Do-it-yourself loft-style bed: style features, varieties, design options, materials, step-by-step instructions, decor

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The loft style is becoming attractive among connoisseurs of multifunctional solutions. This is a no-frills design. The design of the room will cost the owner quite inexpensively, especially if individual pieces of furniture, for example, a loft-style bed, are made independently.

The content of the article:

  • Loft style features
  • Design options and implementation
  • Choosing a color range
  • DIY double beds
  • Step-by-step instructions for teenage and children's loft-style beds
  • Decor

Loft style features

The birthplace of the loft style is the USA. The origins begin in the 40s of the 20th century. The economic crisis that raged in the country led to the closure of many manufacturing enterprises and warehouses. Subsequently, these unused premises were occupied for the arrangement by people of creative professions:

  • artists;
  • sculptors;
  • restorers.

Such apartments looked somewhat rough, but conveyed the atmosphere of the time. Loft-style sleeping items were made both hard and soft. The furniture is simple, elements of lightness and elegance can be traced in its design.

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The main material for loft beds is solid pine or other light woods. Furniture made from wood should look as natural as possible. To do this, it needs to be minimally processed to leave some rudeness.

Among people who do not know all the secrets of design, there is an opinion that the loft, because of its simplicity, minimalism, is an inexpensive style. But furniture and interior design in this genre is not a democratic design idea.

For a wooden bed in a loft-style sleeping room, remember that it is specially brought to the state of “old furniture” - scratched or overwritten. Designers use options with "peeled paint in places", which is also done intentionally. In the decor - textile elements.

There are no specific forms of furniture in the loft. Objects are both wide and narrow. The style is able to fit various elements in one room. When choosing a loft-style bed, take into account the size of the room where it will be located.

Design options and implementation

All models of loft-style beds have one rule in common - they should be assembled from natural materials. It is better to make a bed from common breeds.

Most craftsmen rightly believe that there is no better material for a loft than wood for furniture. Designers offer a varied range of wooden beds. Similar products can be built independently.

Natural and massive options for wooden beds will complement the interior of the bedroom best of all. Raw rock or chipboard is selected for production. Such models can also be painted on top with dark enamels.

A loft-style metal bed is also a popular type of furniture. It is enough to create a frame in the usual style of a rectangular shape and not burden it with decorations. So that the metal bed does not look too simple, decorate the headboard with a wrought iron pattern.

The key criterion when choosing a loft-style frame is the purpose for relaxing together or alone. The width of a single bed is from 800 cm to a meter, a double bed is 1.4-1.6 m.

You should choose the type of construction for the loft style:

  • classical;
  • in the form of a sofa;
  • double decker.

With their own hands, designers can make a bed that can be moved around the room. They often create the effect of floating in the air.

Most often, preference is given to a regular single bed. Wood is used to make it. It stands on the usual 4 legs. Bunk loft beds are chosen by families with several children. This is convenient for small spaces, as space is freed up.

Before you start creating a loft-style bed with your own hands, you should consider where and how it will be located. The design can be hidden in a niche in the wall (it is specially made or the layout features of the apartment are used).

To emphasize the presence of a loft-style bed in the room, you can make a podium from wood and metal. This solution is relevant for a studio apartment. The stand is made in the loft style at home or ordered from specialists.

The loft bed will look original in the children's room. The peculiarity of such furniture is that on the lower "floor" you can do:

  • closet;
  • sofa;
  • table for lessons.

Upstairs is a sleeping area. To get to it, you need to climb the stairs. The sleeping place will become the personal space of a small family member, where he will do business in silence, in a calm atmosphere.

There are inventors who have gone even further, placing the bed under the ceiling. Such a loft-style bed will be in harmony with a non-standard setting. True, for its fastening it is necessary to build a lifting device, which will require additional spending on the family budget.

Pallets are an unusual material for creating loft-style bedroom furniture. They can make a practical design that will look great in a variety of interiors. A pallet bed, like no other, is a prominent representative of loft-style furniture. From such uncomplicated squares it will really be possible to build original and diverse structures.

You can focus on the design of the head of the bed in the loft style. Wooden bricks of different breeds are selected, painted with bright colors, and in combination with them the head part is also formed.

For those who like to frequently change the arrangement of furniture in the room, a bed on wheels is suitable. It is simple to execute it in the loft style, it is enough:

  1. Place several pallets wide.
  2. Close the gaps with a board.
  3. Attach furniture wheels to the frame.

This bed can be moved without undue effort.

Double beds have become a new type of loft-style bed. It is more difficult to make them than a classic stock. But some craftsmen take on such projects. In a double bed, a second bed is hidden under an ordinary bed. It turns out a retractable extra bed, decorated in a loft style. It is mounted on casters for easier extension. The idea will appeal to families that often have guests, even sudden ones.

Another loft-style design idea for a small room is a wardrobe bed. With the help of pallets (you can take whole or disassembled ones), they raise the frame to a height of 500 cm or higher, and at the bottom they design special compartments for storing things. Bulky blankets, extra pillows, and other things can fit there.

A bed suspended on strong ropes from the ceiling will fit into the loft interior. To rest in such a place, to sleep, is a pleasure.

Bed on ropes

The feeling of flying or swinging on the waves will relax and give freshness after rest.

The effect of floating in the air can be created during the production of the bed. Such a loft-style piece of furniture looks unusual and is a work of art. This result can be achieved if the bed itself is fixed on legs or one large support. They will be hidden in the very middle of the base and cannot be seen from anywhere in the room. You can hold the backlight on the bed, and then the room will be worthy of the scenery for a blockbuster.

We bring to your attention the article - DIY floating bed.

Choosing a color range

The characteristic colorful scales when decorating a room in a loft style are shades:

  • black;
  • grey;
  • chestnut;
  • red brick.

Bright colors in the loft style can be used in textile elements.

In the design of beds, everything should be minimal and simple. Often they are elementary metal structures in black or white loft style.

In the bedroom, you can put a bed made of wood, in the manufacture of which the structure of the material and the natural pattern are preserved. The wood is stained with dark tones to make the boards look more natural.

Various shades of white also dominate the design of loft-style rooms. This color fills the room with coolness and grace. It aesthetically fits into the interior of the loft.

Using shades of gray in decorating a room is a good idea.

This neutral color goes well with any bright tones.

This neutral color pairs with any bright tones and is the perfect backdrop to highlight the eye-catching components of a loft décor.

Brown tone creates a feeling of comfort, convenience and inviolability. The room looks warmer and more comfortable. Shades can be used in various forms and manifestations - be gentle or saturated, create an atmosphere of soulfulness, or cold, light, thereby emphasizing the freedom of planning.

DIY double beds

Before picking up the tools, you need to understand what parameters the future sleeping bed will be. For a double bed, dimensions of 2 m x 1.6 m are common. It will not be difficult to choose a mattress for such dimensions, because they are standard. If there is not much free space in the room, then the dimensions of the future furniture can be adjusted downwards.

After the size of the bed, you need to determine what its height will be. Here, the owners, first of all, should be guided by their own wishes, and also take into account whether the product will have additional functions. For example, drawers below. The basis of a loft-style bed, as a rule, is always patterned. Differences may be in sizes and colors.

An important stage in the manufacture of loft-style furniture for sleeping is the construction of a drawing of the future product, on which all parameters are applied. Without a drawn layout, starting to assemble furniture is a rash decision, especially if a person does not have the relevant experience. One wrong move will lead to many side problems.


Determined with the material for the manufacture of loft-style beds. Wood is considered the most convenient and safe raw material. Dry, planed boards are bought in stores for goods for repair and construction. There you can also ask the specialists to cut the workpieces into the necessary parts, so it will be easier to transport the material without additional shipping costs.

For the legs of the product, bars are purchased. The side parts are made of boards up to 2 cm in thickness. Instead of rails, it is better to buy special flat oblong wood plates. They are quite elastic, easy to attach. They are purchased at a building supermarket in the department for the sale of wooden elements.

To make a loft-style bed, you will need:

  • for legs - 4 bars measuring 10x10x33 cm;
  • for the base - 2 boards (back and front) - 19.5x4.5x169 cm, 2 side - 19.5x4.5x200 cm;
  • for assembling the inside of the frame, 2 boards (front and back) - 9.5x4.5x200 cm, 2 side - 9.5x4.5x180 cm, 1 middle - 9.5x4.5x191 cm;
  • 24 flat long plates of wood - 82x6.3x0.8 cm;
  • 48 lamella holders, which will be fastened with self-tapping screws;
  • 12 corners of appropriate sizes (5x5 cm);
  • self-drilling screws: about 150 pcs. main (5x80), 50 pcs. for attaching corners (3.5x35), about 100 pcs. for fixing lamella holders (3.5x12);
  • putty.

List of tools:

  • drill and drills for it;
  • screwdrivers or power tools for screwing screws;
  • saw or electric apparatus for sawing boards along a curved line;
  • triangular ruler;
  • rubber spatula;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • special screws for more reliable fastening of product elements.

When the drawing is drawn, the dimensions of the future loft-style furniture are determined, the raw materials are purchased, the parts are sawn out, the necessary tools are prepared, the only thing left is to assemble the product. The process of assembling the base of the bed is simple, carried out in just a few steps.

Step-by-step instructions for teenage and children's loft-style beds

When designing a structure on which a child will sleep, certain parameters should be taken into account. They create a strong foundation, ensuring the safety of a small family member.

A product intended for the rest of a child who is under 6 years old must have a height from the floor to the lower crossbar of no more than 35 cm. A loft-style baby bed is usually placed close to the wall. It is permissible to leave a gap of up to 10 cm. The base of the wooden frame, made up of wooden slats, should be formed so that they are located at a distance of 5 cm from each other.


In the step-by-step manufacturing instructions, before making a baby bed, you need to prepare materials and tools. For the manufacture you will need a machine for working with wood. You need to think about this in advance, you may have to buy or rent it. When everything is purchased, you should start the creative process:

  1. Rough boards to process on the machine. If you purchased a board that is prepared for work, you do not need to grind anything. Bars are recommended to take the following size: width 7 mm, thickness 35 mm.
  2. To assemble the frame of the future loft bed, you should prepare a wooden beam. If necessary, it also needs to be processed with a carpentry tool.
  3. To increase the durability of wooden parts, it is worth covering them with a special mixture. It will impregnate the rock and protect it from the penetration of microbes and drying out.

After the preparatory operations, you need to wait a few days. During this period, the elements of the product will finally dry out and it will be possible to proceed with the assembly. Covering a loft-style bed with paint should only be done when it is finally ready. Individual parts are not painted.

Before you start assembling the bed, you need to make all the necessary elements for this. Decorate with decor only after the full manufacture and fixing of all the details.

The most basic part of a loft-style bed is the frame. This element is made up of a back and a base. The size of the frame should match the length of the mattress.

Step by step assembly:

  1. Take a longitudinally sawn board, calculate the length of the crossbars. It should be about 120 cm.
  2. Saw the wood into 2 pieces with an electric tool.
  3. Fasten small strips 2.5 by 5 cm along the edges of the received spare parts. For fasteners, use self-tapping screws and furniture glue.
  4. With a metal plate bent at a right angle, attach the frame to the headboard.
  5. The area where the fasteners are visible should be camouflaged with wood putty.
  6. Through openings are recommended to be made near the edge. Otherwise, the boards may burst.

The base of the loft-style bed is the part on which the mattress will fit in the future. Perform actions:

  1. Prepare such a number of boards that there are practically no holes and voids in the base.
  2. Attach the sawn pieces to the frame plank every 10 cm.
  3. All holes should be made before assembly, and the screws should be firmly, as deeply as possible, screwed into the tree.
  4. All parts of the base after assembly must be carefully treated with sandpaper.

Leg making:

  1. Take a bar 50 by 100 mm and make 8 blanks. For supports that will be attached to the headboard, cut longer blanks.
  2. Glue the sawn elements in 2 pieces, fastening them with self-tapping screws.
  3. Similar to the treatment of the base, mask the bonding areas with putty.
  4. Polish the legs.
  5. Treat the legs and base with an impregnating compound, dry for several days.

Headboard making:

  1. Prepare lumber for the head and legs.
  2. Make a recess in the wood into which the headboard will be inserted, apply a sufficient amount of glue.
  3. Insert the blanks for the head end into the groove and check the fixation, coat with glue.
  4. Arrange the part for the head and legs in the right places, secure with fittings and glue.
  5. It is worth emphasizing that the headboard is located on the same level as the footboard or is located a little higher.

Now move on to assembly. When working with a loft-style children's bed, there are rules that must be observed:

  1. Sand wooden elements.
  2. Roughness, cracks, bolts mask with putty.
  3. Attach each component to the other at right angles. This must be checked regularly with a special tool.
  4. Each stage of the assembly should be completed by checking the quality of the work performed using the level, with the timely correction of the mistakes made.
  5. To make the bed beautiful and elegant for the loft style, it should be painted and decorative elements added. But this should be done only after assembly and drying is completed.

As a decorative design use:

  1. Sides. They are made independently or bought in a store. The main thing is that they fit into the loft style of the child's room.
  2. Coating with enamel or stickers. Applying them is quick and easy. The coating will give the product a finished look, it is selected for the loft style of the bedroom. Color preferences remain with the parents. If a daughter sleeps in a crib, shades of pink will become traditional, for a son - blue and blue. The stickers are easy to apply and help to quickly finish the bed. Glued cars, stars, flowers, images of cartoon characters or books also look beautiful.
  3. Carved frame. Craftsmen can make a bed in the form of a crown or a loft-style car. Such a gift will delight any child. It immediately becomes clear that it was made by a loving father for his princess or future racer.

When making a bed on which a child will sleep, materials and enamels are used without the addition of harmful trace elements, which are safe to use.



Considering the decor of a loft-style bed, you need to pay special attention to the head of the bed. From it you can make a real highlight of design ideas. If the bed is located on a pedestal, then as a headboard, you can use a curved wooden plate of the same width as the podium. Its height must be at least a meter.

As finishing elements of the headboard, varnishes, leather or fabric materials with metal rivets are used. To make the board look natural in a loft style, you can not process it at all, but simply fix it to the wall.

To decorate the head of the sleeping bed, use vertical bars. They are often decorated with loft-style double beds, because they are bulky. To create coziness in the room, black and white photographs are placed on top.

Sometimes pick up beds with forged elements. Non-standard paintings are placed on a brick wall.

The head of the bed is not high and is made in a classic design. In this case, the finishing materials must match the style of the entire room.

There are soft, with fabric upholstery headboards. Textiles are better to choose a rough texture, a neutral, discreet shade. So it will harmonize well with the general style of the loft in the room.

An unusual option is the head part, built from shelves for books. Such a design solution will save the room from unnecessary pieces of furniture. Another way to open up the space is to use beds with drawers underneath. Such a life hack is aimed at excluding large cabinets from the room, because. The basic loft law is minimalism and spaciousness.

The bed can be covered with a plain bedspread made of coarse fabric. Suitable for loft-style geometric pattern on textile elements.

Industrial style is gaining popularity in recent years, especially among owners of small apartments. It is attractive because, using simple objects in the decor of the room, you can give the general atmosphere of lightness and organicity.

Loft style is suitable for decorating living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. For craftsmen with experience and knowledge, skill and a desire to save money on buying furniture, it will not be difficult to make a bed, paint and decorate it according to your preference. The assembly procedure is not at all complicated and consists of only a few points. Drawings and diagrams will help to do everything exactly.

And how did you make the bed to get a true loft style? Share the link on social networks and bookmark the article.

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