Do-it-yourself massage table: drawings, master class with step-by-step instructions, design requirements

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A massage table for the home is not the most necessary thing. You can do without it by doing a massage while lying on the floor. But if one family member requires constant massage procedures for health reasons, then it is better to buy a table or make it yourself. The second option will be cheaper.

Massage table

The content of the article:

  • Design requirements
  • What types of massage tables are there
  • Massage table drawing
  • Wood construction step by step instructions
    • What tools and materials will be needed
    • Assembling the table
  • Metal construction step by step instructions
    • What tools and materials will be needed
  • Folding design step by step instructions
    • What tools and materials will be needed
    • Assembling the table
  • Video: homemade folding massage table

Design requirements

There are 5 positions that must be considered when making a massage table with your own hands:

  1. The comfort of lying on the countertop of the massage table. And this is regardless of the complexion of the person. He should lie relaxed, without feeling discomfort. The same goes for the massage therapist. It should be comfortable for him to work, not to adapt to any poses.
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  2. The massage table must be durable and withstand loads of 250 kg. This numerical indicator consists of 3 components: the weight of the patient, the effort coming from the massage therapist, and the backlog of strength.
  3. The face hole is an important design component. This is especially worrying for women. More specifically, it concerns their makeup. If there is no hole, then it is difficult not to spoil the makeup.
  4. The surface of the countertop must be soft. There are several materials that can be used for this. But the best is high density polyurethane foam.
  5. What to choose - folding or stationary model - it is better to give preference to the first. After the end of the massage procedures, the folding table can be removed, and it will not interfere, taking up some, even a small, space. This applies to the case when the design is used at home.

What types of massage tables are there

All models are divided into 2 groups: stationary and folding. They can be supplemented with various details, for example:

  • with armrests;
  • with lifting headboard;
  • with adjustable legs.

There are massive structures, there are light portable ones. But they are all a couch. That is, it is a countertop and supports of various types.

Massage table drawing

In this case, a drawing of the table is necessary, because it will contain the dimensions of the structure. Well, if it is made in detail, detailed. It shows all parts of the structure with dimensions. This will make them easier to make.

But before that, you need to imagine the massage table itself. Its shape is rectangular, there are basic dimensions. But everything will depend on preferences.

Then you need to choose the type - stationary or folding. The first one is easier to do. In fact, this is an ordinary table, only lower than the dining table and longer. It is necessary to consider what the structure will be assembled from - metal or wood.

Table drawing
Table drawing
Table drawing

Wood construction step by step instructions

In the manufacture of a table made of wood, it is easier because it does not require complex tools to assemble it. Wood itself is a material that can be easily processed. But before you make a massage table, you need to prepare tools and materials.

What tools and materials will be needed

From the tools you need to prepare:

  • wood saw;
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • tape measure and pencil;
  • knife;
  • stapler with metal staples;
  • construction square;
  • brush.

From materials:

  • wooden block with a section of 20x50 mm;
  • plywood sheet with a thickness of at least 9 mm;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • fabric or leather substitute;
  • sheet polyurethane foam;
  • paint or colorless varnish.

Assembling the table

First of all, a tabletop is cut out of plywood, taking into account the dimensions indicated in the drawing. Next comes the base. There are a large number of different design solutions. The simplest is a table with 4 legs.

There are 2 build options:

  • take the countertop as a basis, attaching the rest of the elements of the massage table to it;
  • assemble a table with legs, to which then attach the table top.

Both options are almost the same in terms of assembly method, they just have a different sequence of actions.

First way:

  1. Bars are installed around the perimeter of the prepared tabletop. They are attached to the adhesive composition both to the countertop and to each other. Installation location - from the edge deep into 5-6 cm.
  2. Crossbars are made from the same bar. They should be 3-4 pieces. The bars are laid across the rectangle and fixed with the same glue.
  3. The structure is flipped. The frame elements are fastened to the countertop with self-tapping screws. The distance between fasteners is 10-20 cm.
  4. The structure is reversed again.
  5. Legs are installed. Place of installation - corners of a rectangular frame. Mounting method - adhesive material and self-tapping screws. The latter are screwed into the frame elements. You can use perforated steel corners to increase strength.
  6. The legs are interconnected by horizontal bars of the same section. Place of installation - half the height of the massage table. You can supplement the design with jibs. This is a beam connecting the leg and frame under the tabletop. The jibs are installed under a slope, hence the name of the element.

Another assembly option - first the base is assembled, that is, the frame with legs. Then a tabletop is attached to it.

It remains to grind the wooden planes of the massage table using sandpaper. Some areas will need to be puttied, covering the defects of the wood. The last is painting or varnishing.

The massage table is almost ready. It remains only to cover the countertop with fabric or artificial leather, placing a porous slab material under it. To do this, the latter must be cut to the shape and size of the countertop. Polyurethane material is placed on the surface of the massage table, outline it. Next, cut off unnecessary sections with a knife or scissors.

The prepared material is placed at its destination. Fastening - glue, which is applied around the perimeter with a strip and a snake over the rest of the area. Then the table is covered with fabric or leatherette, with which the plane is wrapped and fastened on the reverse side with a collar. Fasteners - metal staples that are hammered into plywood with a stapler.

Wooden massage table

Metal construction step by step instructions

The technology of manufacturing and assembling a massage table made of metal is no different from wood. Only in this case, a frame with legs is first assembled, and a plywood tabletop is already attached to it.

What tools and materials will be needed

Here again you will need a plywood sheet, polyurethane foam gasket, coating material, glue and paint. But the frame will be assembled from a metal profile. The most convenient here is a profile pipe with a section of 20x40 mm. For manufacturing you will need:

  • drill with drills;
  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • bolts with nuts and washers.

First of all, a frame is assembled under the countertop. Here, as with wooden blocks, you need to assemble a rectangle with equal diagonals. 4 profile pipes are laid out on a flat surface or on stands, the diagonals are measured, if they are equal, then the frame elements are welded together.

Now it is necessary to make through holes along the perimeter of the frame, through which the plywood tabletop will be attached to it. 3 holes must be made along the length of the frame on each side, 1 or 2 in width. Hole diameter - 8 mm.

Further, legs are installed at the corners of the frame, which are welded to it. Their location is strictly perpendicular to the frame structure. To increase the reliability of the massage table, the legs are tied with crossbars.

The frame is ready, you need to process the welds. The influx of metal is knocked down with a hammer, cleaned with a grinder, on which a steel wire grinding wheel is mounted. If a lack of penetration has formed in some area, it must be filled, that is, additional welding is carried out.

The next step is painting the frame structure. Metal surfaces should be inspected for the presence or absence of areas of corrosion. If they are present, they must be removed. This can be done with the same grinder or manually cleaned with sandpaper. It is necessary to paint the pipe structure with paint for metal. Usually these are enamels.

When the painted frame is dry, you need to install the countertop. It is done like this:

  • the countertop is applied at the place of its installation;
  • through the holes made on the frame, marks are made on it with a simple pencil or marker;
  • through holes are drilled according to the marks on the tabletop;
  • it is re-laid on the frame and connected to it with bolts.

To fasten the tabletop to the frame, bolts with a diameter of 6 mm are required with a head not in the form of a hexagon, but with a rounded one, preferably with a flat one. The bolts are inserted so that their caps are on the side of the tabletop plane.

It remains only to lay the porous gasket and cover the countertop with a fabric or leather substitute. Here, as in the case of a wooden massage table, fastening is done with metal staples using a construction stapler.

Metal structure

We bring to your attention the article - making an inversion table with your own hands.

Folding design step by step instructions

The folding table has almost the same design as the stationary one. It is simply divided into 2 parts, interconnected by hinges or other hinged mechanisms.

What tools and materials will be needed

It also all depends on what material the massage table will be made of. If made of metal, then the welding machine is the most necessary tool. If made of wood, then a hacksaw will most often be used.

Assembling the table

The plywood sheet is cut exactly in half. From wooden bars or metal profiles, 2 tables are assembled with dimensions equal to half the length of the stationary table. For example, if the stationary model has dimensions of 1x2 m, then one part of the folding structure will have dimensions of 1x1 m.

So, you need to make 2 frames with such dimensions for the countertops. Starting from here, the step-by-step instructions for making and assembling a folding massage table change. Now you need to fix the legs not tightly to the frame structure, but with the help of hinges, because in the folding position they should fold along the table top. Therefore, loops must be attached to the longitudinal parts of the frame frame, one for each leg.

If the structure is metal, then the fastening is carried out using electric welding. If wooden, then self-tapping screws. In this case, the legs should fold inward, that is, under the countertop. Therefore, first you need to attach the hinges correctly, only then attach them to the frame. All four legs are fixed in this way. For rigidity and reliability, they can be connected in pairs with jumpers.

Folding design step by step instructions

Now it remains to connect the 2 parts of the massage table with loops. Here you can use one long piano hinge or several door hinges. The installation of the hinged product is carried out with an indent from the edge of the frame elements of the massage table. This gap is left on purpose so that the 2 parts of the structure can be folded without resting against each other.

When unfolded, such a massage table can hardly be called stable. Unfortunately, the hinges do not create the rigidity that is necessary for any kind of table, and even more so for a massage table. After all, the patient lies on it, and the massage therapist works with his hands, creating both vertical and horizontal loads. Therefore, two more elements need to be added to the design. These are props.

For example, the photo below shows a folding massage table that has 2 spacers connected to each other by a regular furniture hinge. When the table is opened, the spacer straightens to its full length and does not allow it to fold. If you need to fold the structure, then the strut along the loop is bent, folding under the tabletop. This is not the only option for spacers. There are many examples of how to make them, and what to use for this.

Folding massage table

To prevent the massage table from opening in the assembled position, you can install 2 latches along the edges of the frame frame. 2 door handles can be attached to make it easier to carry. That is, many additions can be made to the design for more efficient and comfortable operation.

How the manufactured structure will be exploited depends on the correctly selected dimensions, materials and well-conducted installation process. When assembling, it is impossible to rush; trimming of elements should be carried out after careful application of exact dimensions. The stronger the structure, the longer it will last.

Video: homemade folding massage table

If any of the readers have already tried to make a massage table with their own hands, leave your comments. I would like to know what they collected from, what sizes, what difficulties did you encounter? Your advice will also be of interest.

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