Heater on diesel

The heater on diesel fuel, as a rule, is not as small-sized and light as gas, but it is economically more profitable. Gas weightless, tourists put the equipment in a backpack and go along with a heater for business on foot. Hourly pay for pleasure is a little higher. Advantages of a heater on diesel: buy fuel at a gas station( it is forbidden to fill gas into a cylinder), or a car with a diesel engine( SUV) will give a liter or another of flammable liquid. Therefore, mass in the latter case is not the key factor. Diesel oil unlike gas weighs a lot!


Liquid fuel heater is an indispensable tourist friend. There is a similar on the construction site and in aircraft hangars( !), Despite the explosion hazard. It is recognized that the power of the fuel exceeds the electricity in all respects.10, 20 and even 30 kW in a small trolley on wheels. For comparison, a 110 kW electric boiler weighs tons and is mounted in the basement of a building.

Equipment of the company Sologrogas

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The line represents a little over half a dozen models of heaters that use diesel and kerosene as fuel. Suit what is sold at gas stations and hardware stores. Regardless of the design and weight, the consumption of solyrogaz heaters is 0.2 liters per hour. The capacity of the tanks is different, on average, enough for 10 hours of continuous operation. With a capacity of 1.8 - 2.5 kW, the latter looks much more attractive than gas, where for every three hours of work you have to pay 70 rubles. If you count, the savings are up to three times, with frequent visits to the nature quite noticeable.

We remind you that the solar-gas heater is designed for transportation in the trunk of a car. The mass of the smallest unit of the line is 4.3 kg, which, together with the fuel, is already approaching 7 kg. Such a weight in a backpack just does not carry. Adding to the above considerable dimensions of the device, we obtain the specific use. Heaters Solyrogaz equipped with a filling tank, the capacity of which varies by model. The temperature of the fuel inside does not rise above 35 ºС even at maximum burning power. This is enough to avoid an explosion.

Heaters are lit with a match or burning paper. Required:

  • lift the divider with the grid;
  • open fuel regulator;
  • hold a burning match;
  • after ignition put the divider with a grid in place.

The simplicity of the device makes the unit attractive for hiking purposes. The firebox is protected by a sturdy, angular grill, the reflector reflects part of the heat ahead, warm up and burn food above the burner. The bottom of the case at work heats up poorly, however, follow the usual precautions when handling this kind of devices. Let us briefly write out the line of solar-gas heaters.

  • KO - 1,8 Mini gives a maximum power of 1.8 kW to the burner. Fuel consumption does not differ from other models, is 0.2 liters per hour. With a fuel tank capacity of up to 2.5 liters of fuel, there is enough for 18 hours of leisurely work. The weight of the heater on diesel is 4.3 kg. The design feature consists of a firebox open on three sides, and you will warm up well near the device. The flame is surrounded by a ceramic cylinder that protects the fire from the wind and serves as a heat accumulator. Above is a protective grid that radiates in the infrared spectrum. The emphasis is on cooking in a small circle of people. The dimensions of the device are 0.3x0.3x0.3 m.
  • KO - 1.8 Caprice is distinguished by a reflector covering the firebox from three sides. Due to this, most of the heat is directed forward and upward. The rest of the design is similar.
  • software - 2.5 Mini gives power to the burner 2.5 kW, consumption - 0.2 liters per hour. The firebox is open on three sides, surrounded by a steel cylinder. Weight and dimensions of the previous models.
  • software - 2.5 Mini + is distinguished by the surrounding of the hearth, made of steel mesh. Thus, the focus is on infrared heating of the surrounding space. The firebox is open on three sides, the top is preparing food.
  • software - 2.5 Savo differs from the previous model in a steel cylinder around the hearth and surrounding the firebox on three sides with a reflector. The mass of the device is 5.6 kg, with dimensions of 0.37 x 0.42, x0.32 m. In appearance, a wide heater on diesel oil resembles a barbecue, associations with cooking are born.

  • software - 2.5 Savo + is distinguished by the mesh surrounding of the hearth, which indicates intense infrared heating of the surrounding space.
  • software - 2.5 Fireplace is the largest in the line( 6.7 kg), made in the form of a rectangular fireplace. Food is difficult to cook, the device is not intended for this. For the heating problem is ideal.

The manufacturer gives a three year warranty on the equipment. Check prices with dealers. The company issued a certificate for the use of equipment in residential premises. We are somewhat skeptical that the open flame of the hearth is burning inside the euro-renovated room. The ceiling will quickly get smoked, with any degree of purification of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel in addition contains a percentage of sulfur. Recently, Europe has adopted directives to reduce the concentration of a dangerous element that adversely affects health and in every possible way contributes to the destruction of road surface.

Considering this, the use of a heater in a room is considered undesirable. Of course, for the mater, where it is already dirty, the option is suitable, but with a snow-white ceiling of the apartment it is better to choose convectors or electric infrared heaters. Plus, it will be cheaper for the money.

For nature, equipment operating on diesel will be the way. Summer residents, note that on the equipment it is possible to prepare food with relative safety. Do it on the veranda, the food will be delicious. Note the loyal cost of the method and the amazing mobility of the equipment in contrast to the gas stove. The price of devices starts from 2300 rubles, if you find a car with a diesel engine, we recommend heaters Sologaz.


diesel heaters Despite the overseas name, Aeroheat seems to be Russian. Products pass through the technological cycle on the Japanese equipment Amada. In the country of the Rising Sun, the concern is considered a leader in the manufacture of machine tools. For 70 years, Amada has been supplying mankind with various metalworking devices.

For hunters, fishermen and gardeners with a personal car, Aeroheat offers to purchase a 2.6 kW diesel heater. Consumption HS S2600 boxer is 0.25 liters of diesel fuel per hour. This is not too different from the parameters of the equipment Solyrogaz, the weight of the heater is 4.5 kg. Here we get a gain in mass and a loss in the specific price per hour. Available in a range of colors to taste and color.

The heater on the HS S2600 boxer diesel works like Solar Gas: a burning match is brought, fire ignites, and the divider with a grid is lowered into place. The fuel tank is located at the rear. Heating is in the sector of 90 degrees. The fire is surrounded by a metal grid. Heat will be radiated over the working sector along with convection heating directed upwards. On top of the protective grille of the portal is flat, you can cook. The device dimensions are 0.35x0.29x0.27 m with an average retail price of 3,700 rubles.

A disadvantage of heaters Solyrogaz is an inconvenient wire handle, like a bucket. It is easy to burn yourself if you try to transport the device during operation. At the boxer done through the slot on the top of the sides of the case. Other things being equal, transportation will be safer. But you can not grab a single hand, like a bucket, even if there is no fire. It turns out that there are advantages and disadvantages of a heater on the diesel boxer.

The rest of the equipment gives the impression of equal opportunity.

Kerona infrared heater Kerona WKH –2310

Infrared heater WKH - 2310 accommodates a larger kerosene tank at the foot. Top mounted burner with a set of grids. Similar in miniature we will see on sale in the form of nozzles on collet gas cylinders. Meaning: a cylindrical tank of steel stacks is provided inside with a pair of heating elements resembling tea strainers. Difference: at the specified infrared heater the top plane of the cylinder is solid. From above it is possible to try to cook food. The rest of the principle of action, like a typical kerosene. Inside, most likely, the wick, which is set on fire and gives fire.

Consumption is 0.65 liters of fuel per hour at a power of 6.7 kW.This is a real stove, radiating heat evenly to the sides. If it was not possible to make a fire due to rain, Kerona will save the tourists in the tent from the cold.

We do not recommend the use of a heater on diesel for heating a house, or on kerosene. Recall the sooty glass of an old lamp that helped students do their homework, when the lights are off, a warning will immediately become clear. In wooden houses with Russian stoves Kerona looks appropriate, will not cause harm, but in modern apartments there is no place for an open flame. There is a growing trend in the segment of induction and other electric hobs in the total number of products for cooking.

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