Brown classic kitchen with fully milled fronts

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Classic is always a luxurious interior and solemn atmosphere. But very often classic kitchens are similar to each other, since the same elements are used for decoration - a milled frame and common details of the architectural composition. Our headset is different. Guarneri's classic-style cuisine is refined, luxurious and…. another. Its facades in the center are made with an additional lattice and this set looks incredibly impressive and original.

Kitchen made by:

Mister Anri

G. Chelyabinsk

More about the company
Kitchen Guarneri

The cost of the kitchen is 200 thousand rubles. R. Size: height 2260mm, angle 2200mm, opening 1700mm, depth 600/680mm. Facades are made of MDF color “Guarneri Walnut” with black patination. Natural wood shades are not annoying, they are presentable and noble. In addition, this is probably the most non-staining color of all possible. Milling of facades “Muse Lattice” is a figured frame, inside of which there are carved diamond-shaped lines applied with black patination. And furniture sections become more interesting.

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Blum fittings

All fittings inside are from Blum (hinges, drawers, tandemboxes, 2 bottle holders, drying).

Blum fittings

The built-in refrigerator and dishwasher are covered with facades. Another small mezzanine was installed on the refrigerator so that the pencil case reached the very ceiling.

Dishwasher closed front

The hood was removed into the cabinet, and the air duct was also additionally put into the box. Shelves in this part of the cabinet can also be used, which adds functionality to the headset.

Extractor hood with additional shelves

White artificial stone top with an integrated two-bowl sink. This combination is quite unusual, but at the same time original.

White artificial stone countertop
White artificial stone countertop

Together with a tiled backsplash in small rectangular rhombuses, light details turned into a spectacular background that separates the set between the top and them. Above the sink area, a light bar with LED-backlight was installed. Wall plinth stone.

LED lighting in the sink area

Handles “Brass” antique bronze color with ceramic insert (made in Italy). They have become a bright accent of the headset, standing out against the background of wooden sections. Other decorative elements are the plinth and cornice made of MDF.

Brass knobs
Brass knobs with ceramic inlay

Our kitchen is incredibly cozy. Staying on it gives peace of mind, and in the evening you can relax for real.

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