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  • 1) Fighter T-15
  • 2) Scout T-15
  • 3) MTZ Belarus 132N
  • 4) Scout T-18
  • 5) Rustrak R18

1) Fighter T-15

The Chinese budget mini-tractor Fighter T-15 is designed for agricultural work in small areas.

Dimensions of the device 2.41 by 1.2 m, height to the steering wheel 120 cm, weight 470 kg. The advantage of this model is high maneuverability and overload protection - in the event of an overload, the entire blow falls not on the motor itself, but on the belt. To work with the machine, it is necessary to have a start-charging device, since the tractor battery does not provide a full charge.

The single-cylinder engine runs on diesel and produces 15 horsepower. To maintain row spacing during planting, the track is adjusted from 1.1 to 1.4 m. The landing diameter of the wheels is 16 and 10 inches. The model is rear-wheel drive with a manual transmission (there is no planetary mechanism). Only 4 gears (three - speed, one - reverse, up and down).

The attachment is connected using a single-point attachment, and its load capacity is 120 kg. Additionally, there is a hydraulic system with four modes. The tractor comes with equipment for grass mowing, harvesting, snow removal, sowing and plowing.

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The advantages of this model:

  • Price
  • High maneuverability
  • Functional


  • The battery is not fully charged by the alternator
  • Gearbox without planetary gear

Price - 130,000 rubles

2) Scout T-15

The Russian company Scout has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 2008. The company manufactures all spare parts in China, but assembles them in Russia, after which it redirects the finished products to its branches in the CIS and Poland.

Scout T-15 is considered the basic model of mini-tractors for small farms. The dimensions of the model are slightly different from the previous one - 2.4 by 1.35 m, height 1.09 m, and the weight is 70 kg more - 540 kg. In the basic kit, the manufacturer installs weights of 116 kg with a reinforced frame. The single-cylinder diesel engine produces 14.85 horsepower. It starts thanks to an electric starter. To protect against overloads, there is a belt drive, which is a transitional link between the clutch and the engine itself. In the event of an overload, the motor will not be deformed - the entire impact will be driven.

The manual transmission is equipped with a planetary gear, as well as a rear axle locking system. 4 gears: three for speed, one reverse, there are also upshifts and downshifts. Wheels 16 and 10 inches. You can install chains on the rear wheels so that the device does not slip. The track adjustment is from 1.1 m to 1.4 m, this is more than enough for the mini-tractor to be able to drive between the beds without hitting them.

Equipment can be connected using a single-point rear attachment. Hydraulic system with four modes, one of which is a floating position. During float operation, the implement sinks into the ground under its own weight. The hinged system can withstand up to 190 kg inclusive. Of the attachments, the tractor can work with a plow, a mower, a seeder, a snow blade and a rototiller. The car is equipped with low and high beams, there are turn signals and a dashboard that shows the temperature, the amount of coolant and an ammeter.

Pros Scout T-15:

  • A large number of nozzles
  • reinforced frame


  • Hydraulic system single-line
  • Missing hour sensor

Price - 160,000 rubles

3) MTZ Belarus 132N


The oldest model in this rating of mini-tractors for the economy - MTZ Belarus 132N - ranks third.

The device has been produced at the Minsk Tractor Plant since 1992. Before the release of this model, there were two more that have already been discontinued. The dimensions of the unit are 2.5 by 1 m. The height to the steering wheel is 1.2 m, to the end of the arc - 2 m. The weight is 532 kilograms. The tractor has 13 horsepower and a single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline-powered Honda engine. (brand not lower than AI-92, otherwise the equipment may fail) and launched using an electric starter.

The gearbox is mechanical, with seven speeds: four forward, three reverse. To reduce the turning radius, a system of inter-wheel differential lock was provided. The main difference between this mini-tractor and the previous ones is the same wheel diameter (from 5.9 to 13 inches).

It uses a three-point method of connecting attachments. And the active one must be connected to the shaft, which is needed for power take-off. The maximum rotation speed of a single-speed shaft is 1200 rpm. The tractor works with attachments such as a snow blower, plow, mower, hay mower, blade, hiller.

Model pluses:

  • Four-wheel drive
  • Reliable engine
  • Three-point method of connecting attachments


  • Oil in the hydraulic system may overheat
  • Small wheel diameter

Price - 239,000 rubles

4) Scout T-18

In 2018, all models of mini-tractors from Scout were tested at the AUSP Department of Mechanical Engineering, after which the company decided to rework the gearbox and components. A new generation of agricultural machinery Scout has been released. The representative of this new generation was the Scout T-18 - a small tractor with high maneuverability, designed for work in small areas.

In addition to 9 additional cm in length, the dimensions have not changed compared to the previous model: 2.59 by 1.35 m. Height 1.2 m (to the steering wheel). Weight 670 kg. The maximum power of the tractor diesel engine is 17.65 horsepower. Also, the single-cylinder engine is additionally equipped with water cooling and is easy to operate. In the new generation of Scout tractors, a rear axle locking system is provided for increased cross-country ability and a planetary differential for greater machine control. A manual gearbox with four speeds - three forward and one reverse - was provided for variable loads.

Wheel sizes: 9.5-16 (rear) and 6-12 (front) inches. Of the additional improvements, we can highlight the fact that now the mass is evenly distributed throughout the car in order to increase handling. Also, thanks to this, the user will be more comfortable to work, as vibration from the engine is reduced. A single-point attachment mechanism is used, to which the movement comes from the shaft. The device supports all types of attachments. A hydraulic distributor with two positions is provided for the installation of hydraulic equipment.

Machine advantages:

  • Large mass (provides good traction)
  • Great functionality
  • Valve with two positions


  • The alternator does not fully charge the battery

Price - 190,000 rubles

5) Rustrak R18

Rustractor is a Russian company that sells agricultural equipment made in China. The most popular model of this company - Rustractor R18 - closes the top of mini-tractors for a small farm.

Dimensions: 2.4 by 1.35 m (length / width), height 1.09 m. Weight 500 kilograms. The unit is designed for simple utility and household work. The machine is equipped with a four-stroke engine, the maximum power of which is 18 horsepower. The tractor runs on diesel fuel, a tank of 5.5 liters. The engine is started with an electric starter. Combined gearbox with eight speeds: six forward and two reverse.

The track adjustment range is 93/140 cm, which provides the tractor with high maneuverability. Wheels size 7.5-16 (rear) and 6-12 (front). Attachments are connected in a single-point way. The tractor is capable of performing tasks such as snow removal, hay/grass mowing, plowing, and more.

Advantages of the device:

  • low cost
  • Extensive functionality
  • Power


  • The engine requires constant care
  • Relatively small mass

Price - 165,000 rubles

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