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Mi 5s Plus, the characteristics of which are discussed in the article below, can be called one of the best smartphones in terms of price and quality. It features a high-quality assembly, a fast processor and a good camera. Nevertheless, before buying it is worth studying both the pros and cons.

The content of the article

  • Detailed overview
    • Common parameters
    • Screen
    • Multimedia Features
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Nutrition
    • Other parameters
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Detailed overview

When buying a phone, you should pay attention not only to the display and camera, but also to other elements. The most important are the battery, memory and processor.

Common parameters

If we consider the most important characteristics of Xiaomi 5s Plus, we should first examine the system and other general parameters:

  • the phone runs on Android OS 6.0 generation;
  • connection to Wi-Fi;
  • 3G and 4G communication standards are supported;
  • bluetooth version 4.2;
  • navigation using GLONASS and GPS systems;
  • making contactless payments via NFC;
  • metal case of classic design.
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Many users immediately pay attention to the characteristics of the Mi 5S, which are associated with the screen:

  • a fairly large diagonal of 5.7 inches;
  • Full HD image quality;
  • type: color, touch, IPS;
  • resolution in pixels. 1920*1080;
  • pixel distribution PPI - 386.
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

Multimedia Features

If we consider the characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 5s in terms of multimedia, we get the following overview:

  • there are 2 types of cameras - main (13 MP) and front (4 MP);
  • flash works (LED is installed);
  • video resolution up to 3840*2106 (in pixels);
  • The characteristics of Mi 5s Plus allow you to connect any headphones via a 3.5 mm jack.


The processor of the standard type Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is responsible for the speed of the phone. The most significant characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 5s are as follows:

  • performance due to the work of 4 cores;
  • type of video processor Adreno 530;
  • frequency 2350 MHz.


The characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus do not allow you to connect memory cards, since there is no corresponding slot. On the other hand, the smartphone has enough of its own memory - the volume is 64 GB. RAM corresponds to 4 GB.


The phone is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the specifications of Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus are as follows:

  • capacity 3800 mAh;
  • fast charging possible;
  • The battery is not removable and therefore cannot be replaced.

Other parameters

The smartphone is equipped with additional functions - standard sensors for determining the level of illumination, an accelerometer, a flashlight and a gyroscope. For security, a scanner is installed that identifies the owner by his fingerprint.

The specifications of Xiaomi 5s Plus related to the body are as follows:

  • thickness 0.8 cm;
  • length 15.5 cm;
  • width 8 cm;
  • weight 168 g.

The manufacturer's warranty states a standard period of 12 months.

Xiaomi mi 5s Plus- specifications

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The considered characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus and a review of customer reviews allow us to identify several tangible advantages of this model:

  • good build;
  • productive, fast processor;
  • bright and high-quality screen;
  • the possibility of fast charging;
  • capacious battery - enough for 2 days;
  • the display is wide enough;
  • the price is very affordable;
  • there is a fingerprint scanner.

At the same time, users clearly did not like some characteristics of the Mi 5s Plus - there are some drawbacks:

  • the sound in the headphones is somewhat quiet;
  • the camera does not focus instantly.

The considered smartphone is a budget option at a reasonable price. At the same time, it is of high quality, as evidenced by the high customer rating of 4.5 points out of 5. Experienced users note that such a phone is not suitable for photophiles, but it is quite suitable for ordinary everyday use.

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