Connecting infrared heater

In film infrared heaters is not grounded. It is clear how to attach the terminal to the conductor through which current flows. Housing is not in sight. At times the thermostat comes terminal for grounding. But more often there are three pairs of wires: for sensors, power supply, network connection heaters. Connecting an infrared heater is primarily made to a thermostat that can withstand the power of the instrument. How to connect the garlands - a private matter of the owner. Effective simple rule: the same voltage is connected in parallel, in series in common - the sum of the components. Electricians will immediately recognize the subtlety. The power of one set of infrared heater films turn out differently, use discretion.

The electrical connection of the heater

Electrical connection infrared heater

Let's start with a simple Ohm's law. Accustomed to that household heaters provide power, prescribed in the instructions to the film in a different way. Each has a fixed resistance. We do not take into account the matrix structure, if any show up on the market. The current in the circuit depends on the resistance. 230 - rms voltage (equivalent to the direct current produced in the conductor thermal effect). When movement begins, the power is determined by current. For example, the film resistance 28 ohms give 2 kW, but if two such connected in series, the effect is reduced by half.

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The power is calculated by multiplying current by voltage if 230 is taken from the network is stable, the first parameter decreases with an increase of resistance. To measure the use current clamp. You need to make a separate strip with split cores, due to - the total field vanishes cable.

Strange affair. Take two heaters, and get less effect than giving a single device. But the specific power per square meter of the film decreases, therefore, reduces the risk of fire. Described thin point should be clearly understood, leading to the installation of indoor film infrared heaters. Including two identical rolls each other, we reduce the spectral radiation density four times: twice by reducing the current twice by increasing the total area. Similarly, three sheet will decrease parameter already 9 times. Each time a conversion factor for the number of rolls is squared. We are expecting that effect. Then we turn the sheets in parallel, as the spiral of electric fireplaces. In the latter case, the power of any roll check simple and sensible method:

  • Measure the impedance between the input and the output terminal.
  • Divide the square of the current-voltage (in the present case of 200 x 200 = 48400) to the obtained value.

Get real effect when you turn on infrared film heater in the circuit. Possible to use in practice. There are areas of the country, where the voltage is high or low, in addition, garages, cottages and other objects, where the parameters are far from ideal. Pick up a voltmeter to the bustle of the outlet probes, define value, then count on the sheets, how many watts will during installation. If not enough, you will have to buy rolls that had to flush with the calculated values. Ways to take power required by the theory, at least two:

connected heater

  1. A simple solution looks to find a site where programmers and Java PHR posted calculator to calculate the gas boiler output in relation to a particular room. To use, first, look, it is proposed to take stock of whether (say 15%) to the boiler losses. Reject, remove the checkbox is not considered in the calculations. It should enter: space area, thickness and material of walls, floors, ceilings, size and number, type of windows and other quantities, the main of which are the temperature outside and inside. Our infrared heater overlaps the estimated value of the amount of loss through the surface outside of the building.
  2. The second method for determining the power of the infrared heater practical. Often it turns out that there is no way to set parameters in the calculator clearly, due to ignorance. Suitable experimental methods, know-how site. Enough rough, but fine. Kindly wait for cold weather. The temperature is established and is not changed for several hours, until the coming of measurement. For example, at night. In the evening the room is to be equipped to put an oil heater, suppose 2 kW, include at full capacity. Measure the temperature radiators (when suspended), outside temperature and the room. We are leaving. Early in the morning, until the ambient temperature has started to rise, makes measurements in the room. Now we start the calculation.

Calculation of power infrared heater

Schedule power calculation IR heater

Building a schedule like the picture. In the drawing degrees are replaced by the room temperature before measurement. Vertical heat losses are linearly dependent on the difference between outside and inside. We see point at which power central heating radiators balances the losses (measured before the test temperature). After switching on indefinitely heater design comes into balance, then the indoor temperature rise by five degrees. Digits is enough to:

  1. To determine the capacity of batteries.
  2. Find power infrared heater that displays on the mode in certain weather conditions.

Assume the window was 0 ° C, the room temperature was 20 ° C, after warming heater 2 kW oil was 23 ° C, and want to the window at -10 ° C in the room was 20 ° C. Initially compose proportion, where for N taking the nominal battery power (measured at the surface temperature during the experiment, for example, 60 ° C) to a temperature of 20 ° C indoors. Reservation was made because the energy delivered is proportional to the temperature difference of the radiators. So, at the beginning of the battery temperature is 60 ° C and 20 ° C in the room. This denomination. At the end, respectively, 60 ° C and 23 ° C, 37/40 nominal. Total:

(2 + 37 / 40N) - N = 3 ºC;

This is the characteristic equation, which can not be solved, serving for illustrative purposes. We give expression to a form suitable for finding the power of the battery. From the operating point to the intersection with the horizontal axis exactly 20 ° C. Here, the height of the graph is equal to the full capacity of batteries. It turns out:

N = 20/3 x ((2 + 37 / 40N) - N) or 1,5 N = 13, (3) kW.

power calculation formula heater

From the above equation inquisitive student will power batteries. It turns about 8.9 kW. Now we know the angle of inclination of the characteristics, then, say that at a temperature of -10 ° C outside the window will need an infrared capacity heater exactly half that provide the battery (of course, the boiler must maintain a temperature of 60 ° C). Similarly to obtain the result of the room temperature values, a radiator and streets. So is the ability to create flexible subsystem tuning equipment to suit your needs. Working thermostat, which controls one of the following options, instructions on connecting the infrared heater does not provide otherwise. At a temperature of -10 ° C will work rolls of the pair if cooling prizhmut including rest. Such an approach would provide for smoothness output mode, one section is permissible, for example, assign duty.

To this end, the two branches are connected in parallel to one thermostat. Put on the floor sensor, power is supplied, make sure that the device power is sufficient. Duty through the branch include additional thermostat measuring the temperature outside. We set up according to the calculations on the schedule, enjoy life. Smooth regimes favorable to the equipment, therefore, devices last longer, with a gradual warming will not occur the case to spend extra energy. Such a method is used in refrigerators with an inverter-controlled compressor. Quiet, economical and durable. No wonder Samsung provides 10 years warranty on the inverter motor!

Thus, the standard connection via infrared heater thermostat is not the best option. Knowing the laws of physics, knowing how to use formulas, knowing what is and what is done, create your own assembly of standard technical solutions that work in a specific way. Remember to connect an infrared heater to the power determines the power in individual cases that use consistent with the objectives. Do not forget the lack of grounding devices, are inserted into the differential circuit protection device. thermostat connection to the infrared heater does not shield the effects of leakage current.

For example, imagine a case. underfloor bathroom insulation pierced in two places at the threshold, there dripped water. Standing up with both feet at once in both pools will receive an electric shock. Events will happen if delivered correctlya differential protection device.
The class of instruments is based on the principle of the subtraction of the input and output current, unworkable without grounding arrangement of branches. Use only the earthing-pin with characteristic side lobes.

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