How to make a candlestick with your own hands: 70 photos, 7 ideas and master classes

  • Idea 1. Candlestick made of wooden spili
  • Idea 2. Candlestick made of wood block
  • Idea 3. Candlestick from a bottle
  • Idea 4. Candlestick made of glass or tin cans
  • Idea 5. Candlestick made of gypsum or concrete
  • The idea 6. Candlestick-lantern from polymer clay
  • Idea 7. Candlestick made of shells

Do you want to decorate a house for a holiday or just create an atmosphere of comfort in it? Then simply decorate the dining table, shelves and console with candles. And in order to save on buying a lot of candlesticks, we recommend making them yourself. In this material you will get 7 ideas for making candlesticks from readily available, improvised and even junk materials in just one evening.

Idea 1. Candlestick made of wooden spili

Wood spire is an almost ready-made candlestick, beautiful, eco-friendly and versatile. It will be appropriate in serving the table or decorating the interior all year round, including in the New Year holidays.


How to do it:Spilas can be made with their own hands, but it's faster and easier to buy ready-made ones that are sold in many online stores and shops for creativity. "Finished" saws are good in that they do not have splits and cracks, they are properly dried and can already be polished. You can pick up spiers of different diameters, heights, different types of wood and make up a whole set of candlesticks. To make a cell for a candle in a cut, you can use a drill with a forstner drill (about 150 rubles) or another drill that can make a dull round hole of the diameter you need (eg, it can be a "ballerina a crown on a tree, a spiral or a drill bit and so forth).

Idea 2. Candlestick made of wood block

And here's another idea of ​​making a candlestick made of wood with your own hands, true, this time from a bar. However, you can replace the bar with a dried log or a board of the appropriate size.


How to do it:To make a large wooden candlestick with your own hands you will need:

  • Dry planed or non-planed wooden block (better wider, so that the candlestick is stable). In this master class a bar 100 × 100 mm was used.
  • A drill and a Forstner drill of suitable diameter (for your candles) or any other drill that can cut out a dull round hole of a shallow depth, -1 cm or more. A drill with a diameter of 50 mm was used here.
  • Corner.
  • Roulette.
  • Pencil.
  • A hammer.
  • Stain the desired color, rag or brush.
  • Latex gloves.

Step 1.The first thing you need to cut off a piece of the right length with a saw or a jigsaw. In this project, the candlestick was made to decorate a large table, so it has a length of 90 cm. Think about how many candles will hold your candlestick, and what interval will be between them. Then mark the cut line, cut off the block and lightly sand it with sandpaper.

Step 2.Next, you need to draw a markup on the bar to place the candles. To do this, first determine the length of the indentation from the edges of the candlestick (in this MK are indents of 7 cm), then simply place the candles on the bar at an equal interval, circle them and mark the point with the center of each circle.

Marking on the bar

Step 3.Cut out deaf round holes with a drill and a Forstner drill. Do not worry if the edges of the cells turn out to be rough, for our rustic candlestick it's only a plus.


Step 4.Give the tree an aged and careless appearance, knocking on the ends of the candlestick with a hammer. You can make dents only in a few places or on all visible sides of the bar.

Step 5.Now you need to give the tree a color, while retaining the visibility of its picture and beautiful texture. To do this, simply rub the stain with a soft cloth into the surface of the product in one layer, and then allow it to dry.

That's what you should get.


Idea 3. Candlestick from a bottle

From glass bottles are obtained not only elegant or vintage candlesticks, but also caps. Here are a few ideas that you might like and that are very easy to implement.


Such candlesticks, made by own hands from the circumcised bottles, can be beautifully packaged and presented to relatives

How to do it:There is nothing easier than to make a candlestick from a bottle with your own hands as in the photo above, because for this you need only to cut it and fill it with wax with a wick or simply put a small candle. You can trim a glass bottle in two ways.

  • 1 way:Blot the thick cotton thread in alcohol (eg, in the nail polish remover), then wrap the bottle around it. With care, set fire to the thread and immediately start rotating the bottle around its axis so that the fire spreads along the entire length of the thread. Now immerse the bottle in boiling water for 3 minutes, and then immediately transfer it into a container of cold water. Because of the sharp temperature drop, the glass will split up where the burning thread was tied. However, if the glass is too thick, for example, like a bottle of champagne, then the procedure will have to be repeated 2-3 times.
  • 2 way:If you have a glass cutter or a glass drill, then you can use them. Wrap the bottle with a hair band, and then draw a line through its contour with a glass cutter. Burn the incision line, immerse the bottle in boiling water for 3 minutes, and then quickly transfer it into cold water.

When the bottle is cracked, treat the sharp edge with sandpaper first large and then fine grain.

Now that the candlestick is almost ready, you can insert a wick into it, fixing it in the vertical position (eg, Chinese chopsticks as shown in the photo) and finally, fill it with pre-melted paraffin.

  • In this project, traditional cotton and wooden wicks
  • In this project, traditional cotton and wooden wicks

Further you can decorate the candlesticks according to your taste, for example, paint them, wrap ribbons, lace or jute, glue sequins, rhinestones, small coniferous twigs, etc.

See also other handmade bottles.


Idea 4. Candlestick made of glass or tin cans

Banks - this is another handy material from which you can quickly and easily make a candlestick. In this collection of photos you can get ideas for decorating Christmas candlesticks.


In this video you can see the master class how to make a New Year candlestick with your own hands from a glass jar.

And here is an example of candlesticks that you can make with your own hands from a tin can.


A detailed master-class on making a candlestick from a tin can you can see in the next video.


See also other crafts made of tins and cans.

Idea 5. Candlestick made of gypsum or concrete

Poured into any capacity of concrete or gypsum, drying out, takes the form of capacity. Thus, in order to make a candlestick by your own hands, you will only need to find a suitable disposable container, for example, a plastic bottle or a yoghurt package.

These cute candlesticks were filled with concrete into yoghurt cups

Candlestick made of concrete made with the help of a plastic bottle

This candlestick was made of gypsum in the form of a balloon

Gypsum candlesticks are made with disposable cups


The principle of working with assembly mixtures can be learned from the following master classes.

The idea 6. Candlestick-lantern from polymer clay

Polymer clay (plastic) is great for making curly or openwork candlesticks, in which the light from the candle adorns the walls with bizarre patterns or plots. If you need to make a thematic candlestick, say, for Halloween or New Year or you just have an original idea, then we recommend experimenting with this material. Further we present a selection of photo-ideas of lanterns and candlesticks from polymer clay.



How to do it:Whatever shape you want to give to your candlestick, the principle of working with polymer clay remains common. First you need to draw and cut out a pattern of the desired shape from paper. Then roll a piece of clay like a dough into a small layer a couple of millimeters thick, put your template on it and cut a piece with a knife along the contour. In the same way you need to cut out all the details of the product. Then you can start cutting out patterns and drawings with a knife, metal molds for baking or figured pasta. After this, you need to give the workpieces the desired shape, connect what can be joined, and allow the plastic to dry (in the oven or in the air, depending on the type of plastic).


When the parts dry, they can be joined with PVA glue.


To mask the seams and additionally fasten the structure to desirable self-hardening paste for modeling. In the end, the resulting "patch" (it will dry very quickly) must be ground with sandpaper first large grain.


To give a special smoothness to your candlestick, treat all of its surfaces with fine grained sandpaper.

See also: Flowers from paper with their own hands - 4 master classes for beginners.

Idea 7. Candlestick made of shells

Beautiful candlesticks can be made from sea or river cockleshells.


How to do it:

To make seashells candlesticks, they need to be filled with melted wax and complemented with a wick. Both wax and wick you can take from the usual small round candle. Read more about how to make a candlestick from the shell with your own hands in this article.

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