Bright modern kitchen combined with a balcony

Minimalist kitchens fit well with modern homes. Often, unfortunately, the premises cannot boast of a large area, therefore many people prefer laconic harmony, restraint and functionality.

Made in the company  MebelLuna,
G. Moscow

Minimalistic kitchen

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Our kitchen is free of useless items, knickknacks and pretentious décor. The strict geometry of forms, clear proportions, the absence of bright flashy colors - all this is aimed at making it convenient for a person to work and enjoy food in the kitchen.

Kitchen combined with a balcony

Dull beige tones helped to visually enlarge the space. The kitchen is U-shaped (1570 * 1775 * 1100 cm), after redevelopment, a balcony with a part of the window opening was used. This gives us a longer worktop and extra space in the kitchen.

Bright plastic table top

The body is made of laminated chipboard, matt Titanium color. Facades made of MDF, Santiago matt color, light top, darker bottom. Beige coffee shades are calm and cozy, they brought tenderness, warmth and soft notes to the minimalistic interior.

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BOYARD fittings

The area of ​​the room including the balcony is 14 m 2. The room has several protrusions in the walls, and all of them have been beaten for a more functional placement of furniture. So, for example, the closet near the hood is narrower than all the others, but the integral line of the upper row is not broken. The pipes and the heating boiler are covered with a pencil case.

Minimalistic kitchen

Table top 26mm thick, color Beads light (matte) with small dark-grained splashes, made of CPL plastic. Its tone is close to that of the upper facades and the wall panel.

Kitchen combined with a balcony

Part of the tabletop is installed on the former window opening on the balcony and now it is convenient to work here from both sides. The cabinet on the countertop can also be opened both from the balcony and from the kitchen.

Bright plastic table top

BOYARD fittings, hinges and guides with door closers are installed inside the cabinets. The hinges are capable of withstanding the heaviest loads, and the guides operate smoothly and quietly.

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