Kitchen base cabinet: how to choose, types of cabinets, features

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The kitchen can be considered one of the main areas in the apartment. Housewives spend a huge amount of their time here, so such a room should be functional and comfortable. When creating the interior of a room, you need to pay attention to kitchen floor cabinets. This piece of furniture should fit well into the existing design and be functional. For the kitchen, you need to choose spacious cabinets in which you can place all the dishes and other small items. In the article, we will get acquainted with the varieties and nuances of the selection of such furniture.

Kitchen cabinet

When choosing a base cabinet for the kitchen, you need to familiarize yourself with the various varieties, their functionality, advantages and disadvantages. Similar designs are used to store dishes, they have several departments and drawers. These pieces of furniture differ in design and shape. Let's consider the most popular options.

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Base cabinet for kitchen

Cabinets with drawers

Products with boxes are considered the most convenient to use. They make the kitchen more comfortable and functional. A freestanding floor-standing kitchen cabinet has the following features:

  1. The design provides boxes of different sizes. Some sections are used for storing cutlery (knives, spoons, forks), while others are used for storing dishes, mugs, cups and pans.
  2. Some models include a table top. This element is installed in special grooves.
  3. The use of cabinets with drawers is recommended for small kitchens. They take up little space and are highly functional.
  4. In some models, additional equipment is installed, for example, a tumble dryer for glasses and plates, as well as a compartment for food.

Products with drawers will fit perfectly into any small kitchen style. Corner models will allow you to save usable space in the Khrushchev.

Wardrobe with drawers

Open shelf constructions

Models with open shelves will perfectly fit into the design of any kitchen. Racks are used to store all cutlery, both large (pots and pans) and small (forks, spoons, knives).

The main advantages of this type of furniture are:

  • Functionality. The ability to use products for storing kitchen utensils. Models with countertops can become indispensable when preparing food.
  • The generous interior space allows for a lot of crockery.
  • Original appearance. Modern models are beautiful and stylish, they will successfully complement the existing kitchen interior.
  • Possibility of choosing products of various shapes. Cabinets are radial, angular, trapezoidal. This allows the user to choose the most appropriate option for a particular type of room.

A floor-standing kitchen cabinet with installed shelves can be made of wood yourself. To do this, you need to create a drawing of the product and prepare the necessary tool. You can get a finished product after a few hours of hard work.

Cabinet with open shelves

Combined models

These models are available on the market as floor-standing or wall-mounted. The cabinet is completed with pull-out and open drawers. In the lower part of the furniture, racks are installed, which are covered with doors.

 The main advantages of the combined models are:

  1. Functionality. The products can be used for storing cutlery. Some models are provided with a table top, which allows you to use the cabinet for cooking or as a work table. Drawers store small kitchen utensils, as well as pots and pans.
  2. Possibility of choosing the required variant of combined furniture. For small spaces, a corner base cabinet for the kitchen is best suited.

Combined cabinets in different designs can be found on the construction market. When buying, you need to select products that fit well into the interior.

Combined kitchen cabinet

Sink cabinet

To increase free space in small kitchens, it is recommended to install floor cabinets under the sink. Such models represent a frame with shelves, there is no back wall in such furniture.

The sink cabinet has the following features:

  1. In the interior of the furniture, the corrugation from the sink siphon is connected to the drain.
  2. In the inner part of the cabinet, a filter is connected to purify water from impurities, and a device for grinding waste is also installed.
  3. If there is enough free space in the cabinet, you can install a bin with garbage. The front of the furniture is closed with doors.

A sink cabinet can be considered a necessary piece of furniture for the kitchen. Using this product, you can hide engineering communications that spoil the appearance of the room. In such a cabinet, you can hide a trash can and place unnecessary dishes on the shelves.

When choosing any of the models, pay attention to the overall dimensions of the product, material of manufacture and design. It is best to purchase furniture made from MDF. Such products are well resistant to sudden changes in temperature and high humidity.

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