Kitchen living room 16 sq. M: design, photos, best examples

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The combination of the living room and the kitchen into a single whole allows not only to enlarge the room, but also makes it more functional and beautiful. Here it is important to correctly arrange the interior, choose furniture, wall color, decor elements. In such beautiful rooms, you can not only eat but also relax after a busy day. In the article we will tell you about the design features of a kitchen-living room of 16 square meters, the photo can be seen on the website.

Connecting living room and kitchen

Pros and cons of combining

Before planning the kitchen of the living room of 16 square meters, you need to think over everything carefully and calculate, if necessary, draw up a room plan. At the preparatory stage of work, they determine the location of the heating system and other utilities, make markings for the transfer of the enclosing structures. The load-bearing walls cannot be destroyed, therefore, when redeveloping, the permission of the relevant services will be required. The presence of such a document will avoid possible fines from the supervisory authorities.

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Kitchen living room


The main advantages of combining a kitchen with a living room are:

  • Getting a multifunctional space, which is important for small kitchens with an area of ​​5-6 m2.
  • The kitchen design of the living room of 16 squares looks very beautiful when compared to a small apartment, divided into many small rooms.
  • In such a kitchen, there is enough free space for several people to work at the same time.

The use of such a layout is considered an excellent solution for a young family in which children live with their parents. This design allows you to turn a small studio apartment with a small kitchen into a comfortable and functional living room. Space zoning is carried out using transitions on a multi-level ceiling and different types of flooring, as well as lighting.

Bright kitchen living room


The main disadvantage of the kitchen layout of 16 sq m is the lack of additional premises. If several people live in an apartment, then the combination of rooms violates the individual's right to sleep, read books or other activities. A working TV or noise during cooking interferes with people who want to relax at this moment.

Green kitchen living room

Existing layout options

When creating a kitchen design for a dining room of 16 sq m, you can use many layout options. A properly designed interior allows you to create a single room with different functional areas. The following types of layouts are considered the best ways to divide space:

  • corner;
  • linear;
  • island;
  • C-shaped layout.
  •  peninsular.

Let's get acquainted with each option in more detail.

Living room kitchen layout


In this case, the working area along with the kitchen set is located along one of the walls. Other furniture (armchairs, sofa, table and chairs) are located in the opposite part of the room. This option for creating an interior is considered the most budgetary.

Linear kitchen living room


With a corner layout, the work area, together with the corner set, is located in one of the corners of the room. For the convenience of cooking, the triangle principle is used, when the gas stove, refrigerator and sink are located in close proximity to each other. The remaining three corners of the room, as well as the center of the room, will become the resting place for residents and guests. Armchairs and a seating area are installed here.

Corner kitchen living room


In this version of the layout, the kitchen set is installed along a long wall, other pieces of furniture are placed in the center. A similar kitchen design of 16 square meters with a sofa is ideal for square rooms. In such a room, you can equip a comfortable seating area, because the kitchen furniture will be located along one of the walls and in the center. The main advantage of the option is considered to be functionality and an increase in the amount of free space.

Island kitchen living room


In this case, the kitchen set is placed near the wall, the rest of the furniture is installed in the form of a symbol T. This allows the room to be divided into functional zones. It also uses the triangle principle - refrigerator / stove / sink.

Peninsular kitchen living room

C-shaped scheme

A similar layout is used to smooth corners. Kitchen furniture is arranged along adjacent walls in a semicircle, which improves the functionality of the room and increases free space. Upholstered furniture and armchairs can be installed in the center of the room or in any of the free corners. The photo of the design studio 16 sq. M on our website shows all possible layout options.

C shaped kitchen living room

How to zone a space

There are a huge number of techniques for dividing a room into several functional areas. These include the use of decorative materials for walls of different colors, different lighting in rooms, the installation of partitions or the use of furniture. Let's get acquainted with each option in more detail.

Space zoning


It is important to choose the right color for the walls in the room so that it matches the preferences of all household members. In the kitchen, it is advisable to use a soft palette of shades with a combination of several tones (no more than three). For zoning the space, you can paint the living room and kitchen area in different colors.

Kitchen living room beige


To create a comfortable and functional interior in a studio apartment, you need to think over the location of the lighting fixtures. The kitchen should be well lit, so chandeliers and spotlights are installed here on a multi-level plasterboard ceiling. In the working area, spotlights are mounted on the kitchen set. To create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area, decorative lighting and wall sconces are provided.

Lighting in the kitchen

Using sliding structures

To divide the room into functional zones, textile screens, shelves or movable partitions are often used. The latest designs are made from sheets of drywall, glass or wood. To save free space in the partition, you can make niches for storing books, installing an aquarium or storing dishes, and a TV is also installed here. Such products are able to decorate any interior, they combine functionality, convenience and practicality.

Sliding doors between the kitchen and living room prevent noise from entering the lounge. This design will also prevent odors from entering.

Sliding doors in the kitchen


The most successful option to divide the space is the bar counter. This piece of furniture can be used as a work surface for cooking or as a table for light snacks. Some bar counter models are equipped with round shelves for storing fruit and sweets. Wine glasses are often installed on such racks. The only drawback of the considered design is the height (in most options, 110 centimeters). Therefore, these tables are not suitable for small children or the elderly.

You can divide the room into functional zones using a sofa, which will allow guests to stay overnight, as well as add storage space for small kitchen utensils. When buying a sofa, pay attention to the upholstery. The coating material must be durable, well cleaned of dirt. Choose any design of a studio kitchen of 16 square meters, photos of the most popular options are presented below.

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