The best infrared heaters for summer cottages: types, rating, TOP 10, pros and cons, how to choose

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Until recently, there were only 2 types of autonomous heaters: convection and oil. The principle of their operation is the same: the air in the room is heated.

Relatively recently, other types of systems have appeared on sale. The best infrared heaters for summer cottages, after turning on, warm up objects that are in their area of ​​\u200b\u200baction. They form heat, which in its physical properties is similar to the heat radiated by the Sun.

There are several groups of infrared devices. Each has its own technical features.

The content of the article:

  • The best infrared heaters for summer cottages
  • Types of infrared heaters
    • Classification of infrared heaters according to the length of the emitted waves
  • Pros and cons of infrared heaters
    • Top 10 infrared heaters
    • Master TS-3A
    • Ballu BIH-LM-3.0
    • Hyundai H-HC4-25-UI710
    • Timberk TCH Q1 800
    • Ballu BHH/M-09N
    • Wall-mounted ceramic heater for giving Nikapanels 200
    • Electrolux EIH/AG2-2000E
    • STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChq/mBq)
    • Resanta IKO-3000T
    • Velvet season Bridge NEBN-0.7

The best infrared heaters for summer cottages

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The described devices, after being connected to the network, begin to generate waves in the infrared spectrum. The human eye does not see them, but the body feels them. A pleasant warmth spreads over him. It spreads evenly, so a comfortable microclimate is gradually formed around.

Almost all infrared heaters for summer cottages have approximately the same device: a heating element is placed inside the metal case. After switching on, it heats up the plate, it emits infrared radiation directed in one direction. The principle of operation is similar to the process of the influence of the Sun on the Earth's atmosphere: it is not the air around that heats up, but the objects themselves located on the surface of the crust.

An overview of the best infrared heaters for summer cottages will help you see a complete list of all the varieties that exist today. The list includes devices with different technical characteristics, with a different set of additional functions. To have a complete picture of them, it is important to study in detail all the features and understand how the presented models differ.

Types of infrared heaters

Devices are represented by a wide product group. There are industrial units. But we are interested in heaters for summer cottages. All of them can be divided into 3 types:

  • electrical;
  • gas;
  • diesel.

The first are best suited for a summer residence in a village without gas. Unlike other types, electric models are compact in size. They have a large resource of heat generation. Their management is simple.

In order for the infrared heater to be liked and not disappointed after the purchase, you need to choose the right type correctly.

Electric models use different heating elements. Some have a ceramic panel as the main technical unit, to which a resistive cable is connected. Outwardly, such a device looks like a hinged flat art object that fits into any modern interior. The thermostat is moved outside the box, so temperature control becomes available.

Carbon models are equipped with a quartz tube, hermetically sealed on both sides. A carbon nanofiber is placed inside. When heated, it radiates heat, which is suitable for some therapeutic procedures. This explains the popularity of devices in the configuration of medical institutions.

This model is also well suited for giving: it has a compact size, electricity is consumed sparingly, and the air in the room does not dry out. The price is slightly higher, but those who have had experience with this type of device say that the costs are justified.

Film heaters consist of plates, in the structure of which a resistive cable is integrated. After connecting to the network, it heats the top layer of the web, presented in the form of a metal film.

An infrared heater is produced in the form of rolls. They usually lay on the floor in the country, but recently designers have been trying to mount films on the ceiling and on the wall, masking them with colorful panels.

Gas infrared heaters operate on the same principle as electric ones. There is only one difference - not current, but gas is used as a heating source. The thermal power of such models is higher. The dimensions are more impressive. Therefore, they are not suitable for use inside small cottages. But for heating open spaces - that's it.

It's nice to sit in the air on a cold day, cook, relax, read - do all this next to a gas-powered infrared heating device.

Models in the form of umbrellas are very popular in summer cottages today. They can be placed in the garden, on open verandas, in gazebos - everywhere. The fuel source is a compact gas cylinder.

There are diesel, kerosene infrared heaters on sale. Their power is the same as that of gas, but the dimensions are more compact. They are easier to carry. Mobility is the main advantage. It defines the scope of application in the country.

Gas infrared heaters

Classification of infrared heaters according to the length of the emitted waves

There are key indicators that you need to pay attention to when buying infrared heaters. This is the length of the emitted wave, the power of its radiation. Experts, given this indicator, divide all models into 3 types:

  1. Models with short infrared waves. It is not difficult to distinguish such heaters: when turned on, the human eye sees radiation, since it is in a short spectrum (0.74-2.5 microns). The maximum degree of heating is 900 degrees. Models with short infrared waves are not suitable for giving. They are energy-consuming, quickly burn oxygen. Often such infrared installations are used for heating industrial facilities.
  2. Models with waves of medium length (up to 50 microns) are suitable for giving. Their emitter at maximum heating reaches a temperature of 600 degrees. The human eye will not see the glow, but will distinguish a faint blue haze that occurs after the device is started.
  3. Heaters with long waves - household models, suitable for summer cottages. They have a wavelength of 50 to 1000 microns. The human eye does not see them. The heating panel heats up to 300 degrees. You can’t warm up a large room with such a device, but they are suitable for a small country house. You need to look for them in stores.

Pros and cons of infrared heaters

Many people treat novelties of household appliances with caution. Everything that is connected with the heating of a country house and a summer residence is especially alarming. This happens for several reasons. Often the second home is built from flammable materials. Human presence in it is seasonal. In the absence it is difficult to control technical processes.

Studying the advantages and disadvantages will help you make the choice of buying an infrared heater. Or, conversely, abandon this idea.

The advantages of choosing include:

  1. heating method. Convection and oil heaters heat the air and provoke the movement of air masses inside the room. Hot air rises, cold air descends. Whirlwinds pick up dust, it is constantly hovering. It provokes seizures in people with a history of allergic status. With infrared heating, objects are heated, and the air remains still.
  2. Infrared heaters begin to generate heat immediately after switching on. It takes less time to warm up the room. This is a decisive factor for those who like to be in the country during the cold season raids. The efficiency index here is higher than that of converter and oil models.
  3. The buyer saves up to 80% on seasonal heating costs.
  4. You can easily integrate an infrared heater into the water heating system of the cottage. The calculation of power is made not by the power of the device, but by the quadrature of the room. As a backup source, this option helps to regulate the microclimate in the house and create optimal conditions for living in cold weather.
  5. Infrared systems are easy to install. Everyone can independently choose the direction of radiation of the rays, calculate the heating power, without contacting the master.
  6. Free waves do not emit harmful substances into the air. They do not dry the air, which is important for human health.
  7. There are systems that can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling under the stretch film, on the floor under the finish coat. If you connect them to the “smart home” remote control, the automation itself will control the ongoing processes. It's convenient and economical.
Infrared heaters

You can list the advantages of infrared heaters for a long time. The main thing is to study the disadvantages in detail, to understand why such heaters for summer cottages can be dangerous or inconvenient to use.

Let's outline the main disadvantages:

  1. Inexpensive models with a simplified technical filling, as practice has shown, if handled incorrectly, can form a powerful directional beam that can create a "grill" effect. It is inconvenient to use such devices. To appreciate all the advantages of infrared heaters, you need to spend money and choose an expensive model. High cost is the main disadvantage of choosing a heater of the described type.
  2. Noise produced by all types of infrared systems.
  3. The power of the device directly depends on its size. The more powerful the model, the larger the dimensions it has. Now, some manufacturers, trying to eliminate this problem, are trying to hide the heating element under the panel and decorate it to match the interior.

The infrared heating system requires constant monitoring and careful handling. And all because the inverted infrared heater focuses the flow of thermal energy into one beam. And these are the prerequisites for the occurrence of an open fire in the dacha.

Models of the new generation are equipped with high-quality protection against such situations. But they are more expensive - you have to pay for security.

Top 10 infrared heaters

As soon as the off-season comes, the interest of buyers in all types of heating systems for summer cottages is growing. An overview of the best infrared models will help you navigate the proposed range and choose the best option for yourself.

Master TS-3A

The production base of this Italian brand is based in Taiwan. This does not prevent the production of high-quality equipment. The device itself is an infrared heater available in terms of price.

Master TS-3 A has compact dimensions. It weighs 8 kilograms, but at the same time it has a high heating power. Suitable for creating a comfortable microclimate in cottages, in medium-sized rooms.

It does not need to be fixed to the wall, to the ceiling. There are two comfortable legs that securely fix the position of the device on the floor. Once turned on, the Master TS-3 A creates a wave energy that quickly heats up everything in the room.

Infrared radiation is harmless to humans. This has been proved by numerous application experiences and safety certificates obtained after the summation of the results.

The body is made of thin metal, inside the lamp. After switching on, they give out a soft yellow light that does not irritate the human eye. They have a great workforce. The operation of the heating element does not contribute to the appearance of harmful substances in the air.

Purchasing a Master TS-3 A has the following benefits:

  • efficient operation with economical energy consumption;
  • high efficiency;
  • the ability to quickly dial the desired temperature and maintain a comfortable microclimate indoors for a long time;
  • does not dry the air;
  • convenient management;
  • several heating modes;
  • the ability to control the temperature in the room;
  • the device is mobile;
  • the design is ergonomic;
  • there are no products of combustion, so there is no smoke and unpleasant odors.

Among the disadvantages is the high price. On average, it is 26,000 rubles.

Master TS-3A

Ballu BIH-LM-3.0

In the top of the best is another lamp electric model. It is designed for local heating of the cottage. It will be useful where there are high ceilings and alternative systems are ineffective.

Lamp Ballu BIH-LM-3.0 mobile. It is not difficult to rearrange it from place to place, move it from room to room and even use it on the street. The presence of a wheeled chassis ensures easy movement. The power of the infrared device (3 kW) is enough to create a beam of heat and keep it even in cold weather with strong winds, with negative temperatures.

There are 3 operating modes. The body of the device made of thin steel is fixed on a support made of metal pipes. It is installed on it with a certain slope. The position of the lamp heater can be changed, thereby choosing the desired focus point for infrared radiation.

Inside the box are quartz lamps. On the front side, they are protected by a chrome-plated grille.

Ballu BIH-LM-3.0 is suitable for a large dacha. It can be used in residential areas. But summer residents willingly buy this model for heating garages, utility workshops, open gazebos, verandas, tents, tents. Heating occurs quickly, the heat is felt evenly, so it will be comfortable even in the coldest weather.

Among the advantages of choosing:

  1. The model is a new class of tube infrared heaters.
  2. There is additional convective heating.
  3. Manufacturer's warranty - 2 years.
  4. In the event of a rollover, an emergency shutdown is triggered.

There are also disadvantages. Working at maximum power is dangerous, you need to use it with caution. Before turning them on, you will have to check the condition of the wiring in the country.

If it is old, its parameters may not match the requirements for the operation of an infrared device. He also does not have a thermostat, you will have to manually adjust the operation of the heater.

Ballu BIH-LM-3.0

Hyundai H-HC4-25-UI710

The model from the Chinese manufacturer has a compact size. The body is made of thin-walled steel. The heater is mounted directly on the wall inside the cottage.

The kit includes all necessary fasteners. If you have primary building skills, you can easily install the device yourself and connect it to a home outlet.

The body color is white, black inserts look great against its background. This combination is a classic that can fit into any modern design style.

Heater power 2500 W. It is enough for high-quality heating of a room in a country house of 30 square meters. Suspended from the ceiling, the heater takes up practically no usable area.

Other benefits include:

  • the ability to adjust the angle of inclination;
  • high-quality durable case;
  • fastening variability;
  • reasonable price - 6071 rubles.

Among the shortcomings - there is no way to change the incandescent lamp after it burns out. Customer reviews also speak of the lack of protection against moisture.

Hyundai H-HC4-25-UI710

Timberk TCH Q1 800

I would like to buy a compact, neat model for giving - you should pay attention to this infrared floor heater. It has a small size. Weighs 0.75 kilograms.

There are 2 heating modes. One is rated at 400 watts, the second at 800 watts. For an independent source of heating, this is not enough, but for an auxiliary source - what you need. Complete with a central heating system or a water-heated floor in the country house, it will be able to maintain a comfortable microclimate even in the coldest weather.

There is a recessed handle on the back of the upper crossbar of the case. It allows you to conveniently take the device in one hand and carry it from place to place.

The manufacturer has achieved maximum efficiency - 3%. Management is as simple as possible. It is done by pressing 2 buttons. The product comes with a one year warranty.

Other benefits include:

  • instant entry into the desired heating mode;
  • when tipping over, a sensor is activated that turns off the device;
  • price from 1000 rubles.

The downside is little potential. The device is able to heat a room up to 15 square meters in size.

Timberk TCH Q1 800

Ballu BHH/M-09N

It is no coincidence that this model got into the top of the best. At low power (900 W), the efficiency is 95%. The control unit consists of 2 buttons. One allows you to turn on the heater at full power, the other - half.

Working temperature is dialed instantly. Heat begins to form immediately. There is a system of protection against overheating, the device turns off automatically when it rolls over.

Specifications define the scope of the device. It is suitable for heating small rooms in the country, up to 15 square meters.

In the country, it can be used as a backup source of heating and additional in houses with water or wood heating.

The design of the device is simple - the metal case is covered with white enamel. Inside are two quartz tubes that emit infrared waves of warm yellow light.

Among the advantages:

  • compact dimensions;
  • high mobility;
  • good protection;
  • low power consumption;
  • affordable price (900 rubles).

Disadvantages are identified after analyzing customer reviews. They indicate a bright light that is clearly visible at night, the noise that occurs after turning on the device. The rest of the heater performs well.

Ballu BHHM-09N

Wall-mounted ceramic heater for giving Nikapanels 200

The review of the best infrared heaters would not be complete if this model did not appear in it. It belongs to the category of energy saving. Helps to save energy by 2 times. 50 watts are spent on heating one square meter of area.

The body of the heater consists of 2 panels: the rear is metal, the front is made of porcelain stoneware. There are 2 heating elements between them. In the process of their work, objects around are heated, including the outer stone. Then, after turning off, it gives off heat for a long time to the surrounding air in the country.

Design features allow you to quickly reach the desired temperature, evenly distribute it around the perimeter of the room in the country, and then maintain the achieved comfortable microclimate.

Nikapanels 200 is easy to use. The device is mounted on the wall, usually under the windows in the country. Plugs into a home outlet. The maximum temperature is reached after 5 minutes. It can be adjusted later using a thermostat.

In one room it is allowed to mount several panels at once. If 2-3 devices are combined and one thermostat is connected to the system, it will be possible to create an autonomous full-fledged source of heat in the country. This is convenient where there is no way to use traditional heating systems.

The device is made in Russia. It is certified in the Customs Union. The product is accompanied by a GOST certificate of conformity. It confirms the safety of using an infrared heater.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty.

Among the advantages of choosing:

  • modern appearance;
  • the possibility of execution in different colors;
  • original design;
  • maximum efficiency and economy.

Among the disadvantages is the high price. Purchase wall ceramic heater will cost 3500 rubles. It is difficult to determine the required number of panels yourself to create an independent cottage heating system. You have to take into account the power of the devices, the type of room, its area, the number of windows in the country, the quality of insulation.

Wall-mounted ceramic heater for giving Nikapanels 200

Electrolux EIH/AG2-2000E

In place 7 is a model that can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. She has 2 modes of heating the working surface. The built-in timer helps you set and set the desired temperature, creating a comfortable climate for yourself in the country.

The model is equipped with an electronic control unit. Wheels are mounted on the bottom edge of the panel. They make it easier to move the device.

There are additional features. Among them: parental control, restart, antifreeze, automatic shutdown in case of overheating. The power of the device is 2000 watts. It is enough to heat a cottage area up to 25 square meters.

Design features and technical stuffing provide a number of competitive advantages:

  • thoughtful security;
  • quick set temperature;
  • energy consumption is economical;
  • convenient settings;
  • auto shut off 24 hours.

Buyers encountered some problems during operation. When the infrared device turns on and off, it creates loud clicks that disturb sleep at night. If the Electrolux EIH/AG2-2000E has been mounted on an uneven wall, strong vibrations will occur. Lamps create bright light. It irritates the eyes of a person in the dark.

Another disadvantage is the high price. On average, it is 9500 rubles.

Electrolux EIHAG2-2000E

STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChq/mBq)

From a number of the best infrared heaters, this model for a summer residence stands out with its modern design. The device is sold in 2 colors: white and black. The rectangular metal panel has soft wheels on the sides, allowing you to silently move the device from room to room with one hand.

It can be placed on the floor anywhere, there are fasteners that allow you to hang the box on the wall. In black, the infrared heater looks like a flat-panel TV.

The control panel is located at the end of one of the faces. After switching on STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChk/mBq) quickly gains the set temperature. It heats the room, while it does not eliminate moisture, does not make noise, everything releases harmful chemical elements into the air. Its radiation is safe for humans. There are quality certificates.

Panel power - 700 watts. It is enough to heat a room in a country house with an area of ​​14 square meters. The control of STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChk / mBq) is mechanical. The case has a waterproof coating. This device favorably stands out from the described models. But there are other advantages too:

  • brutal appearance;
  • good efficiency;
  • uniform heating of the room;
  • reasonable price (7,000 thousand).

It will not be possible to pick up an infrared heater and move it into the room - it weighs a lot. This is its main disadvantage. The surface gets very hot, you can burn yourself on it. This is dangerous if there are children or animals in the country.

There is no protection against severe overheating, you have to constantly monitor the operation of the device. These shortcomings did not allow STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChk / mBq) to rise to

STN NEB-M-NSt 0.7 (mChkmBq) ranking higher.

Resanta IKO-3000T

The device is the best infrared heater with a ceiling mounting method. Its installation allows you to quickly achieve the desired effect. There is a rapid heating of objects, the room becomes as comfortable as with underfloor heating.

Resanta IKO-3000T has a flat, elongated metal box. Tubular electric heaters emitting infrared waves are installed inside it. They do not heat the air, but the objects in the room.

Each object has its own degree of heating - it all depends on the shape, material, and the angle of infrared waves. They heat both the walls and the floor in the country house, and they already give off heat into the air. The heat is concentrated at the lower level, and at the level of the head the temperature is 2-3 degrees lower.

The power of the device is 3 kW. This is enough to heat a room up to 30 square meters.

Purchasing Resant ICO-3000T has a number of additional benefits:

  • the device helps to create a comfortable temperature in the country and at the same time save electricity;
  • in the process of application, natural air convection is formed - it does not raise dust into the air, which makes life easier for people with a history of chronic pulmonary diseases;
  • moisture does not evaporate, the air does not dry out, so there is no “scorched air” effect;
  • there is protection against moisture ingress;
  • the degree of protection against overheating is thought out;
  • control limit (on/off button).

Among the shortcomings - the price of 4100 rubles and the inability to adjust the heating power.

Resanta IKO-3000T

Velvet season Bridge NEBN-0.7

Closes the top of the best film infrared heater for dachas. This model is mounted on the wall in expanded form and is connected to a conventional outlet. After a few minutes, the surface of the panel heats up to 65 degrees.

The design is thought out in such a way that the finishing material of the walls does not suffer in any way, while the room itself warms up evenly. The manufacturer assures that the technical resource of the Velvet Season Bridge NEBN-0.7 is not limited by anything.

It is able to work continuously for 5,000 hours. The fire safety class is the highest, so you can safely leave the device turned on in the country and go to work.

Touching the surface of the Velvet Season Bridge NEBN-0.7, you can not get burned. It heats up to a temperature below the human pain threshold.

The manufacturer advises to mount a film heater at the locations of cold bridges. If you hang it near the front door of the cottage, the window, the outer wall in the room will become more comfortable.

Power consumption 450 W. Length-width - 580x120 cm. The rug weighs 400 grams. It is flexible and can be easily rolled up and transported from place to place. And this is its main advantage. There are others:

  • cord length 140 cm;
  • high class of fire protection;
  • unlimited technical resource;
  • the colorless color of the rug will not violate the design concept of the room.

The buyers did not reveal any shortcomings of the heater during operation.

Velvet season Bridge NEBN-0.7

When choosing a model of an infrared heater, it is important, first of all, to start from the size of the cottage room, from where and how the device will be attached. In terms of performance, wall and floor options are not much different.

The price is affected by the availability of additional features. The more of them, the higher the cost of the device. Whether it is worth overpaying is up to the buyer. The most budgetary and simple models are able to stably heat a given area.

In the comments, we are waiting for your feedback from infrared heaters purchased and operated in summer cottages. Save the rating in your bookmarks so that you can return to it at any time.

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