Homemade shelves for the kitchen - stylish, comfortable, easy

  • Choose the design, design and size of the shelf
  • What you need to know before you start making hand-made shelves?
  • Kitchen shelves made of particleboard or wood
  • We make shelves from plasterboard
  • Kitchen decoration - decorative shelves
  • Homemade Bottles
  • All ingenious is simple! Creative shelves with their own hands

The kitchen is a place where a lot of necessary things are stored. Without utensils, utensils, kitchen textiles, souvenirs, houseplants this room looks faceless. But in order for the kitchen to always be neat, every thing should be allocated its place. And this place can be open shelves and decorative shelves in addition to the kitchen set, or altogether as a replacement for its upper part.

Choose the design, design and size of the shelf

Before you begin to make kitchen shelves for your kitchen, you need to decide on its style and appearance:

  • In the kitchen in style. high tech. and minimalism are appropriate shelves of strict shapes and colors with illumination;

  • In the Scandinavian interior and in the loft-style kitchen, massive or light shelves of particleboard, wood, rough boards, old boxes and pallets look impressive;
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  • For provence, chic chic, country and classic, decorative shelves on metal consoles, artificially aged, rustically coarse or threaded, will suit;

  • In a room decorated in the Art Nouveau style, designs with glass and metal will ideally fit;

  • For a cozy kitchen in a modern style, often used shelf-lattice for dishes or stands for wine bottles;
  • Angle shelves are the most effective and practical way of using space.

What you need to know before you start making hand-made shelves?

  • If you do not plan the appointment, design, load level, shelf space and do not complete the project product, the risk is high that the result of your work does not fit into the existing interior by the color, style and size. Therefore, do not hang a shelf on the wall just because you have the remnants of boards and chipboard;

  • The most convenient and easy to perform is an open shelf of rectangular shape;
  • The dimensions of the product must correspond to the items placed on it.
    Shelves for spices, decor items, bottle bottles are quite small and can be placed anywhere: above the table, above the bar counter, in the apron under the upper cabinets, the headset, etc .;

  • If you want to supplement the existing kitchen set with a shelf, then, most likely, it will be medium-sized;

  • Open shelves that replace the top modules of the headset can be long from wall to wall and massive;

  • The chosen fastening should be combined not only with the material of the shelf, but also with the finishing of the walls.

Kitchen shelves made of particleboard or wood

Shelves for the kitchen can be attached to the wall, installed on the floor or table. You can make a universal option. You will need:

  • Electric jigs and perforator;
  • Screwdriver;
  • A hammer;
  • Compasses, pencil and ruler;
  • Piece of plywood, chipboard, wooden boards or boxes;
  • Brackets for hanging shelves or ready-made consoles, sold in furniture stores (they can be made with their own hands);
  • Sandpaper for grinding;
  • Stain, paint, brush, screws, ribbons for decorating the shelf.

The amount of raw material is calculated depending on the dimensions of the future product.

As for the form, it is better to make wooden shelves for the kitchen rectangular or triangular (for placement in the corner), but oval and round will be appropriate not everywhere. Do not forget about the durability and strength of the structure - as a coating used special wear-resistant paints, and for fixing choose reliable hardware.

Advice! If your kitchen does not differ in size, then massive shelves designed for a large load will look too cumbersome.

How to make shelves for the kitchen with your own hands? The works are performed in the following order:

  1. Determine the place on the wall, where the regiment will hang.
  2. A design drawing is created. To protect objects from accidental falls, you can install an additional border in front.
  3. Select brackets or consoles - so that their height is less than the distance between the shelves along the vertical.
  4. Cut the product with an electric jigsaw, after which the surface of the ends is ground.
  5. Visible after hanging ends are sealed with a special edge or veneer (in the case of manufacturing shelves from chipboard).
  6. Mark the wall in the places where the holes are fastened.
  7. Securely fix the shelf.


We make shelves from plasterboard

For the kitchen can make and shelves of plasterboard with their own hands.

When designing a product, it is necessary to take into account the expected load, placing on the gypsum board structure such useful things as a TV or music speakers. Shelves of plasterboard on the frame should be reinforced with profiles from the inside. If you are planning exclusively decorative shelves, then there will be enough metal racks.


Before making a shelf with your own hands from the GKL, you need to complete its drawing in full. After drawing up the drawing and its adjustment in accordance with the dimensions of the kitchen, you can start calculating the materials.

Then the marking on the wall is performed, the frame is made and the plasterboard is assembled.

After you can fix the entire drywall, proceed to putty all surfaces (before this All the angular elements of the structure must be additionally fastened, and the ends surrounded by a perforated corner).

The putty is applied in several layers. When it dries, the construction is rubbed with a sandpaper, primed and dyed. Get accurate decorative shelves on the wall, which can be used to store kitchen utensils, a collection of porcelain or wine bottles.


Kitchen decoration - decorative shelves

Decorative shelves for the kitchen serve to create coziness, but this does not mean that you can not place useful things on them.


Often decorative shelves represent a complex in one style, where you can store serving utensils, vases and statuettes.

Advice! Small shelves can be hung using beautiful ready-made fixtures. Effectively look contrasting combinations - a white shelf on colored consoles, rough wood on black brackets, etc.

Decorative shelves can be fixed in the apron area instead of railing, placing here various useful things needed in the process of cooking. But make sure that their finish was strong enough.


If you fasten the structures on the wall near the dining area, you can decorate them with collections of wine bottles or charming Provence porcelain.

Homemade Bottles

Noble wine requires a respectful attitude toward oneself. And, if you consider yourself a true connoisseur of such a drink, then you need such useful things as shelves for wine bottles.

Unique qualities of the bouquet will be preserved only if you can ensure the proper storage of wine. Therefore, the shelves for wine bottles should be such that they allow storing containers in a horizontal position. After all, in the vertical bottle can enter the bottle through the plug.

Of course, you should not turn the kitchen into a wine cellar, but you can create a unique author's version for storing the drink. Moreover, as a basis, you can take a lot of design solutions.

Even in a small kitchen, you can find a place for storing wine bottles - for this "honeycomb" is installed between hanging cabinets and the ceiling, as a result of which the useful meters below are saved.


Interesting ways of storing wine bottles are also: a special tree or elements built into the cabinet. You can also make interesting things from the ordinary shelf, dividing its internal space into partitions corresponding to the size of the bottles.

All ingenious is simple! Creative shelves with their own hands

And finally, we present to you a selection of ideas of unusual and, at the same time, simple shelves and shelves.

But such shelves can be made from wooden boxes. This option will be appropriate in the kitchen in the style of the cheby chic, loft, country, Provence and not only.

From the pallets you can make a variety of sizes, designs and purpose of the shelf.

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