Repair of speakers with their own hands

Acoustic systems are divided into active, passive, the difference is limited by the presence within the signal processing chips fed an electric current. Amplifiers, filters, flash media reader interfaces decoding compressed audio formats. In the latter case, the speaker system is approaching a functional player. Consider what to do when not working dynamics. Speakers include a myriad of sound reproduction devices, readers wondering how to repair the speakers with their own hands. You need a special glue. In Soviet times BF 4 AK 20. Respectively (based adhesive) selected solvents. Necessary, examining, dismantle the connection, fix the speaker system on their own.

The device is a typical acoustic dynamics

The mobile part rigid with the plate generates vibrations of air perceivable by the human ear.

Classification Acoustic speakers

Conduct repairs speaker with his hands, wondering how the device is necessary, using the principle - do no harm. Regardless of the size of the acoustic speaker system is formed by electrical, mechanical parts. First advantageously formed coils. The second comprises a permanent magnet membrane. A non-exhaustive classification of the speakers and other devices.


  • Electrodynamic reproducing apparatus form three class concept combines the presence of the magnet moving membrane:
  1. Coil based on the principle, known to the owner (repairmen) geysers. Magnetic throttle ring when applying voltage causes the diaphragm to move, according to the law supplied audio frequency current.
  2. The band performs the role of the variable magnet narrow corrugations. No coil, of course, inside. To apply the required speaker matching transformers. A sign identifying the type of speaker sound system.
  3. Isodynamic include speakers of the square, circular, spiral, moving parallel to the membrane in the field of the permanent magnet.
  • Electrostatic reproducing apparatus characterized by a lack of moving parts. The membrane oscillates without making translational motions. Speakers perfectly reproduce the high frequencies, due to the low inertia.
  1. The capacitor electrode two speakers. A ribbed, massive, an alternating potential. Prop second electrode formed thin foil. Audio signal evinces variable character, the film is drawn-repelled support. Special mechanism adjusts the tension: thin foil fits a massive electrode outside. The degree of pressing depends on characteristics of the speaker. Elekretnye headphones
  2. Electret speakers are built on pre-electrified film. The lack of structure is simple: a few years later the static charge disappears require renewal.
  • Piezoceramic dynamics exploiting electricity conversion effect in the oscillations of a quartz crystal. Clearly, the device will not achieve a high power, the goals of high frequency reproduction speaker speaker suitable. The main advantage of the technical solutions in low energy consumption.
  • Ion dynamics is almost rare, the theory developed in the 50s. The principle of operation is based on the gas ion modulation sound vibrations. You need to get the arc. Ideas expressed using flame formed positive, negative particles (air ions).

Readers know naturally occurring sound reproduction device. Not always there is a coil in loudspeaker dynamics. Hence, before repair, while the master device performs correct classification properly performing the required operations.

Columns unassembled

Apparatus acoustic speaker system

Partially touched device. Let us consider the electrodynamic model. The diffuser forms a support cap. It contains the likeness broad horn on which the coil is glued to the back side. Directly to the cap membrane suitable flexible copper conductors that carry electrical current, punching diffuser inside. solder joints are visible from the front of the speaker. The coil easy, it is required to provide a relatively low inertia of the system. Even A first octave tuning fork lies at a frequency of 440 Hz. Clearly, for the oscillations of said speed of the movable part speaker acoustics should be easy.

The magnet is mounted on the bed motionless. Typically annular. The bore runs in both directions of the coil, moving-membrane assembly of the cap. connecting wires make constant fluctuations. For positioning the movable portion of the vertical, the horizontal axis is the centering washer. A perforated piece of elastic material, the centering arrangement cap diffuser. Spacer washer does not interfere with displacement of the movable part along the axis of symmetry. Repair is ridiculously simple:

Since the membrane and the cap does not break, the matter is to test the electrical installation, the place of soldering wires, coils integrity.

The inductance of the wound in the image of the old. Each layer of turns is greased with BF 4. Poor soldering is repeated. Method of winding inductance select relevant. Usually it has done a special device, formed by the two pairs of pillars standing on a long board across from each other. Both are connected to the axles. One contains the core of the new reel, the other - bought wire. The wire is recommended to buy with a lacquer insulation. Necessary to keep the thickness of the right. Can be measured using a caliper.

Winding is conducted relatively quickly until the glue dries. The coils lie close to one another, professing the principle of the shuttle. Important to maintain the correct amount of turns, properly position the terminals.

Speakers Speaker System

Often it is necessary to disassemble the speaker speaker system for repair. Stock up solvent. Glued connections are wetted, waits a fixed time. Note that the joints are stripped carefully. It is made depending on the adhesive used to assemble the dynamic speaker.

Range speaker speaker

Speakers speaker systems of different types, each having a limited frequency range. Each works a kind of mechanical filter. However, the case is required to shift the range... You can raise the resonance frequency of the electrodynamic system, lacquered center washer. Used TSAPON 5-10% solution of cellulose dissolved in acetone. The varnish is applied with a soft brush around. Avoid misalignment of the movable part dynamics loudspeaker. Sequentially performing operations, increase the resonance frequency of 1.5-2 times, approximately one octave.

To reduce the range of weights should stick to the moving part. Proper cardboard ring is attached to the reverse side of the diffuser. It is precisely to maintain the symmetry of the arrangement of parts. Sound pressure rapidly falls. Reduced volume, there is a narrowing range from high frequencies. However, in the field of resonance speaker speaker will show good performance.

Expand the range of possible in both directions (no cap). In the center, with the front part, above the inductor acoustic speaker system is glued truncated cone. Weight is as small as possible. Suitable thin, thick paper impregnated with varnish TSAPON. The upper floor is the coil height is half the cone, taper 70 degrees. Due gain movable part mass resonance frequency falls, but the upper edge of the range is raised due to the rigid core, is harder than the diffuser. As a result, expansion of the range of reproduced sound in both directions. The total increase will be half to two octaves, Worth It. Make sure to properly configure the electronic part: if there are passive filters on the capacitors and resistors, limit (will shorten) the possibility of mechanics.

Master increase the sound pressure at the resonance frequency for an unshielded magnetic system. Try to find a similar or set ring. Then glue the second magnet on the back of the stands, will increase the interaction fields, therefore, increase the power of the sound.

speaker device is simple enough, it is able to break down, told. Hopefully repairs will take place without a hitch.

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