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You can learn how to smoke an electronic cigarette in just a few hours. The vape is quite simple, so the rules for its use are intuitive. There are several smoking techniques that are most often chosen. A description of the main methods and general recommendations can be found in this material.

How to smoke an electronic cigarette

The content of the article

  • Smoking rules
  • Basic smoking techniques
  • Does vaping help you quit smoking?

Smoking rules

There are several ways to smoke a vape. But regardless of the chosen technique, you should follow the general rules:

  1. Do not use all the liquid in the evaporator - even after prolonged smoking, at least a small amount should remain. Otherwise, the coil will overheat, which will have a bad effect on both it and the taste of the new liquid.
  2. Taking too little breath. It is necessary that the steam flow freely, so the puff should be medium. Deep do too often, too, is not worth it, because due to abuse, dependence on electronic cigarettes develops.
  3. For reasons of personal hygiene, it is unacceptable to use the same vape by different people. In most cases, disposable nozzles, as in a hookah, are not provided. Therefore, you need to understand that an electronic cigarette is a subject of individual use.
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  4. Quitting smoking with a vape will work if you use only it. Simultaneous combination with regular cigarettes leads to the opposite effect. In such cases, the smoker increases dependence, and more harm is done to health.
  5. Do not smoke for too long - usually a few minutes is enough, a maximum of 10. Otherwise, the atomizer may burn out.
  6. If we talk about whether vapes are smoked in puffs or not, then the first option is more often chosen to enjoy the taste of the liquid. In this case, regardless of the depth of inspiration, do not block the air intake.

Basic smoking techniques

Basic smoking techniques

Each user sooner or later comes to his style of smoking. Nevertheless, there are 3 techniques that are most common:

  1. First, smoke is inhaled into the mouth, held for a few seconds, and only then passed into the lungs. Then exhale immediately.
  2. Inhale immediately into the lungs - provides a deep puff, allows you to feel the intensity and range of the aroma.
  3. Hybrid punch is the best technique for tasting a new taste. First, steam is drawn into the mouth, then it is let out a little, after which a deep puff is taken. This allows you to feel the smoke well due to its entry into the nasopharynx.

Does vaping help you quit smoking?

Another important question is whether it is possible to quit smoking with the help of a vape. There is no unequivocal data on this matter, since the systematic use of electronic cigarettes only strengthens the dependence on nicotine. But there are also reliable facts that are shared by the majority:

  1. Weitz is less harmful than regular cigarettes.
  2. Smoking e-cigarettes is still harmful to health and can quickly become a habit.
  3. To some extent, the electronic cigarette reduces dependence. But this is true only with a complete transition to vaping and a gradual rejection even of it.

Real experience allows you to be sure whether the electronic cigarette helps to quit smoking. If you act according to a certain methodology and try to regularly reduce the duration of smoking and the strength of tobacco, this can help in getting rid of a bad habit. But in any case, vaping is not a panacea; one cannot do without independent work on oneself and strengthening willpower.

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