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  • 1. Pedrollo NKm 2/2-GE
  • 2. Grundfos SB 3-35M
  • 3. GARDENA 5500/5 Inox Premium
  • 4. BELAMOS KF 80

1. Pedrollo NKm 2/2-GE



Price - 40,000 rubles

The first place in the top of submersible pumps for a well goes to a model from an Italian manufacturer with a funny name for a Russian person - Pedrollo. The device is distinguished by its reliability, quality and efficiency. In this case, the pump consumes little electricity. In general, some pluses.

Although for arid regions it may seem rather weak, since it has a 370-watt motor. Under standard conditions (shallow aquifer), the device copes well even with voltage drops or from a weak network. The latter is a significant advantage, especially if you live in a village where this happens often.

The maximum pump on the hydraulic curve is 32 meters. At this depth, the unit will produce 8-10 liters per minute. Being at a depth of up to 20 meters, this figure will increase to 70 liters per minute. At a depth of 6 meters, productivity will increase significantly. In order not to spoil the pump, it has a float switch that turns off the device at a certain water level.

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  • Works with power issues
  • dirt resistant


  • Price

2. Grundfos SB 3-35M

Price - 25,000 rubles

The new model from Grundfos was developed with the aim of making it more affordable. To do this, the design was simplified as much as possible, including the design, which now seems more modern and minimalistic.

The main difference between the device and its "older brothers" is the lack of automation, which can be installed by purchasing separately. This and other similar solutions have reduced the price by a quarter from the models of the SBA series. A powerful 800 watt electric motor provides a strong water pressure (up to 20 liters per minute) at a depth of 25-30 meters. With such indicators, this is an excellent option for deep-water wells. The downside is that the model has low “sand resistance”, and there is a lot of sand at a depth of 30 meters.


  • Great choice for price/quality
  • Power
  • Design


  • Ill-conceived dry run protection system (set by hand)

3. GARDENA 5500/5 Inox Premium

Price - 26,000 rubles

A high-quality pump from the Chinese company GARDENA is reliably assembled and easy to operate. Although some will find it overpriced, because "this is China", the 850-watt motor and 6 sections completely beat off its price. The device can work at a fairly low depth and at the same time give out a powerful pressure. Although there is a claim to the unit - it was possible at least to install protection against dry running in order not to buy it separately, because this is not a global brand where you have to overpay for the name.


  • Operates at low depths with good head
  • High quality stainless steel body


  • Not the best engine protection




Price - 15,000 rubles

The completely silver KF 80 submersible pump from BELAMOS is made in China. The build quality is not inferior to the Italian Pedrollo. "Sand resistance", according to the manufacturer, at the level of Pedrollo NKm 2/2 - GE (150 grams per cubic meter). The device is considered the best option for deep wells because of its power - at a depth of 20 meters, the pump will produce a little more than 3 cubic meters per hour.

The downside is the seals. After a few tens of cubic meters, they begin to let oil through. If you do not need water with oil, then every few tens of cubic meters you will have to get the pump, disassemble, rinse and replace the seals.

Poor-quality seals are a serious drawback, but you can put up with it. Especially considering that it is almost 2 times cheaper than the products of the same Pedrollo and GARDENA from this top.


  • sand resistant
  • Works well at great depths


  • Poor quality seals


Price - 16,000 rubles

Closes the top submersible pumps for the well according to the 2021 version of the model from UNIPUMP. With a relatively small motor power of 480 W, it is able to supply up to 85 liters every minute, which is a good result. Also, the device can withstand strong pressure, so it is able to pump water at very low depths.

ECO FLOAT-3 is the golden mean among all submersible pumps in this rating. Nothing really stands out, but it does its job well, and it costs less than the premium Grundfos and Pedrollo models. If you are buying a submersible pump for the first time, then the UNIPUMP is perfect for the first experience.

The silver body and filter are made of stainless steel, while the wheels for the pump sections are made of polycarbonate. Sand resistance, according to the manufacturer, 100 grams per cubic meter. A fairly high rate, not even all premium Grundfos models are able to work with such water for a long time.

The disadvantage of the device is a poor motor protection system. The current motor protection system will work when the current rises to 17 A.


  • Works at fairly low depths
  • Sand resistant (up to 100 grams per cubic meter)


  • Failed motor protection system
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