight gasket. Retained fasteners, the main thing - do not overtighten. We ask in reply: did people try to find glue-sealant for ovens in the store, to replace the glass of the model, where accessories are used?

Gas stove ARDO

It's not an easy thing, for Hephaestus a new glass, if necessary, order vehicles and transport at the factory. Engaged in roasting private masters. Prices provide the Internet, prices can not be called transcendental.

Glass is cut, drilled until hardened.

With regards to Ardo, products did not deserve bad reviews. Dissatisfied with the design, construction, on the work there are no comments. Surely look better Hephaestus, or black PR of other manufacturers. By the way, PR.Topics Hephaestus bright spot show trying a negative opinion about the product to exacerbate. The phenomenon is called unfair competition. How to determine the true quality. This is not possible remotely. Other things being equal, take a product that has collected positive reviews, in the light of unfair competition, will learn the truth by purchasing, testing.

Price Addition Scheme:

  1. First, electrical ignition. Previously, we managed, now the man is an urge to save matches. With a cost of 2600 rubles, the Ardo block timer will make you think twice. Less fuss, ashtray is not needed. Actual for non-smoking homes. Electric ignition meet automatic and manual. Which is better, we find it difficult to say, in the latter case, you can not listen to the clicks of the spark, the button is pressed at the right moment. With automatic ignition, while the regulator is held, cocking the gas control, we will be forced to beat the shot.

    Gas stove: electrical ignition plus gas control

  2. Gas control equipped with counter and transverse plates. Purely passive system that does not require current supply. Formed by an electromagnetic valve, the coil stem is held by the voltage of the heated thermocouple. The sensing element guards the area of ​​the burner, next to it is a spark plug that really resembles a car candle. Distinguish between two parts, guided by the thickness of the wiring. Ignition plugs are powered by a mains voltage cable( more precisely, transformed by a spark-receiving board), the thermocouple is supplied with information by thin veins. To obtain a spark, one conductor is required, a discharge is punched through, arc striking the body of the kitchen gas stove.
  3. Timer is a newfangled popular option. Some plates are turned off by a signal, others will squeak, calling the owner. There are no words to express gratitude to the designers: an overheated pan will not burn, it is pleasant! The cost of the block bites( see above), contact carefully, properly make the grounding of the gas stove, installing equipment.
  4. The grill is a special thing: there are more problems than good. Pleases one thing - the mode is fully automatic. It is necessary to purchase a gas stove equipped with an electric spit. One caveat: the engine power is sometimes not enough to turn the strung piece. We believe fit the engine replacement. You can find it by opening the mixer, food processor, blender, extractor fan. We need a low-speed motor, it is easier to drive to the skewer through a mechanical transmission with pulleys.

They brought options, which are taken into account when choosing a model, showed the harm of excessive enthusiasm for reviews, some of them are fake. Found the money - buy the Electrolux gas stove. Finance sings romances - take care. Any equipment will work when buying, correctly fill out the warranty card. Remember, there are two types of service - shop and manufacturer. Different things, the terms are not the same. With regards to the service workshops, it is good to see such near by. Come turn to buy a gas hose for the stove, listen to the smaller sellers, trying to vtyuhat steel. The eyeliner is made with good insulators, or rubber. A spark hits the body of the kitchen gas stove.

Hotpoint - you know?

Ask what you base your opinion on. Reminds school. The middle peasants, copying the Chinese dummies, sat in silence, the authors plowed, pulling out the losers. It turns out, people now have two classes: influential and non-influential. The first have the right to pull out the ex-honors, they want to feel the mind. Which is not, and will not. I would like to remind you: the developed countries of the world are pulled up by engineers, the bankers appeared evolutionarily later. Gentle hint.

We are going to resolve the issue of what brand to buy a gas stove. Let's go around the world market, take the world of foes, so that readers will lose their last doubts: the ratings of the portal Your Technician are as objective as possible. Let's start the UK market, because I got an informative catalog, evaluating gas stoves with a 10-point scale. You wish, you can dig. In English, the stove will be Gas cooker, table stove - Gas stove. What is deprived of the text of the review. How to buy a camping gas stove, how to buy a double boiler on gas - separate topics. Avoid teaching how to buy bad equipment. Only better!

Very good built-in models Gorene. The village knows how to make kitchen appliances. It is recommended to buy a gas stove. Burning in the first place style. The ridge of the manufacturer is the built-in appliances. ..

Hotpoint gas stove

As one comedian used to say when discussing the African poet Pushkin: do you know him too? The first place in the UK rating is given to two models of the named brand of gas stoves( not Pushkin).Stand, respectively, 344 and 425 pounds. Growing inflation does not allow figures to russify. The ruble is falling, prices are not growing proportionally. Recalculate, the order of the prices of the sale of gas stoves Yandex-Market.35 - 40 thousand rubles. Price bites.

The peculiarity of the first model hurts the eyes: two ovens. Look carefully, the domestic market is devoid of analogues. Can I buy a device on Ozon, put an ordinary Russian? We believe that oven lovers should do better: try technical support Ariston. People sitting on the phones are unlikely to say worthwhile( pros hatch the technical departments).Questions we recommend to ask:

  1. Frequency, amplitude of the supply voltage of the UK.
  2. Specific heat of combustion( calorific value), gas pressure in the UK.
  3. It is possible by the forces of the official service of the firm Ariston to attach a Russian plug, the UK provides something alien to domestic outlets.
  4. Will the service supply suitable jets.

The plan is simple: we order the required model from the foreign department of the company, we adjust it with the official service to Russian conditions. Standards of gas supply international, all chances to turn the operation, showing proper perseverance.

Why bother. Both models HAG60, HUG61 are deprived of complaints from foreign users. We remind you that in the West it is customary to promote network projects, but tracking reviews is stricter than Russian realities. If the gas stove did not cause complaints from the otzovikov, it will practically not cause objections of the domestic user. Achieving the ideal, it is worth overpaying the Internet, to find quality equipment. With regards to domestic resources, moderators angry reviews omit, block, apparently, the unspoken policy.

Technical support specialists of the company try, figuring out the Russian equivalent. It is said: on the Yandex market there are no models with two ovens, it does not mean that there are none in nature. Why England ships. They like to drink tea with baked dishes. Please note: both of these models contain a double oven.

The manufacturer explains: the lower convection oven with a capacity of 65 liters is spacious, prepares pastries, the upper one - smaller( 35 liters) - contains a grill skewer, will allow to brown the chicken at the same time( while preparing the cookie).The description gives the name of the traditional English dishes, the list does not see the point. The surfaces of the ovens are coated with a substance that promotes the catalytic breakdown of fats. After finishing the cooking, it is enough to wipe the compartment with a dry cloth. Product cards ignore the differences between both models of gas stoves, the price difference is decent. We propose to conquer the British site Hotpoint, to find 10 differences with a picky look!

The manufacturer claims: a cheap model will provide catalytic splitting technology with a lower oven( moderator error?), But the main thing is the timer! A cheap model is equipped with an alarm clock, an expensive one controls the mode of a gas stove. Similar models( Ardo) are described by reviews of the VashTehnik portal.

Wide gas stove

Manufacturer adds:

  • gas control of the cooking surface;
  • ignition everywhere( oven, grill) electric.

Excellent samples of kitchen appliances, we honor, owners notes( we hope, opinions are not purchased).Clients trifle dissatisfied with the following:

  1. No grill lights.
  2. No cover cover up the burner after cooking.
  3. No need for convection of the grill.
  4. The ignition button is inconvenient( mechanical ignition, a separate button).
  5. Lower oven rather low.

You see, no flaws have been identified, you can assemble the burner lid with your hands if you want to store the dishes inside while the compartment is empty. Costs. According to the information, it turns out: Hotpoint produces convection ovens with a gas grill, rather atypical we find the solution. The brand of gas stoves has been thoroughly studied, we offer to see the next category of popularity overseas.

Inexpensive cooker VECO

Kitchen gas stoves VEKO

Buy VECO - live easily, something turns on the language( the slogan of juice common in Russia).Among other brands, purely of local origin, this company has become full, gas stoves can be chosen, guided by Yandex-market offers. Let's see the reason for the capture of the inhabitants of foggy Albion by a product. Immediately struck by the lack of special coatings of two ovens. Catalytic splitting of fats is absent. The door is made of tempered glass, easy to clean if necessary. Like the previous case, both bays use forced convection.

It should be noted, in the middle of the four burners we will find accelerated, slow warming up. The other two burners are standard( 2 kW).Despite the low cost( compare 425 pounds of Hotpoint), there is a glass lid of the burners, using the help of an accessory, we will expand the kitchen table, while nothing is being prepared. Built-in programmable timer. It seems to control the work of the colossus, allowing the hostess to unload herself, preparing food, from having to set the kitchen clock. We see the brand of gas stoves, worth the money paid.40,000 rubles for Moscow is inexpensive if the device allows solving global problems.

Burners, ovens equipped with gas control. Heating of the lower compartments convection. At the eyelid the light of the lower oven, the grill spit is absent. We give the product designation: BDVG697WP catalog search.

Buyers describe the disadvantages of the model with a small number of grill settings( one), weak fastenings of the rail of ovens. They're scolding the grill, the ridiculous volume of the ovens, enough negative reviews about this. If Hotpoint is flawless, not everyone likes the eyelid.

Gas stove VEKO

It is clear now, overseas, they choose plates that cook by themselves, the emphasis is on ovens. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand the cover for the burners. Imagine yourself a family: do you often use the oven? Is it permissible to cover the hob? We consider the option of increasing the area of ​​the table unnecessary Russians. The lid will become dusty away from the kitchen. Russian traditions suggest:

  • boiling water in a kettle;
  • boiling potatoes;
  • frying eggs( harmful from the point of view of survivability of salmonellosis);
  • soups, borsch.

Kitchen gas stoves Indesit

Brand attracts, a chance to take a relatively inexpensive model. Than displeased model overseas. The reviews are favorable, there are phrases: the control panel is very hot, if the oven has worked, you have to use tacks. Users claim: the backlight is always on while baking is in progress. The light annoys the cook, demonstrates the slightest contamination of the glass door. A weighty observation is the complexity of the work of both ovens at the same time. Some claim one goes out, you have to follow.

Purely subjective, according to reviews Indesit looks great. Specially started flaws, consider the positive qualities of the goods. Other reviews are more likely to find fault with the object, rather than deliver useful information that can be used, to buy a gas stove on the nose.

Brand - ID60G2.Were too lazy to look for goods on the site, went to the instructions. It became clear: the gas stove is compatible with the electric and gas standards of Russia. Moreover, you can use balloon( G30, pressure 30 mbar), network( G20, pressure 20 mbar) gas. A distinctive feature is the capacity of the grill. If there were complaints to Ardo, then 3.7 kW Indesit will not leave the discontented.

A good product, it’s only difficult to buy handles for a gas stove, accessories. Similarly, according to reviews of foreign sites solve any problems. Buy a narrow gas stove, make an opinion about the manufacturer, check out domestic reviews.

As a result,

When deciding which firm to choose, we will answer - renowned. The eminent manufacturer advertises itself, to the seedy - there is nothing to brag about. The commercial on the Internet is inexpensive, will allow to make a video of the company, producing gas stoves. Gorenye( expensive) is suitable for complex solutions, Russians consider Hephaestus as popular. Gazprom has allocated money for a good movie. Advertising is the engine of commerce, today the mechanism was seen with the reader in action.

Enumerating firms of gas stoves, it is impossible to miss the giants Indesit and Bosch, there are domestic producers from Volgograd, Tchaikovsky, unknown to the public. Lack of information prevents people from recognizing heroes.

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