New Year's decor of chairs: 7 receptions for festive decoration

  • We bind the bows
  • We fasten New Year's wreaths
  • Drawing on a chair
  • New Year's covers for chairs
  • Express decor of chairs
  • Decor for a big company

Celebrating the New Year, we try to make our house as elegant and beautiful as possible. We decorate the tree, windows and walls with our own hands, and when the time of triumph comes, we set the table. What is missing? True, the chairs. A simple decor will make them no less spectacular than anything else. Today we will share with you the ideas of the New Year decoration of chairs and tell you the secrets that will help you decorate this important piece of furniture.

We bind the bows

One of the most common ways to decorate, which is used not only for the New Year, but other holidays - it's bunched on the back of the chair. The knotted bows create a light decor with a touch of solemnity. The fabric can be almost anything, most importantly - to keep the shape well. Very well looks atlas and organza in several layers; and if the atmosphere of the holiday is more relaxed for you, then linen or dense cotton is suitable. The bow is convenient and appropriate to tie on a chair of any height and style. On chairs with a high back, a large bow looks good, but on small ones with an open back it is better to tie a smaller bow. A small bow can be created by tieing a small rectangular piece of dense fabric around the center with a string, and pinned to a wider strip of fabric that is attached to the back of the chair. Such a composition will look very neat. By the way, there are a lot of ways to tie a bow, which are easy to repeat with your own hands. Admire the options that we offer in the photo.

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Tip: To prevent the bows from slipping, attach the fabric to the chair on a double-sided scotch.


We fasten New Year's wreaths

The New Year has long been associated with New Year wreaths, because it is a universal way of festive decoration. Where do we not just hang them! Yes, and on the chairs too! They will be somewhat smaller than those that usually hang on the door or window, but no less elegant. Note that here lies a whole space for creativity, because in order to make a wreath with their own hands will go both living and artificial flowers, branches, berries and any other elements of decor. They usually tie him to a ribbon or a string behind the chair, for example, as on our photos.



Drawing on a chair

Do you like to draw and create beauty with your own hands? Then you will like painting on chairs! Traditional plots for the New Year: snowmen, New Year's inscriptions, animals and much more. With all this, the pattern of each chair can vary. Painted chairs can be removed for a whole year and can be obtained only before the holiday, making it a kind of New Year's tradition. And if you decorate the painting with only the seat, then within a year you can cover up its solemn "look" with pillows. The most different ways to paint chairs can be seen in the photo below.


Tip: Before you start painting, you must clean the stool from dirt and primed. Before priming, if necessary, sand the surface with sandpaper. Then the drawing is applied, and at the end it is covered with varnish. Primer, paint and varnish should be on the same basis.


New Year's covers for chairs

Another nice décor for any chair is special New Year covers for chairs. You can buy ready-made, made to order or sew by yourself - it all depends on the extent of your laziness. The simplest cover for self-manufacturing is the Santa Claus hat. And we especially like penguins and snowmen. You'll see, children like this decor will be in full delight. Well, as a replacement for the case can serve as any beautiful fabric wrapped around a chair and collected behind the brooch - it's easy to create by yourself. All these and other types of covers are collected from us in the photo.


Express decor of chairs

If suddenly it happened that the New Year very soon, and you forgot about the decor of the chairs, then pay attention to the express decor. For example, on the back of a chair, you can cascade beads for a Christmas tree or make a paper garland of Christmas tree-triangles carved from magazines and postcards with New Year's images. Even tinsel can be used! On any improvised tape plant a couple of Christmas toys, and hang this case on the back. Better to let it be plastic balls, so as not to be distracted from the feast with a shovel in hand, New Year celebrations are unpredictable in the movements of the hands and feet... See what beauty can be done for the New Year with their own hands and in a short time on photo below.



Decor for a big company

In case if you are setting a table for a big company on New Year's Eve, you can put on each chair attach to the clothespin a cap of Santa Claus, - sitting down at the table, the guests put on and become part of them holiday. And if there is a gift for every guest, then you can put it in a New Year's sock, and in turn attach a sock to your back - than not an ornament made by yourself! In the same way you can do with sweets, and bind to the back, for example, a sweet New Year's wand. Guests will like it if on the back with the decor will hang paper ribbons or cookies with their names. Inspiring photos and decor of chairs for a large company you can see below.


For originals.The New Year is another way to stand out. From the original design options we like the decor with fluffy wings, winter clothes with the appropriate attributes (children's mittens with spruce twig inside look very nice), as well as special covers on the legs of the chair in the form of legs of elves, little assistants of the overseas Santa Klaus. If you have the appropriate talents, you can sew them yourself. Someone even hangs winter skates on the back of the chair! Another technique that has long since caught on with us is the bumps. Find them easily either in the markets, or at the dacha or in the woods, so why not decorate or the back of the seats? Here again you will need tapes, and do not forget the sense of style!


Thanks to the long-standing traditions in our country, it was found that we usually celebrate the New Year at a table in the circle of loved ones. First, seeing off the old, and only then meeting the new year, in total we spend a lot of time at the table, and so the serving, the decoration of the table and chairs with the help of handy materials and the hand-made decor easily create a festive mood. We hope that our advice on decorating chairs will be useful to you and all the desires that you make, sitting on them, will necessarily come true!

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