Modern kitchen with budget furniture and household appliances

We started living together in an unconventional way - with the renovation of the kitchen. This is an important part of our apartment, we wanted it to be comfortable and functional. The project is as simple as possible, we already had an apartment with a ready-made redevelopment and a kitchen of 9.6 square meters.

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The house is old, panel, built in 1977. The room is combined with the living room, it was possible to get into it through the arch. I didn't want to make many changes, especially since the financial issue was quite acute. Therefore, we decided to adapt to what we have. Since the floors are lined with laminate in light colors, they decided to make the whole environment light.

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Kitchen plan

The main conditions for choosing a kitchen set are minimal costs and high speed of furniture manufacturing. Therefore, we settled on a domestic manufacturer. There was still no money for solid wood and other expensive materials, so we chose MDF - the most optimal economy option.

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Kitchen project

Employees of a local enterprise worked on the creation of the project and the manufacture of furniture. The task was not easy, but the company was very pleased with the quick results. The headset was ready in a month and a half, we paid a more than reasonable price for the high quality. The length of the L-shaped headset was 5.7 square meters.

Kitchen view

The color is pleasant, the facades are light, the table top is brown with a marble sheen. The furniture organically hid all the inconvenient parts of the room - the gas meter, pipes and fittings. Light, cozy, spacious kitchen pleases our family. Plenty of storage space, some lockers are still empty.

The technique was chosen according to the principle of the unity of the design of furniture and kitchen appliances. It turned out to be difficult to do, but we did it. And we now have a hob, oven and extractor hood in the same color with the countertops. All gadgets are made by a company from Brest. The choice is really worthwhile, and everything looks very harmonious.

Kitchen fronts

The frieze and tiles are made in Belarus; a familiar master helped with the installation. I did the electrical wiring, distribution and connection of sockets and switches myself. Wallpaper, tiles and apron design, curtains were chosen by the spouse. The porcelain stoneware sink blended very well with the interior; I also installed the sink with a tap.

Kitchen facades

We already had some of the equipment, the dining group and chandeliers, they fit perfectly into the updated kitchen.

Appliances in the kitchen

The kitchen can rightfully be called the heart of our home. Stylish, spacious, aesthetic and very comfortable. My wife loves to cook and the aromas of fresh baked goods often linger here. The costs are relatively small, on average about 100 thousand rubles a headset cost, we spent 30 thousand rubles on equipment and a sink.

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